James Kennedy Kicked Off Flight For Being Too Drunk


Vanderpump Rules star James Kennedy was kicked off a Southwest flight from Las Vegas to Los Angeles on Monday for being “too drunk.” Kennedy was celebrating Memorial Day with co-star LaLa Kent at Rehab’s pool party at the Hard Rock Hotel.

“He and LaLa were screaming at each other in the terminal,” a source tells ET. “It looked like a classic drunken fight between friends… I’m pretty sure it was LaLa telling James to get it together before getting on the plane.”

Kent was overheard yelling “I hate you!” at Kennedy.

The Pump Rules stars were joined by Kennedy’s girlfriend, Miss Sonoma County 2016 Raquel Leviss. “Right before they closed the doors, the airline worker said James couldn’t get on because he was too drunk,” the source explains. “LaLa got on the plane and Raquel stayed back at the airport with James.”

Before the incident, James posted party pics of DJ Pauly D and his girlfriend Aubrey O’Day.

Everybody freeze put your hands up. #feelingyou @rehablv yesterday, #memorialday

A photo posted by James Kennedy (@itsjameskennedy) on

Squad up. @rehablv

A photo posted by James Kennedy (@itsjameskennedy) on

Me and the homie @djpaulyd smashing @rehablv can’t wait for tomorrow! Come see me live.

A photo posted by James Kennedy (@itsjameskennedy) on

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Rain

    James keeping it classy as usual! I’d say please don’t bring him back on VP Rules but this is Bravo after all and of anything , now he’s guaranteed to be back ! Sigh!

  • Cin

    what a douche

  • Shocker! James is a mean drunk. He cannot hold his alcohol. Its obvious that he doesn’t care what people think of him.

    He better pull it together before he ruins his business,& personal relationships.

  • Melodie

    I agree Rain…. this guy is a liability. He has a HUGE drinking problem and at 22 years old he is already spiraling downward and eventually he is going to crash. Why Lisa VP would want this guy on her show is just beyond me. Being ignorant arrogant and just plain stupid is not entertaining to me. I cannot believe that Bravo would put themselves in a place where James could go out drinking and partying and then kill somebody with a car.
    I think I know why they keep him he goes up against greasy Jax with the attitude that he is so much more superior. He keeps this up and he is going to ruin his name as a DJ and a human being. Get him off now before a tragedy happens.

    • Rain

      Well said Melodie ❤️

  • Ahhhh…America’s finest…and we’re SO PROUD!!! lol.

    • apple

      James is British.

      • Suze☕️

        And I’m not proud of that fact! Xo

        • LOL 😀

        • apple

          Oh…we have plenty of our own to be embarrassed by, Suze…but that one is yours.

      • Krista

        And part elephant if you consider the ears.


    Somebody needs to haul his pansy ass in a dark alley somewhere. He’s such a mamma’s boy anyway. Crying when things get bad. Fire his ass LVP.

    • Amy