Why James Kennedy Thinks Jax Taylor Doesn’t Like Him

As we all know there is a long history between James Kennedy and Jax Taylor going all the way back to James’ first season on Vanderpump Rules.

This week’s episode has James DJ’ing at one of his new gigs and his ex-Kristen Doute shows up and things got out of hand in a hurry.

“I honestly didn’t see anyone walk in until like halfway through my performance. I kind of noticed that Jax was there in the back, so obviously you get an adrenaline [rush] and you start taking your mind off what matters. They were there to be a distraction, so I just felt a little [like], ‘Who do I see here anyway?’ Just carry on with the show, get it done and then sort it out after, I guess,” he told The Daily Dish. “Honestly, if you’re not there for the music and to support, why are you even there at all? I hate the fact that people would even show up with bad vibes, negative intentions. You get ready just to know you’re gonna sabotage someone else’s night is just ridiculous.”

James’s theory of why Jax doesn’t like him has everything to do with age.

“Basically me and Tom [Sandoval] get along great. Obviously Jax doesn’t like that because Tom’s kind of, as age goes, in between me and Jax,” James explained. “Jax is the oldest, then Tom, then me — and Tom can kind of be friends with both of us in that sense. But it doesn’t really make sense for me to be friends with Jax because he’s just so much older than me that he gets insecure and weird when we’re out and he’s just like, ‘Why am I drinking with’, at the time, ‘a 22-year-old kid?’ So he never really liked me from the get-go and then especially when I just start poking his buttons or taking away some of the limelight from him from SUR. He’s not a guy that likes that — especially from a younger, skinnier, whatever version of what people say to be himself. It’s kind of ridiculous, so I feel like he’s threatened sometimes.”

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Photo Credit: Bravo