Jason Hoppy Still Wearing His Wedding Ring! Plus- Source Claims Bethenny’s Divorce Is A Publicity Stunt!

Jason Hoppy

Bethenny Frankel’s estranged husband, Jason Hoppy, was spotted with the couple’s daughter Bryn, in New York City Wednesday, and he is still wearing his wedding ring. RumorFix is exclusively reporting, Jason picked Bryn up from school and they walked back home while he fed her fruit snacks. Bethenny told Ellen that she is planning to do her talk-show in New York, so she can remain closer to her family.

A new repot by RadarOnline is suggesting it’s possible the divorce is a publicity stunt by Bethenny to promote her new talk show.“It wouldn’t surprise anyone at all if Bethenny and Jason got back together, just like NeNe Lekes did with her husband, Gregg, after she filed for divorce. Jason has been spotted still wearing his wedding ring, and there isn’t anything Bethenny wouldn’t do to keep her name in the press,” a source exclusively tells Radar.

“Bethenny’s talk show is scheduled to appear until this fall, and she doesn’t have any other reality show to do in the meantime. If Jason and Bethenny did get back together, it would generate a ton of positive press, and certainly boost her ratings of the talk show,” the source added.

Tell Us- Do you believe this is a publicity stunt?

Photo Credit: RumorFix



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  • Team Dina

    No, Jason wouldn’t agree to that. Plus, look at how sad he is and how much weight he has lost. I do pray that they work things out and get back together for Bryn.

  • Melanie

    Jason deserves much better. Bethenny is such a negative person she needs more the therapy She has never shown him any respect oy bullied him

  • Lisa

    Bryn is absolutely beautiful. Jason is as good looking as ever!

    Maybe what the story says has some truth to it. It would explain why Bethenny was “not talking”, she was cultivating her scheme. Who knows?

  • Lia

    Jason for two years has avoided for the most part to get his pictures taken by the pap, now suddenly in the last two weeks, he “got caught” three times and the ring was front and center? I don’t think so.

    I think he is just sending Bethenny the message that he is going to hold on and stay put for the divorce and until and unless she is willing to give him the money he thinks he deserves, he will continue to play his role of the perfect, victimized, still fighting for the marriage, kind of husband.