Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright Fight Over Jax’s Gay Past

RadarOnline, is reporting that Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright are headed for a break up.

As seen on the last few episodes of Vanderpump Rules Brittany and her mother Sherri confronted Jax about his allegedly gay past.

“I’ve never gone down that road before,” Jax explained to Sherri about Tom Schwartz’s comments during Jax’s roast. “I kissed John on the cheek.”

They decided to go to church on-camera as a couple to attempt to settle the argument.

Do you think this will be the end of Jax and Brittany? Comment below.

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6 Replies to “Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright Fight Over Jax’s Gay Past”

  1. I think BC Brittany Jax “never met a hole that he didn’t like”..in the past I don’t think he much cared if it was male or female way back then! He seems to prefer women NOW! He was drawn to Brittany as a sweet southern girl with a Christian background because he’s jaded and world weary! I believe she really loves him but he’s got to measure up and move from boyfriend to marriage (finally adulthood)! Brittanys mom doesn’t want her to be hurt..that’s a good mama but Brits a big girl..she’s got to work this out w Jax!

  2. I agree. I think that was in his past when he was struggling to make it and John was taking care of him so he probably felt a connection. he does seem to prefer women now….and lots of them. he likes brittany because she is submissive and does as he tells her. he thinks that by supporting her, he owns her. get an additional job brittany. stand on your own 2 feet because my gut says you will not stay with jax (and that will be a blessing in disguise). jax is a narcissist and he will never change. first year of a relationship is usually blissful. I don’t see any bliss there at all.

  3. I believe Jax and Brittany have gotten their own reality show, so I doubt they are breaking up just yet. Yes, it seems Jason has had relationships with men and women, and he did live with a gay man in Florida when he was modeling, etc. He now is with a Baptist girl from the south who has been raised with a different take on what is right and wrong when it comes to partners. I don’t know how Jax will stay with anyone…or anyone will take him for very long. He is too messed up, is disrespectful, very immature and an admitted thief amongst other things, along with arrests. He won’t let anyone cramp his style, and Britttany has been too easy on Jax and a bit naive which is why she is with him for a year now. There may be some physical attraction in this relationship, but I don’t see much more than that at all.

  4. ALL the guys on this show come off as gay…INCLUDING Ken Todd. Who cares? Are Brittany and her mother pretending they never saw the show before? If I or my child were cast on a reality show, the first thing I would do is go back and watch .

  5. These two should NEVER get married and Jax needs to let her go so she can have what she wants in a real man. Jay a real man???????? NEVER he is a narcissistic pig. No matter what Brittany hears there is always a worse story in there. Jay lies, cheats, drinks way to much should have been fired from Sur long long time ago. Stealing and fighting and creating nothing but problems is bad for Lisa’s business but she keeps him around and it does turn people off from watching. Kristen was sent packing because she does not own anything and she is just as big a liar as Jax is. Actually Im not sure why she is still on the show. She brings nothing and everything she does has a ulterior motive and that is to ruin someone’s relationship, career, and their life. Carter RUN as FAST as you can and get away from that moron. It will only get worse.
    Brittany is trying to sell us that she is this sweet vulnerable southern girl that goes to church and picks flowers from the garden. She is trying to make us believe that she is as pure as the driven snow. Sherri the mom…. if she was a real southern mom no way would any of this being going on. Brittany would not be living in sin and she would be tarred and feathered for even holding hands. There are a ton of double standards on this show. We all know that JAX has had his gay moments NO way that he and John were not intimate. You don’t hear someone say….. Im better because Im over you when there was nothing there. I don’t know why he has such a disdain for saying he had a gay experience who gives a crap. I don’t buy that Sherri interrogated Jax about it. I don’t care what part of the south your from you don’t do that. It’s none of her business. If she wanted her daughter to live by the grace of the lord she would have not let Brittany move in with Jax. I know because my family is from the south Kentucky and Tennessee and it is conservative BUT they also have manners.

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