Jason Hoppy Arraigned On New Stalking Charges in Case Against Ex Bethenny Frankel

Even though RHONY star Bethenny Frankel has been officially divorced from Jason Hoppy for over a year now, the couple’s legal battle is far from over.

Hoppy was arrested in January after he allegedly sent Frankel multiple emails and texts and showed up at their daughter Bryn’s school to confront her. He was charged with one count of aggravated harassment in the second degree, one count of stalking in the fourth degree and one count of harassment in the second degree.

Earlier this week, Jason appeared in court for the charges, and a spokesperson for the New York District Attorney’s office confirmed to E! News that Hoppy was arraigned on additional charges, including one count of stalking in the third degree and another count of stalking in the fourth degree.

Hoppy’s attorney told E! regarding the prior charges, “We filed a motion to dismiss today.” As for the new charges, he added, “We deny the allegations and will answer them in court [on August 8th].”

Frankel filed a complaint last year accusing Hoppy of sending her over 160 emails and several text messages between November and January. She also told police he contacted her via text message and email between August and November, including one message that allegedly read, “I will continue to communicate with you as often as I see fit in hopes that you will stop regardless of any attorney you retain.”

According to that complaint, her attorney sent Hoppy a cease and desist letter on Nov. 22, 2016.

Then, Jason was arrested earlier this year after sending more emails and texts and showing up at Bryn’s school to confront Frankel.

“The victim stated he made numerous emails and FaceTime calls, which placed her in fear for her safety,” a court public information office told E! at the time. “She said the communication was unwanted.”

According to Frankel’s complaint, Hoppy approached her and her former boyfriend Dennis Shields at the school on Jan. 27 and repeatedly stated, “OK I see. This is how you want to do this. OK. You can play your game. It doesn’t matter. You can get 10 lawyers. There’s nothing you can do to stop me. You’ll be sorry. You’ve been warned. I can’t help it. She’s pure evil. You’ve been warned. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

Hoppy denied the allegations as “false charges” and rejected a plea offer in court in March.

Are you surprised Jason has new charges?

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25 Replies to “Jason Hoppy Arraigned On New Stalking Charges in Case Against Ex Bethenny Frankel”

  1. Should of, could have, would have……Jason is made to appear a monster. She put HIS LIFE through Hell. This was once a normal guy, who followed his heart, and now his life is destroyed.

    I may not be popular with this, but I’m “team Jason” on this whole ordeal–watch the “Bethany Ever After” show…(not that it’s the whole life, but look at how she is).

    1. You have my vote, Egg. I feel so badly for him and for Bryn. I have always enjoyed Bethenny’s snarky humor but her out-of-control anger is poisonous. That judge needs to tell her if she’s going to be so wounded and fearful by any contact with Jason that maybe the child would be better off with a stable person as her primary parent. I’ve read (as you probably have also) excerpts of her evidence that he threatens her, and nobody can tell me this tough chick thinks she was actually threatened or fearful. Her own childhood was poisoned by a selfish controlling mother, and unfortunately she’s repeating her own history for her daughter.

    2. Please show your long form psychoanalyst degree and the period of time and number of visits you have had with Hoppy and how long have you known Bethenny Frankel to make this claim. Do you claim to know her better than most of us…as a housewife (the best) on RHONY? Just wondering. You seem to know her very well.

    3. …and can people please have the common courtesy to spell her name the way it is correctly spelled. Bethenny.

  2. I just don’t get what the problem is. What are they arguing over? Custody? The apartment? What is taking so long? Can’t she just write him a cheque? I liked Jason he didn’t come across as unreasonable unlike her with her crazy breakdowns and playing the victim “poor me” attitude. “My terrible childhood on the racetrack boo hoo blah blah “. Apparently he was worth dropping the few friends you had for. She drove him to this. But saying all that Jason just needs to get it together now and stop reacting erratically to her stupid sh/t.

  3. There’s seriously something wrong with Jason. Instead of getting on with his life and finding someone who he can be happy with he spends all his energy harassing Bethenny. He needs professional help.

    1. So true! He’ll be dragged the divorce out for 4 years, refused to leave her apt ( even though he and his mom committed fraud trying to get it), sent hundreds of emails and texts to both Bethany and Dennis…. This guy is whackadoodle. She should be scared shitless because it’s these kinds of narcistic psychos who murder and maim….Scott Peterson anyone?

  4. I think he’s made to appear a monster because he is one! I watched Bethenny ever After and every show in between and didn’t see what you saw. If you think she wasn’t the victim of child abuse you may need to rethink.. that doesn’t just go away over night. He knew exactly what he was getting himself into and as far as I recall it was him pushing the relationship forward. So here we are, she’s a grown adult and Jason is abusing her now. That’s not ok in my book or anyone else’s with any sense. This is victim bashing at its finest.

    1. I had a bad feeling about his mom.She wanted to see the baby every other week 3 hours away when things were good.Now that I know she played an active part in this mess she is probably fueling his fire SHAME ON HER! He needs help and mom is not helping him.

  5. I know nothing about this couple other than they were married, had a child and a tv show. Idk why they got divorced or who did what but this jason appears to be a nut! Bethenny may come off as tough and strong but she’s human. Ive been stalked and harassed by an abusive ex and it terrifies you when somebody proceeds to destroy you by not letting you move on and forget about them. Calling somebody on the phone a hundred times a day, ‘popping up’ where you are, smearing your name in the dirt for everyone to see can make someone literally crazy. And when she was in the Berkshires crying to LuAnn saying that things will never be better because he won’t stop. Ive been there. My stalker told me the cops cdn’t stop him, no judge can stop him and damn sure wasn’t no piece of paper gonna stop him and he was right. They gave him so many slaps on the wrist until they finally gave him 30 days. He served 25 and guess who he called on the payphone before he was off of the same block as the prison! Nutty or what?? 2 years later he broke the restraining order one too many times showing up at my house and when we went to court the judge gave him 3 years. He flamed up at me in the court then. The judge had to tell him to shut up or he’d add on more time. I knew he’d probably serve half the time. The DA’s office gave me the money to move. One officer who had been tracking him since the first restraining order told me “if you repeat this i’ll deny it but you might have to shoot this one”. That was really scary. That officer had seen far more domestic violence cases than I had. Ive seen him once since this happened 10 years ago and i just froze when he said something to me.
    I consider myself a pretty strong woman but this abusive stalker nearly took me down. So don’t be so quick to judge Bethenny if you haven’t walked a day in her shoes!

  6. Jason she is psychotic! She wants you out of Bryn’s life.. that little girl needs YOU! so don’t play into Bethany the B***h’s evil hands! Don’t communicate with her unless it comes through a third party.. film all encounters.. do not engage at ALL! She’s a bitter angry woman when will end up totally alone..incapable of love or healthy relationships.. she blames everyone for who she is.. but she is a “self made monster”! Twisted and ugly inside and out!

  7. There are two sides to this story and we have seen both of them dragged through the dirt. Yet I do think Jason must be slightly unstable. He refused to accept a plea deal which most people would take to avoid any sort of sentencing and to move on with life. Then this week when more charges are added to the original charges and the judge plain as day has to make sure he understands NO CONTACT. Something is off. I have watched Bethenny since Day 1 and yes she can be obnoxious, self-centered, insensitive, etc. but I can’t imagine having the man you pledged to love go after you in such a nasty and public manner.

  8. I think all the emails and texts Jason sent had to do with trying to talk to Bryn everyday. One of the stipulations in their custody agreement is either parent can talk to the child while she is in the other parent’s care. Jason’s calls to his daughter, that he promises her he will make, and all texts and emails regarding her care or weekly exchanges are being ignored by Bethenny. Word is Dennis refused to testify regarding the supposed threats Jason made to Bethenny at Bryn’s school and he broke up with Bethenny shortly afterward. I also believe Jason wants nothing to do with Bethenny anymore…but because she likes to pretend Bryn’s father doesn’t exist and neither do her grandparents, he is very frustrated.
    Side note: Last week Bethenny had a video on Instagram of her dancing in her bikini at the pool with a glass of Skinnyswill telling the camera she is “single and ready to mingle . In the background Bryn is playing with a friend. Both little girls stopped to watch her shimmy and shake and then you hear Bryn say “Mommy come play with us” and Bethenny looks startled, like she forgot they were there. If you think Bethenny turns from the nasty egomaniac we see on TV into Mrs. Brady on the 3.5 days a week she has Bryn, I have some baby Bigfoots to sell.

  9. I’d sure like to hear Jason’s side of this. We only hear her side. He seemed so nice and so normal. His parents were so sweet. I am just not buying that he is the devil. Again wish I could hear what he has to say.

    1. I agree, Heather. Jason never speaks to the media or comments on social media. We see how Bethenny behaves every week on Reality TV, and we also watch her manipulate and spin her side of the story. I just hope Jason will be treated fairly by the judicial system.

  10. I definitely don’t think Jason was an angel but I have watched Bethenny operate for years on tv and she has the kind of nasty spirit that I think could make anyone lose it on her evil a$$.

  11. Fans of the RHONY should remember how creepy Jason was when he was first introduced. I read him from the start—very controlling, very psychotic….No matter what you may think of Bethenny, Jason is 100% culpable in this situation. She should have never married him. I hope he gets some serious help….or serious fines…or serious jail time. otherwise, Bethenny and her daughter will have to put up with his shenanigans for a very long time.

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