Jason Hoppy Disses Bethenny Frankel In New Online Dating Profile


According to a new report, Bethenny Frankel’s ex-husband Jason Hoppy has turned to online dating after his divorce, and in his dating profile he slams the RHONY star!

RadarOnline viewed Hoppy’s Bumble profile, which includes three photos of the sales manager. He even used a photo the paparazzi took of him to attract a possible mate.

Jason explained explained how he’s looking for the exact opposite of his former wife in his profile, slamming Frankel. “Lover of sports,” he wrote. “Judger of narcissism. Downtown living with small town spirit.”

Photo Credit: Bravo


19 Replies to “Jason Hoppy Disses Bethenny Frankel In New Online Dating Profile”

  1. He didn’t say anything negative about her at all… he never even mentions her. I just wish she would keep his name out of her mouth and leave him alone, instead of continuing on her “poor, poor, pitiful, me” tour.

    1. As you will see from my comment above I just don’t understand her anymore and I’m not sure I want to either. I still can’t believe someone can become that vicious in one season so maybe she always has been and kept it partially hidden. Xoxox

  2. To my mind, none of this seems to be necessary. I really don’t see the need for any kind of “bashing” from either one of these people. They had a daughter together for crying out loud. That, to me, means that they should both keep their mouths shut. They brought another human being into their marriage and this kind of silliness is not necessary. Nothing good or positive can come of it for either one of them. I think I would not put too much creedence in anything RadarOnline puts out in this universe. They have been proven woefully wrong on nearly everything that they print. Maybe it is just me because I have had an “ex” that cheated and walked out on our marriage stating he didn’t want to be a “husband or father anymore”. All I can say is, had I bashed him to his children, I would have looked like the biggest a$$hole in the world and would have suffered all the repercussions and fallout from negativity. Better to keep my mouth shut and keep the respect of my children. When they were older, they heard things and drew their own conclusions without any assistance or extra-curricular things from me. While it was awful for me and them, I guess it was a good thing he passed away just a few months after our divorce. Nothing good would have come out of them trying to pretend he was a great father. It is sad, but my son then passed away 30 yrs. & 5 months after his dad, one year younger. Both circumstances were devastating and took years off my life. Nothing is worse than losing a husband/father and a child. I can only hope these 2 will co-parent their daughter in a world free of animosity. She is the innocent here and deserves nothing but the best these 2 can give her! I’m just saying……been there, done that, didn’t get a tee shirt!!!

  3. Well…it may be a catfish profile, so there’s that. But, if not….it’s time for everyone to move along, you’re finalized. It’s over. Be happy. Build on.

  4. about time he started throwing her crap…. she sure did bash him – do you think she forgot that her daughter will judge her also….

    1. Exactly . She has dogged him from day one. He took the high road and as said nothing about the Phyco bitch. He actually has class. Which is learned, not paid for

  5. Of course her daughter will judge her. Children are a lot smarter than given credit for. My children started asking me questions that were really painful to answer. The kicker here was, I NEVER told them the real reason their father left. They got information from others and formed their own opinions. Then, we went to a counselor for a year to give them better coping skills, they were only 8 & 10 when their father left. I was told that nothing good would ever come out of snippy comments made by me. I would always look like the jerk in their eyes for bashing their father. In Bethenny’s world, I am sure negative things will get back to her daughter and I still feel that the less she runs down Jason, the better off she will be. Likewise, he would do well to keep his mouth shut. He didn’t mind reaping the benefits from their marriage and sharing her money. I don’t know what his occupation was, but I never saw him work. IMHO anyway. Perhaps it was stated what he did, but I never heard it.

    1. He is was a pharmaceutical executive and she begged him to quit his job and work for her and he was highly successful in negotiating the sale on her behalf. He always worked and works now. He NEVER sat back and collected from her!

  6. I was thinking about the season. Jules and Bethenny’s interaction in particular. I had watched the season again, & was remembering the different conversations Jules had with the cast about her eating disorder, on camera. She told Bethenny “I tell my friends, because they might see something I don’t see, the disease is MUCH STRONGER than me” She told Carole how she wished she had had someone “like herself” to look up to during the worst part of the illness. Then, when Carole did say what she thought Jules “might not see” she got pissed off and told her to mind her business, which she had basically just a moment go, made Carole’s business at the pizza shop. Every single comment Dorinda brought up at reunion, deciding also what both of their intentions were, which is presumptuous, that Bethenny said, was said BEFORE the talk her and Jules had at Tipsy Parson’s. Where, IMO, they had a meeting of the minds, and Bethenny apologized, FOR EVERYTHING, and Jules accepted. I know reunion is a time to recall the season, but Dorinda speaking FOR Jules, & OVER her several times seems to me to be more intrusive and demeaning than anything either Carole or Bethenny said or did during the season. Things were taken out of context where it concerns Carole, and Jules never allowed Carole to speak to it, that we saw anyway.
    I think it must be really a horrible disease to feel food is poison inside the body. I have no clue how that would feel. Nevertheless, it doesn’t give her or Dorinda the right to decide what another person’s intent was, or how THEY felt. To not only say it, but act as though it is simply the truth when speaking to them or others. It gives the impression after a while that in fact they were being “mean” & “insensitive” when, really, they were doing EXACTLY what Jules, herself, ASKED them to do for her. Not before the meeting at Tipsy’s, but the entire season after that.

  7. The biggest mistake Jason Holly ever made in his life was one that all of make, day in and day out, everyday of our lives. It is the age old story of “The Lady and The Tiger”. Unfortunately for him, not only did he NOT open the door with the Lady behind it, his door was hiding a beast that was part Liger, Anaconda, Tasmanian Devil, Vampire Bat and a Palomino horse prancing around masquerading as Bethany “MoneyMoneyMoneyyyyy” Frankel. Although he did find the light of his life….B, HIS daughter. Even though he has gone through the divorce of the century, he did it all for B. She is to young to understand now, but when she is of age and no one can control what she reads, oh boy. If she hasn’t realized completely by then what type of person her mother is, she will see how she treated her father over the years. And believe me (except for heartless Bethany), nobody will ever come between any little girl and her daddy!!!!!! Payback is a Beth”Butch Jo”enny! Revenge is sweet as a grandma cookies! God Bless The “Intact Core” of the Hoppy family!

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