James Kennedy and Lala Kent Slam Their Vanderpump Rules Co-Stars

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Vanderpump Rules stars James Kennedy and Lala Kent stopped by Nik Richie’s podcast this week to dish on their cast mates and what could happen next season on the show, as they are both most likely to return as full-time cast members. Thanks to RealityTea, we have a great recap of the podcast.

Lala revealed that James is in a real relationship right now with Raquel Leviss and they clarify that there is no longer sexual tension in their friendship. James and Lala share that they only had sex one time after filming the finale, which was a year ago and that was only because they were drunk.

James says his girlfriend is okay with him and Lala hanging out, however, Lala’s boyfriend doesn’t care for James because he knows they slept together.

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While James maintains that the show isn’t scripted, Lala revealed that she believes her cast mates go to each other’s houses and plan what’s going to happen before they film the show. Lala says “it’s like they try to knock our hustle but while they do it, they’re just keeping us very relevant.”

Nik asked if James is okay with how the show portrays him. “For now, yes,” he said, adding that it’s helped him in his DJ career. “I think I became primary cast.” Lala says he’s “a sh*t that you can’t keep your eyes off because it’s such a disaster.”

James agreed. “It fuels me a little to be a little sh*t to Jax. I find it amusing,” he admitted.

So who does James like on the show? “I like Tom Sandoval a lot. I like Lala Kent a lot, I like Ariana. I like Faith. And Scheana, when Scheana’s not being a follower.”

Richie asked the two if Lisa Vanderpump communicates with the staff more now that they are like “prized trophies” because of the show. “It’s funny you say that because Lisa has actually noticed my level of talent so she actually manages me with Ken and she doesn’t manage anybody else on the show. It’s funny because Jax has been working with her for five years now.”

Do James and Lala think their new relationships will survive this year of filming? “That’s something I disagree with. I love my girlfriend right now,” James says, while Lala adds, “yeah, but you haven’t been with her through filming, trust me. Shit gets real.”

But Lala insists she will be bringing it next season. “It’s sad because these people who really really hate each other had to come together to be interesting because they are so not interesting.”

Nik points out that James broke Kristen’s trust factor. “Her trust factor in men is gone.” James says “that was gone before me, are you kidding? She was with her ex boyfriend for six years and no ring!”

Lala added, “What girl in her 30s is going to go for the 22 year old DJ? ‘I’m like girl, you’re just dumb! What do you expect a 22 year old to act like?’”

James also shared again that he has his Pump Sessions album out and he’s making moves and then goes on to bashe his co-stars, “Kristen’s got her sh*tty t-shirt line, Jax has a sweater company – we’re in California, you big dummy! Save me a knitted sweater old man, I’ll grab it when I’m 40.”

James says he the most talented on of the group, but admits he likes Tom Sandoval because he acts and sings. “Love Tom but he’s a little dated. Missed the window,” James noted.

Stassi is the “thirstiest mother f*cker in the game! Throw this bitch some Aquafina,” Lala said of Schroeder, who has been on the show since season one.

Kennedy teases that show will keep going because there’s still a lot to uncover. to keep going “At this point, how could it not? There’s so much to uncover.” He joked, “Everyone’s so invested in my life already. God forbid if I wasn’t on television anymore, I don’t know what the human race would do. Global disaster.”

Lala says, “My only regret is not taking off my top in front of Tom Schwartz more.” She continues, “Not if, but when it doesn’t work out with Katie I have the CUTEST girl for Schwartz.”

Thoughts on what Lala and James said?

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11 Replies to “James Kennedy and Lala Kent Slam Their Vanderpump Rules Co-Stars”

  1. Lala is the most thirsty person with no history or connection with the original cast and she has the nerve to call others thirsty. Lala and James storyline was contrive. Her overreaction to James shenanigans were so obviously fake. She never was into James and it was obvious she was into Jax. But I guess bad boy Jax is more into refine good girl types and Lala doesn’t act like that. In a way I kind of feel sorry for Lala because it looks like she has to force this relationship with the most obnoxious and narcissistic drunkard boy ever in the history of reality TV. And judging from that podcast James hasn’t change and is not planning on it.

  2. James is a twit if there ever was one. What a little snot. He isn’t even mature enough to be called a jerk, maybe jerk-off, but not jerk. For a skinny little drunk, he has some balls to say Sandoval has missed the window.
    James honey, that skinny coked out thing went out with the Rolling Stones & Herman’s Hermits.

  3. What a pair of balls in a scrotum these 2 are !!! 🙂 LaLa complains that the girls don’t give her a chance , and here she is slaughtering them with this needless nonsense. That’s not how you make friends, baby girl!! As for James, I can’t talk about him, because I don’t have listerine to rinse my mouth afterwards lol

      1. Hi Real Sandy! How are you? I hope you’re well. I missed you yesterday. I’m happy you’re back. 😉 Maybe you posted and I didn’t see it. Either way I care about you.

        1. Hi,
          I have just been busy with getting some contractors for repairs and then had email problems and had to switch to another email for everything…not receiving mail. All is well now. Thanks for asking. Now updating Windows on my laptop…busy day. I will be back, hopefully tomorrow.
          I hope you are well too Joanna. I miss you too.

          1. So glad to know you’re well. That’s so much to do. I did really miss you! Hope to “talk” with you tomorrow. Your comments always make me smile, laugh or think. You are a joy. I’m ok. Thanks REAL Sandy. ❤❌⭕

  4. These two idiots need to get hit by a moving vehicle. She thinks she’s a diva, he’s a scumbag and the two of them together have the IQ of a paper bag. Laughable. The parents must be SO proud!!

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