Jason Hoppy Stalking Case With Bethenny Will Go To Trial This Summer

Jason Hoppy and Bethenny Frankel were back in court on Thursday and Hoppy’s stalking case will proceed until summer we can reveal.

In a Manhattan court hearing Thursday, Bethenny Frankel’s ex-husband faced the judge in charges he repeatedly harassed and tormented Frankel via emails, calls and even face-to-face confrontations.

After he rejected a plea deal last month, Hoppy, 44, will return to court for a trial on June 27.

Frankel’s restraining order against the father of her daughter Bryn, 6, will also remain in effect.

“There is a full stay away order of protection… unless you have a written order from family court. Do you understand?” Judge Abena Darkeh asked Jason.

“Yes,” he answered.

Stay tuned…

Photo Credit: Bravo

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This man need psychiatric help. He has become a millionaire from the marriage. He has shared custody of his daughter. What more does he want.?

Thank You, Bee. He did maybe 1/40th of the work, and got 1/4 of the money, lived in HER FIRST HOME for the 4 years of the divorce, he himself asked for sole custody so his mommy could raise Bryn, and she’s the one who has a problem? That was one of the reasons the divorce was so lengthy, from what I understand, although it is almost impossible to know the confidential events of the actual divorce proceedings. She paid for everything, his legal bills, his household bills, electric and gas etc., & the mortgage on that apartment, PLUS $12,000.00… Read more »
I think he wants to air out their laundry, Aunt Bee. By the way, Aunt Bee, speaking of child custody have you tuned back in to this season of Southern Charm? It’s so sad how Katherine has fallen and the children have been taken away. Hers must be an incredibly dire situation with the drugs, and even her former protectors have left her to her own devices (like K.Cooper Ray) but I still feel for her and those gorgeous babies. I am also absolutely appalled that Thomas keeps those babies in the plantation guesthouse to be raised by their nannies… Read more »
Any person who wants sole custody of a child if there is no abuse involved gives cause for the other parent to want to rebel. ” Stalking” is just plain wrong. Seeing your own child is not wrong. If they share custody, then it should be done with the child’s best interest at heart ehenever they need to discuss her or run into each other for her sake. Yet, with a full order of protection against Jason, that would mean he cannot even see his daughter if she were in a school play or the like, if Bethenny was in… Read more »
We know that Jason has rejected a plea deal and now reports say he smiled at his attorney on Wednesday morning when the Judge moved the case forward to June 28th for trial. Rumor is they have subpoenaed witnesses to testify, under oath, regarding Bethenny’s lies and games concerning Bryn. Although Jason says absolutely nothing to the press, he has been reported to have written in one of the emails to Bethenny, sent August 2016, “Despite your games. I’ll never let you do to me what your mother did to your father. I’ll never go away.” People around Bobby Frankel… Read more »

I agree.

Bethenny has never come to terms with her childhood, and I think it’s now tainting her daughter’s life. There’s something about abused or neglected kids that makes them very likely to seek the same angst and instability they came from. She wants to parent her child without any interference from the father, and I don’t think it’s because he’s the crazy guy she makes him out to be. It’s not right that she puts this burden on her child. But Id bet the farm she’s replicating her own mother’s hateful behavior.

LuLu’s 22 year old daughter April 8,2017 picked up for DWI in Sag Harbor arrested

The fact that he wants to go to trial after being offered an easy plea deal makes me think there is much more to this story. I think Bethenny knows how to work the press, including when to say “I can’t talk about it”. Bethenny is so shady and abusive towards people I can’t wait to see the trial. Too bad Andy Cohen hasn’t found a way to make money off of it 🙂
I hope one of the cable channels carries the entire case!

two sides to every story…. good for Jason to not take a plea deal.