Jason Hoppy Rejects Plea Deal in Bethenny Frankel Stalking Case

RHONY star Bethenny Frankel’s ex-husband Jason Hoppy refused a plea deal that could have gotten him out of the stalking court case against him in court on Monday.

Hoppy was in court facing charges of aggravated harassment in the second degree and stalking in the first and the DA offered him a deal for to plead guilty to the harassment charge as a violation, with attendance at an anger management program and an order of protection thrown into the bundle. But Hoppy turned it down, insisting he will be vindicated, RadarOnline is reporting.

In court, Jason’s attorney, Alex Spiro vehemently defended his client’s innocence. When contacted by Radar, Spiro would only say that the plea deal was rejected, and he would not comment further at this time.

There is currently a protection order in place while the case is in motion.

Frankel called cops in January over claims Hoppy threatened her at five-year-old daughter Bryn‘s school. It was also revealed that Hoppy had previously been sent a cease and desist by Frankel over allegations that Hoppy had sent Frankel numerous emails and FaceTime calls, according to the NYPD.

The next hearing is set for April 26.

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He seems to just keep dragging everything out wasting tax payers money and keeping his name in the news

How do you know he is actually guilty? Bethey is the one costing tax payer$ by leveling charges. She is mean and a b*tch. She is vindictive and unforgiving. JH made the mistake of his life getting involved with her and getting her pregnant, as much as he might love Bryn.

I agree she seems mean and I’ve never been a fan, but the hundreds of emails he sent and the threats heard by the witnesses is quite damning! Just praying for their daughter that this ends soon! Have a blessed day


I think his hatred for Bethenny is off the charts and he will never let it end. He must make lots of money because it takes that, to keep this thing going. Sad

I agree! I actually felt bad for him at first but now it seems like he’s getting scarier and very aggressive

Yep, I feel the same. I was in his corner like you but not any more. He is getting scary.

seriously…. take a look at Bethenny. She’s a firecracker. Two sides.

Very true! But as a divorced female, I would be alarmed by his behavior. Just wishing they could end all of this for their child.

I think Jason wants to go to court… to tell his side of the story…. because Bethenny is violating the custody agreement.

I don’t see how dropping her daughter off at school can be in violation of the custody agreement. His emails asking for copies of her life insurance policy and the other threatening emails are creepy! Regardless of her annoying voice or anything else anyone dislikes about her… No woman especially the mother of his child deserves to be harassed or warned that she will be sorry. Maybe he needs a job to keep his mind busy because he is currently unemployed.

The custody agreement states that either parent can contact the child at anytime, whether they have physical custody at that time…or not. Bethenny is intentionally denying Jason access to Bryn while she is in her custody. The emails and calls are Jason’s attempt to stay in contact with his daughter daily.

WHAT????? NO One has EVER said that Bethanny violated her custody agreement! No ONE!!!! Stop saying crap you don’t know about. If Beth was in anyway violating her custody she would be in the news in a hot minute. There has never been any discussion about this subject ever. Bethanny and Jason’s divorce and custody are the reason why JASON is pissed off. Bethanny said She was never in it to take her daughter away from her father, she wants them both to have a co parenting relationship that benefits the child not the bank account Of Jason Hoppy.( BTW… Read more »

Jason has a job. He is an account exec for a pharmaceutical company. You shouldn’t believe everything Bethenny tells you.

I believe that he hasn’t filed a tax return since the divorce and according to tmz he is at home all day everyday

If TMZ knows that, then so does the IRS… and he really tries to stay away from the press.

The IRS doesn’t care if he’s unemployed as long as he pays his taxes. He just doesn’t claim himself as working

You claimed he hasn’t filed a tax return…which would not be due until April 15 2017 anyway…since the divorce was not finalized until 2016…and has nothing to do with his employment…where payroll taxes are deducted by his employer.

Semantics… pardon me! He has shown no form of employment since leaving his wife! But he got a lot of money so he maybe retired! Look idc this much! I’m not a fan of either one. I’m just being fair! To show up and yell and threaten your ex wife at his daughters school is scary! Not rational! If you were honest you would agree… and the excessive emails calling her names and threatening is way too much! Have a great day Apple! Peace

JH is greedy – that is the root of it all

This is a War of the Roses scenario and I don’t buy that she’s ever felt threatened. Irritated. Annoyed. Furious. Vengeful. But never threatened. Frankel is a formidable opponent always three steps ahead and she knows well what she does. This is a chess match between these two and Hoppy just made his move.

I don’t believe a thing Bethany says.

I think the realization that she just used him as a “sperm donor” and has continued to provoke, humiliate and denigrate him at every turn is the catalyst for his behavior! The sad realization of how she has (and continues) to manipulate him by this latest ploy to cause him to “lose custody of his daughter” is a reality he better wake up too! He has got to wake up to the manipulative behavior she uses to provoke a response from him! Any communication has to be through a third party to protect himself! He needs to ask that a… Read more »

2 sides to every relationship – they are both at fault

Cat62 your correct. The failure of the marriage is on both of them. The aftermath of the marriage is dependent on whether both parties can act accordingly in the best interest of their daughter. Bethanny is no angel BUT I have to give her credit…… She followed the judges orders she moved out (why she paid for the apartment with her money from skinny girl) She paid weeny Hoppy his monthly support, He realized that the sparkly things, the endless amounts of money, the flashy cars and so on and so on. He got to live in the apartment rent… Read more »

Jason Herpes – er uh – I mean – Hoppy…grow some balls and act like a man dude!

A lot t of his anger I believe comes from “hurt”! I believe he truly gave his heart to Bethany and she crushed/stomped on it! I think he thought his love would save her..but she’s too damaged and too emotionally unstable to be in a relationship with anyone (except herself)! His big issue.. he must choose to forgive her and move on!