Did James Kennedy Get Fired?


Vanderpump Rules star Jax Taylor is known for his big mouth, but did he just give away a big spoiler for season five?! Jax tweeted something about his nemesis on the show James Kennedy.

“I hear @SurRestaurant and Pump are looking for a new DJ, apply with in. Lol,” he tweeted and then quickly deleted it. So this makes us wonder, did James get fired? Everyone knows that Kennedy is trying to make it big as a DJ and was working at both restaurants to build his career.

But then, James tweeted something interesting. “Big DJ announcement coming soon @sbeCollection,” he wrote. James did just work alongside DJ Pauly D, so maybe he got a new gig?

The cast of Vanderpump Rules is currently filming season five as we speak. Can’t wait!

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25 Replies to “Did James Kennedy Get Fired?”

    1. You might be onto something with your comment. If he is to stay on the show, it might be worth watching if he will finally get put in his place and get knocked down a few notches…not just a slap on the wrist for one week.

    2. Took the words right out of my mouth, SP. Whether or not he is fired, he will shoot himself in the foot, so to speak, with his alcoholism. He’s not just a prick, he is a condescending, immature, crying little boy who gets mean and stupid when he drinks, which is often. I am actually surprised Lisa has not at least fired him from both restaurants with the way he speaks to people, especially women. Even Jaxx, whom I consider one of the biggest douches of ALL TIME, does not speak that way to women. I really didn’t think she would keep allowing it, she certainly does not need the money or the extra ratings. This time, I will be really disappointed if she keeps him, for any reason.

      1. Me too, 3D, re: Lisa. Imo, she can sometimes give too wide a pass on these rugrats. That boy needs some juvie time, too bad he’s too old now.

      1. I’m pretty sure Kristen neither need nor want her waitressing job back. That would be going backwards. But she’s on the show regardless.

  1. Of course he’s not fired. These are games that Bravo and their cast play on us to toy with us , knowing that he’s a vile character. It’s all promotional stunts. Don’t believe it , he’ll be back

    1. Amen Rain, you are fueling my rant on Bravo today.lol. Lisa is not an idiot either, she knows what will bring ratings, but he really needs some true consequences for his actions, even for his own good.

  2. Bravo will peddle whatever garbage they have to get their ratings. They know who riles up the audience and they keep bringing them back . They’ve really sunk to an all time low

    1. It seems to be more relevant within the housewife branches, which I consider VP rules to be a spin off from, but I don’t YET feel that way about Southern Charm, Below Deck or that cute little show they just aired about motherhood. It’s the housewives that are getting to be the most ratchet out of all of their shows.

        1. You are more brave than I, that’s for sure. I can’t handle one more season of Vicki and Tamera, but at the same time, I still watch NY and NJ, so that’s not much better.lol. Just a different coast.

          1. I watch strictly for Shannon Bedor lol. I love that crazy hot mess of a woman. I have wished she would quit or get fired so I stop watching. I can NOT stand any of the other women on that show. I liked Lydia and Lizzie but they are not there anymore

            1. That’s ok, just think, you can watch the show in a half an hour by fast forwarding through all scenes without Shannon 😀 Bravo has been showing reruns the past few weeks and I’m also reminded of those that I liked as well…from Jeana and Jo, to Quinn, the other Tammy, and Lydia… or should I say, it was Lydia’s Mom that I really liked. I was disgusted and appalled when they showed the rerun of how Ryan treated that lovely lady at Vicki’s party.

              1. Too funny lol, I usually fast forward the Heather scenes , if they don’t involve the other women and also the Meghan scenes .. Both of them are better than Ambien 🙂

  3. Rain you hit it right on the head. We all WISHED he would be taken off the show I just can’t stomach this kid. He is a drunk and a loser at age 23. He is a train wreck in slow motion running into a brick wall.
    I am hesitant about watching because of him and greasy disgusting Jax. Both of them need to hi tail it out of LA.

  4. Wish Jax and James were both gone! They both act like little boys! James is out of control! But Jax is worse!!! What person his age… That makes a livable wage… Shoplifts!? That was it for me!

  5. Ditto Janice… Jax is just disgusting and looks very greasy this season. Im really having difficulties understanding Brittany. She can’t be a dumb as she looks. Who in their right mind would move in with that guy. He is so sleazy and if I was dating a guy who said he has slept with over 300 women…… you would see smoke coming from my heels as I ran out the door. Who wants to be sloppy 301

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