Jax Taylor Breaks Down In Tears Apologizing To Stassi Schroeder

It’s no secret that Jax Taylor and Stassi Schroeder have a lot of history, so this week on Vanderpump Rules when the crew celebrated Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney’s bachelor/bachelorette parties in New Orleans we were shocked when the former couple had an emotional conversation in front of Jax’s current girlfriend Brittany.

Stassi was talking to Brittany about her painful breakup with Patrick when Jax walked over to join the conversation. An emotional Stassi asked Jax for an apology for all the hurt he had caused her over the years. Finally, Jax broke down in tears and continued to apologize to Stassi over and over. He explained that he was a different person and he was sorry for how he treated her.

However, Brittany wasn’t so pleased to see Jax so emotional and apologetic, because she’s been on the receiving end of his antics and had never seen an apology like Stassi had just received. Jax told her that with Stassi it was “bigger” than their situation.

Watch the clip below.

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8 Replies to “Jax Taylor Breaks Down In Tears Apologizing To Stassi Schroeder”

  1. And the Emmy goes to !!! Pathetic
    Stassi goes on her bff bachelorette party and is her usual selfish self and decides to make the about Stassi!!! She doesn’t want to see couples around??? Seriously?? Then she demands an apology for something that happened eons ago mostly to fee attention and make a scene, not because this was even remotely about Jax!
    This is about Patrick RUNNING for his life after realizing Stassi is a narcissist self absorbed twat! Yup I said it
    Katie is such a C !!!! Oh for heavens sake , STFU, you whiny obnoxious bitch!
    And I can’t stand how dumb Brittany is!!! What is all wrong with you girl??? After Jax dumps her, will she date James next??

    Sorry for the rant ! Not really though

    1. Don’t be sorry! I could not believe it. Stassi is nuts. We always knew she was nuts. I am surprised Patrick wanted to be with her as long as he did, though she did say they were on and off. Stassi’s littler brother has way more common sense than she does. I would love to see a show with him on it instead of her!
      I would be upset if I was Brittany too..but I would never be Brittany. How could anyone date Jax? We know Stassi was and is nuts…so Jax with her made sense. They almost deserve one another. Brittany saw some emotion in Jax she has never seen before and an apology for Stassi she never received hersel. Maybe Jax’s steroids/hormones (alleged) are making him teary eyed? Does he still care about Stassi? Is Stassi jealous of Brittany? How could she approach him in front of Brittany like Brit. was not even there? She was cold about it…very. (Brittany is not too bright either. I don’t think she is Miss Goody Two-Shoes either…but still too good for Jax.)
      Well, Katie is Debbie Downer…to put it mildly! I do not think she is ever happy. What should be the happiest time of her life is a pity party for her…and for no good reason. If I ever had friends give me a party like that and then plan a trip and I was on TV and engaged to someone I loved (if she knows what love is), I would be ecstatic. What is wrong with this picture? I do not see this marriage lasting. She wants to be married. Tom feels stuck with her…and will go through with it, but neither seems truly happy. They say things..and this is just weeks before their nuptials. I really do not think Katie can ever be happy. She is a moody, self centered girl who drinks too much and thinks she is better than everyone else.

    2. had a good laugh Rain reading this post. Katie needs to quit drinking. Stassi is annoying. Brittany just wanted to be on tv. Kristen has been out of control since the beginning of the show. Yes Patrick and Shay need to run for their lives if they know what’s good for them – and they did run..

  2. Well, yes, there is editing, and I still make mistakes and miss them. I just found a few more to edit!
    At the bottom next to Reply on your posts is Edit. XO

  3. It’s “SNOWING” Jax, hence the dramatics. Tom S. was right–pieces of those dollar bills are stuck in his nose…

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