Jason Hoppy To Impose Gag Order On Bethenny Frankel!


Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy’s nasty divorce continues and now Hoppy has told his lawyer to put a stop to Bethenny speaking of her divorce in the media. Frankel recently gave an interview to People Magazine where she said her marriage made her “miserable” and Jason is furious.

Jason “has had enough and asked his lawyers to go to court asking the judge to impose a gag order on the entire divorce proceedings. He doesn’t want Bethenny discussing the divorce in the media. There are specific clauses in their prenuptial agreement that prohibit either party from talking about their relationship in the press. Jason wants Bethenny to just zip it when it comes to the divorce,” a source tells RadarOnline.

Multiple sources tell Radar “Bethenny will fight any gag order. She wants to be the victim, and she can’t do that if she can’t talk!”

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6 Replies to “Jason Hoppy To Impose Gag Order On Bethenny Frankel!”

  1. She really should shut her mouth, if only because her daughter never needs to hear the any of the ugly comments. I wish she’d learned from Jason a little more about the dignity and self control and the grace he showed, instead of resenting him for possessing those traits.

  2. Shame on you Bethanny you don’t air your dirty laundry in public. If you were miserable in your marriage it’s your fault. You should have ended it then. Children would rather be from a broken home than live in one. Your pretty selfish to tell the world how unhappy you are. I’m sure Jason has a story to tell about living with you but because of his character and respect for your daughter he keeps his mouth shut. Get divorced walk away and give Brin some peace. Again shame on you

  3. Bethanny has never been known to be a “classy” woman so her actions in the light of her impending divorce doesn’t surprise me. However, if her daughter’s feelings really mean anything to her, now would be the time to learn how to have a little bit of class. With today’s “permanent” medias she ought to know that all that she says and does will be “out there” for her daughter to know about when her child grows up. Jason will always be Bryn’s father, one of the most important figures of her life and saying things such as “I settled” and “I’m miserable” with him/the marriage, will only hurt this little girl in the long run. No booking on a talk show or any amount of money is worth that Bethanny!

  4. Of course it made her miserable, otherwise she’d still be in the marriage. She hasn’t said anything against Jason just marriage. She hasn’t put out details just general feelings she personally had. Anyone divorced/separated has probably said way worse stuff in front of their children accidentally (on the phone talking to a friend, your child walks in and listens before you realize they are there…) It happens. Give her a break she is paying for him to live the life, all he put in was two years and some sperm, what’s he doing now? He’s trying to remain relevant by these little actions. Client confidentiality and attorney client privileges, means that this info in the press is coming from him. He knows the media too. No marriage fails or succeeds on the back of just one partner. Give her a damn break she isn’t Freddy Kruger, enough said.

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