Why James Kennedy Thinks Jax Taylor Doesn’t Like Him

As we all know there is a long history between James Kennedy and Jax Taylor going all the way back to James’ first season on Vanderpump Rules.

This week’s episode has James DJ’ing at one of his new gigs and his ex-Kristen Doute shows up and things got out of hand in a hurry.

“I honestly didn’t see anyone walk in until like halfway through my performance. I kind of noticed that Jax was there in the back, so obviously you get an adrenaline [rush] and you start taking your mind off what matters. They were there to be a distraction, so I just felt a little [like], ‘Who do I see here anyway?’ Just carry on with the show, get it done and then sort it out after, I guess,” he told The Daily Dish. “Honestly, if you’re not there for the music and to support, why are you even there at all? I hate the fact that people would even show up with bad vibes, negative intentions. You get ready just to know you’re gonna sabotage someone else’s night is just ridiculous.”

James’s theory of why Jax doesn’t like him has everything to do with age.

“Basically me and Tom [Sandoval] get along great. Obviously Jax doesn’t like that because Tom’s kind of, as age goes, in between me and Jax,” James explained. “Jax is the oldest, then Tom, then me — and Tom can kind of be friends with both of us in that sense. But it doesn’t really make sense for me to be friends with Jax because he’s just so much older than me that he gets insecure and weird when we’re out and he’s just like, ‘Why am I drinking with’, at the time, ‘a 22-year-old kid?’ So he never really liked me from the get-go and then especially when I just start poking his buttons or taking away some of the limelight from him from SUR. He’s not a guy that likes that — especially from a younger, skinnier, whatever version of what people say to be himself. It’s kind of ridiculous, so I feel like he’s threatened sometimes.”

Why do you think the these two don’t get along? Comment below.

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7 Replies to “Why James Kennedy Thinks Jax Taylor Doesn’t Like Him”

  1. I am not a fan of James but it was obvious Jax and Kristen were there solely to cause problems for James and try to get him fired which is terrible and petty. Tom was justified in being upset with them and Kristen, Tom is a big boy, he can be friends with whomever he likes. she preaches loyalty?! the one who cheated with her best friends boyfriend is preaching about loyalty?! insanity.

    1. Oh Kennedy is the repulsive scumbag. Kris and Jax just can’t stand him and you CAN NOT blame them. I swear I’m going to take a little trip to LA just so I can run into him and slap his pathetic, ugly mug. God, he is AWFUL!

  2. Who in the WORLD would ever be jealous of this 85 pound, moronic pin-head?! Answer: no one. They just don’t like him and I can absolutely get on board with that.

  3. this is off topic and I suppose I don’t know enough about pre-nups but I don’t understand why tom and Katie felt it was necessary to get a pre-nup when it was clear they don’t have much money or own cars. why did they bother? isn’t prenup a good idea if you actually have a lot of assets, ie a lot of money, cars, heirlooms etc BEFORE you tie the knot? they did this a few weeks before getting married. is Tom getting an inheritance before the I DOs?

  4. James is a mess and he just does not have the maturity to walk away from a situation before it gets out of hand. He’s just a kid. It is so obvious when he was reacting to his parents divorce. He was crying about it a lot. James is looking for a mommy figure who is going to “Take Care of Him” ( BTW Jax is the exact same way) Raquel is not that girl. James needs to stop lying and taking advantage of every situation he is involved in. “He hit me mom, and I didn’t do anything” No way is James going to change until he grows up A LOT….. He cannot continue to blame everyone else for his problems. Stop whining, stop drinking and make a life that before he had only dreamt about. Jax is done he cannot change now he is too old. He’s 40+ and going no where. All these cast members think they are good actors and they just suck. Kristen is another one. going no where. She cannot act on a reality show much less in a commercial or movie. She is really terrible. Anyway James and Jax are very much a like and that is why they clash so much. Sad to see because I see talent in James I see nothing for Jax so they both feed off each other.

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