Jax Taylor Isn’t The Only Person Who’s Been To Jail In Brittany Cartwright’s Family

Jax Taylor isn’t the only one in Brittany Cartwright’s family with a criminal past. We can reveal to you that Brittany’s sister-in-law, Melisha Stephens Cartwright, was convicted of a fraud scheme when she was younger!

Melissa, who is now 35 and pregnant, was indicted for “engaging in a criminal syndicate to commit theft of money through the manufacture, forgery, possession and negotiation of checks and other financial documents” in August 2000. She was specifically charged with trying to cash in on two fake checks and possessing a forged letter, according to RadarOnline. Nine other people were also listed in the suit filed by the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Melisha pleaded guilty a month later, and the court dropped two charges against her. Instead, she was only sentenced to five years in jail on one count of possessing a fraudulent check and one year behind bars for having a false letter.

The court decided to withhold the ruling in lieu of a successful completion of a five-year probation sentence — but Melisha was unable to comply with the judge’s orders of “paying restitution of $9,900 in monthly payments of $100 per month” and was ordered to serve jail time just two years later.

The judge ruled that her sentence would be “fixed at a maximum term of six years in the state penitentiary at hard labor,” and she was credited with the 26 days that she already served behind bars.

It is unclear how much time she actually spent in prison after her sentencing, but according to Melisha’s Facebook, she married Brittany’s brother Wesley in 2013. The couple is currently preparing for their baby Presley Tatum Cartwright to arrive on October 6th. Jax donated $12,000 towards their IVF fund.

Melisha’s husband Wes Cartwright told the site, “My wife and I both had trouble when we were younger just like anybody does. But now she’s a registered nurse, she’s ready to become a mother and she’s a wonderful woman.”

Are you surprised about Brittany’s family?

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