Jason Hoppy’s Lawyer Speaks Out

RadarOnline is reporting that Bethenny Frankel is going to have to see her ex-Jason Hoppy in court.

After sending hundreds of text messages, phone calls and FaceTime calls, along with allegedly screaming at Bethenny in front of their daughter’s school saying, “I will destroy you. You can get all the lawyers you want. You’ve been warned,” Jason Hoppy was arrested for stalking and harassment on January 27th.

“These are unjustified & false charges,” an insider close to Hoppy revealed to the site. “Whatever may have happened, whatever communications between the two of them, none of it possibly rises to the level of a criminal case.”

“Whatever happened between the two of them certainly did not justify the criminal charges,” the insider explained. “They are false and unjustified. This could have something to do with custody of Bryn. One thing it isn’t is a basis of criminal charges.”

Hoppy’s lawyer even had something to say. “There are no words to express how saddened Mr. Hoppy is over his ex-wife’s unjustified actions,” Hoppy’s lawyer Robert Gottlieb told Radar exclusively. “His only concern in the past and now is his daughter and we intend to vigorously fight these false charges. We will do our talking now in the courtroom.”“There are no words to express how saddened Mr. Hoppy is over his ex-wife’s unjustified actions,” Hoppy’s lawyer Robert Gottlieb told Radar. “His only concern in the past and now is his daughter and we intend to vigorously fight these false charges. We will do our talking now in the courtroom.”

The court date for Hoppy is set for March 13th.

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19 Replies to “Jason Hoppy’s Lawyer Speaks Out”

  1. There are two sides to every story. I believe the child, Bryn, is at the center of all of this. Using the child as a pawn is not right. Threats are not right. I don’t know who started all of this. I believe the father has a right to be with the child as well as the mother when both parents want to parent the child. I do hope neither parent badmouths the other to the child as well. The little girl deserves a mom and a dad in her life as well as grandparents who love her IMO.

    1. You are so right, Sandy. That’s all I could think about when reading this article. It’s all disgusting and the child is not being put first. Since this divorce case is also being prosecuted out in the public, this child will grown up one day and read all this! It is very sad. Divorce is ugly but when children are involved, the parties MUST put the children first and their hatred aside 🙁 🙁

  2. What gets me is that it all goes back to money – WTF – why does everyone try to get a free ride off someone else – I’d be happy if someone gave me the kind of money these people get in settlements – seriously – and more importantly is it really worth the hassle to fight someone when you already have more than enough for the rest of your life – to have the media reporting every move you make and worst of all – to drag your child into it – shame on every last stinking one of you!!

  3. I don’t know the whole story…. but I don’t for a minute think B is a innocent party. She has a mouth to beat all mouths… so I can only imagine.

  4. If you haven’t noticed Bethany is emotionally unstable! She is always melting down , crying and lashing out at every single housewife for some reason or another! Her OWN mother says she’s a liar and a manipulator! She USED Jason Hoppy and threw him away! He is a decent, good, kind and NORMAL human being! She hates that! She hates that she has to SHARE her daughter and her financial success because he both supported her financially and emotionally while she was married to him and building her fortune! It’s the price you paid while USING this poor guy! You used him as a sperm bank, threw him away and then took him through four years of hell in court. He’s entitled to feel anger and bitterness over the WAY she treated him! Bethanny’s latest victim..this Shields guy ..will find out how crazy she is..it’s just a matter of time! He will find out she is projecting everything on Hoppy to evoke his and public sympathy.. but Jason isn’t not her issue! Hoppy needs to ask for a psychological evaluation to be done on BF to ascertain her mental/emotional state/medications and the effect hermentsl status may be having on their parenting interactions. It might be suggested that any exchange of the child be done through an intermediary (other than Shields..who provokes Hoppy under manipulation from Frankel)to avoid false claims of this type. She is trying to make a case for a change to shared parenting! She’s manipulative and mentally unstable! All communications should go through lawyers to avoid abusive behavior or the appearance thereof. Each parent is entitled to their time but should avoid any and all face to face or direct communication! Be smart Jason! She’s been doing this crap since childhood! Protect yourself!

    1. sounds like you know their situation intimately…either you’re a troll, or one of Jason’s angry family members in ohio, either way, I doubt you knew Bethany during childhood so tuck in the disdain a little. there’s three sides to every story and NO ONE is perfect not even Jason. I’m baffled at how Bethany could have USED Jason, but I’ll let you have that conspiracy theory girl. what I do know is that you can’t get criminal charges on someone in NYC based on someone’s word, you have to have actual evidence and that evidence has to be deemed threatening, so whatever he said/emailed/did it was cause for alarm and now he will have his day in court. if anything this whole situation is just sad and its unfair to try and lay all the blame at one person’s feet

      1. The great thing about America is we re both entitled to our opinions!?No I’m not related to Hoppy or Frankel and for that matter, how can I know you don’t WORK for her (she doesn’t have any relatives or friends)! So, my point is: Do you see how pointless those type of assumptions are..just because my opinion doesn’t align with yours! You are obviously Team Bethanny and I’m Team Jason. Celebrate the differing opinions! The troll thing..really funny! viva la difference!!

        1. I agree. Viva la difference! We are all entitled to our opinions, and it is not right for some to attack. We just see things from a different perspective. I am not Team Bethenny or Team Jason, though many will say I am Team Jason. I know no one is perfect, and I have never been a Bethenny fan though I find her very funny at times. I am Team Bryn with this one more than anything, and I wish more parents would think of the child first and not themselves.
          If your read my posts, I have been more of a Jason supporter, and yet, knowing how emotional both Jason and Bethenny may get when they happen to run into each other and concerning Bryn, I wish it would not have gotten this bad recently. I feel sorry for the girl, and I hope she can grow up with both of her parents (and some arrangement that works) where she can thrive and not hate either parent because of some ongoing feud. With love there is emotion, and with divorce there is grief and it is so much harder with a child in the mix.

          1. I completely agree with you! Bryn is the REAL victim! Every child deserves TWO loving parents who try to be amicable for their child’s sake! I don’t judge Bethany as much as I can see “Brittany’s brokenness”! She’s wounded and wounded people wound others..they sort of get hung up in a developmental time warp at the age where the damage occurred (by way of explanation). The most basic need every human being has is to be loved”! You can’t move on until healing takes place. Truly Jason is not her problem..its her woundedness! I think Jason’s issue is “he needs to truly forgive her” for Bryn’s sake or this will destroy her and him! He loves this little girl with all his heart and is a good father (she also looks just like him)! So cute! But forgiveness is also for his benefit! The Bible says ..”forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.. I look at things from a different lens because of my background! I feel badly for Brittany that she can’t seem to get the help she needs. Part of the issue is the “angry rejected little girl” that lives on in her! I hope that she can heal and be whole someday! Everyone has their opinion.. I can get a little passionate about what I perceive are injustices! Lol. But I wanted to tell you that I do appreciate your point of view..it’s always good to look at things from a different perspective! Thanks again!

  5. I tried to reply to you, Sandy, but if ever I accidentally hit some wrong key, my reply goes away, then I can retrieve it by hitting reply again, but it won’t post. It says “Disqus has an error” and the screen goes to some old movie, has that happened to anyone else?
    Anyway, HI. I agree that Bryn comes first. Ironically I was just watching “Bethenny Gets Married?” yesterday while I was finishing an art project and doing dishes. In that first season of the 3, they laugh a lot and all seems wonderful.
    When anyone emails or texts someone else “hundreds of times” which I am sure she has evidence of, that is the person who is irrational. It shows in her spin-off how controlling he became after Bryn was born, and before she was even home from the hospital, he was saying many times about the next child. She let it slide, because she was in love, they both did love each other I believe. But she was 39, and she had said many times she only was having one child. She had some serious complications during pregnancy and birth, she had to have an emergency C-section after 27 hours of labor. A woman has to consider more at that age as the chances of having a child with a serious illness increases greatly with every year that goes by. And her own health with what she now knows. She could have died if she got pregnant again, and as I was told after my 3rd child, “If you try to become pregnant again, you WILL NOT carry the baby to term, and you could die.” I had already lost my baby son at 5 months pregnant when I had 2 children already, but my then husband was not a considerate man. So, I got pregnant again soon after, and almost lost her in child bed.
    The New York police dept., certainly does not arrest anyone on one person’s word in a domestic argument, and he certainly would not have been charged without sufficient evidence.
    Her business personality, and her tv problem with Countless have nothing whatsoever to do with who she is as a Mom. If she was a man that drive she has in business would be overlooked. The facts so far are that he accepted $12,000 a month in spousal support‼️ lived in the apartment SHE BUILT AND PAID FOR FOR 4 YEARS, she paid ALL THE BILLS, says everything. She worked for her entire life, 20 years, and he was involved with ONE business problem with bottling, for 2 years and he wants how much? He got it too. He is the one who made the divorce what it was, IMO. If anyone wants to see who he became, watch her spin-off, it is something maybe everyone might not see, very subtle usually, but the feeling of his need for control was undeniable. Also his need to include him Mom in every little thing with Bryn. He wanted HIS MOM to have as much to do with raising Bryn as Bethenny did‼️That is not normal. He is the one who is abnormal even though she has some crap from the way she was “raised” She worked on it all the time, he refused to go with her to counseling, in his opinion, she had problems, never him, that says it all.

    1. I don’t remember the spinoff that way. I remember her therapist on the sailing trip and thought that was quite strange. I don’t believe Bethenny ever wanted marriage. As for the grandparents seeing Bryn, I was for it. They lost a son, Brian. Bryn was named after him. They had one grandchild and lived in another state. They should have a chance to see the child. I do not know the specifics. I know Bethenny does not need a man, and she would rather do it all alone, and she and Jason were not a match made in heaven. Also, when you talk about her supporting him, he did give up his job to support her in her business, then he was without her and most likely jobless. Living in NYC is very expensive, and Bryn knew that place, so keeping her there was a good idea until they got things straightened out. When the woman is the major breadwinner, sometimes, traditional roles are reversed.
      I did not rewatch these episodes, so maybe I missed something. I am certainly not saying it is all Bethenny’s fault, but from what I have seen, she is not a warm person and grew up as a child with parents who did not want to be parents. She did not have a healthy upbringing and maybe Jason’s more normal upbringing upset her somehow. Maybe Jason wanted what she could never give too. I see her as someone who needs to control everything around her and when she can’t, she lashes out.
      Relationships like marriages take two to make it work, and when one wants it more than the other, it is painful. I think Jason was very hurt. He also loves Bryn a lot. All of this being apart has affected him and also Bethenny when it comes to Bryn. The parents both need counseling and mediators to make the best life for Bryn and stop all the public fighting. Clearly each gets upset when seeing the other.

      1. I’m so with you on this Sandy. My impression of the spin off, before she had Bryn, she was very reluctant to visit his parents and she said it was because she didn’t know how to be with family because she hadn’t had one. When the baby was born she fought Jason about the parents/mother being involved and helping and I thought that too was so telling about her insecurities. She’s very freighted of that kind of family love, help and kindness. She doesn’t know how to handle it when it comes at her. Not her fault.

        As far as her supporting Jason, that too is fair. She has the bigger income. What can I say? I’m Libran. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander (and vice Versa).

      2. He shouldn’t have been outside Bryn’s school waiting for her. Period. To say to Dennis “she is evil” makes HIM evil, IMO. Bryn will see that. Whether she feels like she should have that right, she has done what was ordered of her by the court all along. He is the one who broke the rules. Once a person begins threatening their ex-wife and her boyfriend, the rules change. The DA and New York police have a lot to do. Jason wouldn’t have been arrested on her word alone. There were other witnesses, and she no doubt had to turn over the 2 emails a day for 3 months and the daily text. That is scary. He is the one who changed the rules right there. The N.Y. D.A. wouldn’t have charged him with a CRIME unless they thought he had committed one, which he did. She didn’t fight about his parents being involved, in a normal way. She backed up when he said things like “doesn’t this make you want another baby” in the CAR, on the way home with their newborn infant. She was 39 then, had a blood clot during pregnancy, 27 hours of labor before an emergency C-Section. Now we know about the female problems she had not much later. I asked my husband to watch that scene, it gave me the chills, no s**t, just to see if it was just me. He was horrified. He said “who is thinking of another baby when you don’t even have your newborn HOME YET. ” I know what it is to have those female problems, I was told after I lost my baby son at 5 months and almost bled to death not to get pregnant again. But, well my then husband was not a considerate man, especially when he was drunk. So, I did have another baby, almost lost her in child bed and Itold my ex he would have to have a vasectomy, which he did. I took my kids away from him when I learned he had stepped out when I was in the hospital losing Dillon, with my friend, it’s always a “friend” it seems. I had to plan, though, as my youngest daughter was not yet one, and before that it wasn’t fair to her to change her life. I came here and got a job dealing 21, and supported my kids and my “nanny” best friend who came to live with me. I worked Graveyard shift so I would see mine all day. I’ve been married to the man they call Daddy for 31 years now. I don’t see Bethenny as cold, just different. She did not cause her Mom’s problems. She did not cause Jason’s problems. As I said I would put a couple bodyguards on Bryn, unfortunately HE ALONE caused that change in the rules when he broke the law.

  6. I think it was Bethenny that started this dog and pony show. She’s the one that is high strung. He’s always shown himself to us to be the calm one. There’s no reason to think the two have exchanged their stripes. I also think her account of her childhood would leave one to believe she hasn’t had a stable family influence to draw from. I think she feels that child is hers and she should just be able to move on without including Jason in her daughter’s life.

  7. Obviously there are many posts here some for BF and the other for JH. We do know for sure that the Apartment BETHANY paid for (every dime) Jason was able to manipulate the situation and lie his way into getting to stay in the apartment and BF had to move out. WHY? He got satisfaction out of BF having to pay for EVERYTHING while he was living there. She paid the mortgage and he paid nothing WHY? He quit his job and lived off BF for years. He is not a man because men actually stand up and act accordingly go to work, get a job and help pay the bills. Once the shiny pennies were taken away he didn’t like it very much because he had to figure out a way to make some income to find another apt. and he had to pay his own bills.
    Divorce sucks no matter how it handles. I see divorced couple who are best friends but just decided they did not live together well. Mature caring adult decisions.
    Why either one of them is still involved in the others lives I have no idea, but whomever started this crap is a piece of crap. All we have heard about was his texts, emails, phone calls from HIM. I have yet to hear anything about BF sending him threatening texts and emails. Im sure she has but JH never brought it to the media for everyone to see that SHE was harassing him. BF has so so much to lose if she gets into a big media fight with her ex. She could lose everything if she gets involved in a stupid fight with her. She has people involved in her businesses who would never allow her to put a bad name on skinny girl so it started losing sales. Some of the JH fans probably don’t buy SG stuff and so what who cares. She has an empire and she has the money to hire very important people to help her fight her battle I don’t know what he has done. According to BF when the divorce was final and he had to move out of the apartment they shared he was angry bottom line is he is furious that she is so much more successful than he is and he is jealous. She commented on that in an episode of RHONY. The part that pisses me off is WHOEVER walked up to the other at the school event and started the BS. That is not a difficult thing to find out. Once way or the other he loses a lot because his continuous threats and filing legal documents are hurting him more than her she is worth Millions and millions of dollars and she is worth ????? Also hearing that JH texted her boyfriend and that is a fact for sure he is a moron. I don’t care if it is drunk talk for not. He was wrong. The relationship he is in is only with BF NOT with her ex husband. JH needs to stop that childish crap. Someone in authority needs to put the fear of god in them and let them know if they keep it up the child will be given to family or foster care and I bet both of them would stop real quick. So stupid. No picking sides on this one because the fact that ANY of IT was brought to the media is so sad and abusive to their daughter. Wake up mommy and daddy your f…ing up my life – Love Bryn

    1. I have never once read, heard or had a link to any article where Bethenny says anything bad about Jason. I mean she says it was a mistake. That neither of them could change, but I have never once heard her bashing him. They got engaged, ( which was already in talks, they had committed to each other BEFORE the pregnancy ) although many like to say that is not factual. In one year, she got engaged, pregnant, remember the baby is INSIDE the WOMAN. Then she became partners with Jim Beam, and became super wealthy all in less than 2 years. At 39. Jason was the one who wanted his Mom to be as much a part in raising Bryn as Bethenny was!!! That is not NORMAL. She has some challenges, that she did not create, her parents did. I would not want to drive 5 hours and stay with my inlaws once a month for 3 days, and have them STAY WITH ME 3 days out of every month. THAT is not normal. The only reference during the divorce was when Carole commented at the reunion about Bethenny calling her 4 year old daughter at the court ordered time, 6, 7, 8, up to 12 times and he wouldn’t answer. She never tried to keep his family away from Bryn. I so agree, Melodie, SHE paid for that apartment. He helped with her business for 1/40th of the time she spent building it. Her entire adult life. HIS feelings of being inadequate where money is concerned is NOT HER PROBLEM. She paid his legal bills, $12,000 a month is spousal support AND the mortgage on the apartment he lived in for 4 years. Now, he has a lot of money behind him to go psycho on her and I have a horrible feeling about it. I would have a body guard on that child every minute I was not inside my home if I was her. Maybe 2. A man and a woman, even when she is with Bryn. I can see that wacko mommas boy taking Bryn to some hillbilly commune. I would actually leave the country, one with no extradition. For real I would.

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