Did James Kennedy Hook-Up With Friend Logan Noh?

On this week’s episode of Vanderpump Rules, James Kennedy was the subject of all the gossip, because rumors swirled that he’s hooked up with his best friend Logan Noh.

In the episode, James denied these rumors, and Logan ultimately admitted that he spread the rumors, which were completely false. He also expressed his love for James as the end of their friendship seemed to be upon them.

James’ ex-girlfriend, Kristen Doute, shared her thoughts after the episode aired.

“I think that there’s been a little bit of waiting in the pond, if you will. I don’t know. I feel like as the season progresses, especially with tonight’s episode, obviously … I feel for Logan. I really do,” Doute told US Weekly. “I really do. I really feel badly for him. And he obviously … His heart is in the right place. And I think that James is denying his own truth a little bit.”

She continued, “I think James loves attention. Absolutely. And no matter who that’s going to hurt. So I just think that’s really unfortunate. Like, poor Logan.”

ICYMI, the rumors got out of control when Noh told Brittany Cartwright’s sister, Tiffany, that he is sleeping with Kennedy during the latest episode. When confronted by the DJ, Noh revealed he made up the story because he is jealous of Kennedy’s relationship with his girlfriend, Raquel Leviss, and he is in love with him.

Adding that she feels bad for James’ girlfriend, Kristen said, “I don’t think James handles anything the right way, with or without alcohol being present. No, I don’t. Because if Logan is your best friend and you love him so much, just be honest about what is going on. Whether that’s half of your truth and half of his truth, it’s like, girls come and go, but your friends are going to be there forever.”

What are your thoughts on these rumors?


11 Replies to “Did James Kennedy Hook-Up With Friend Logan Noh?”

  1. Well, by what I have seen, I would really like to know if any of the regular male characters is actually straight. By what I have seen in just these last two episodes, James is not owning up to who he really is, and that is a guy who may be on the down low about his homosexuality. He may not have come out…yet, and he did not want his bf to publicize it. I really felt sorry for how James treated Logan on the phone while being filmed. I worry about people committing suicide in today’s world, and here a guy tells another guy he is in love with him and then is just hung up on very rudely and shunned..on the show, anyway.
    We see Sandoval and Ariana together, and he seems more attracted to Tom Schwartz and other guys (well he did seem to really like Sheana’s bf) than to Ariana. She even mentioned that they are never intimate and have not been for a very long time…red flag?
    I think James and Logan are more than “just friends” and he purposely had him with him on Pride Day, because he wanted to be with him…JMHO

  2. First….. I would not believe one thing Kristen says. She is a shit stirrer and just because she dated the guy doesn’t mean she knows everything about James and his life. Crawl back under the rock you came out from under. That said James is a very immature young man who needs some in-depth therapy.He has so much built up inside him that he just explodes everytime someone even questions his decisions.
    My advice to James. Tell Logan to step away. While Raquel is around she and James need time together and NO LOGAN. I don’t think Raquel likes him at all. She feels he is too involved in James’ life.
    If James can’t see that he will lose Raquel. So what if they did do the nasty. It’s their business I believe they are both adults. Logan is the idiot for ever bringing it up to anyone, and he is no friend at all. He wants James and Raquel to break up thinking that James is going run to Logan and be his boyfriend. That will never happen. Grow up James. Logan move on.

  3. thatt guy has the hots for James so James watch Your back pun intended
    I can not stand this show never watch it just a bunch of wanna be’s that are low class,the small town drunks where I am from have more class and that is saying a lot.

  4. I don’t know your age, Nancy, but as a middle-aged gay man, I can say the way that people in their teens and 20s now are comfortable with their sexuality and gender expression has surprised me. Guys now actually do do that.
    All that said, I feel pretty certain that most any man can do better than James.

  5. Wonder if James got a hold of Logan before he made the phone call and had Logan say it was all a lie…there was plenty of time to arrange the outcome he wanted. I personally am ok with whoever James chooses to be with (male or female) He just needs to not cheat on whoever that person is (not saying he did cheat). Not sure how so many grown adults do not understand the basic relationship rules…lol

    1. I thought the same thing. That phone call seemed so obviously staged. I didn’t buy it for a second and I don’t consider myself very sleuthful! These kids really are so immature for their age. I was more mature than any of them in 8th grade! But then I kinda grew up fast, acted way older than my years when young and now act way younger than I am now lol. Anywho, it’s the cheating that I mind, certainly not his persuasions. If he’s bi, why a problem admitting ? I don’t get it.

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