Jacqueline Won’t Trash Talk Teresa Anymore, After What Joe Giudice Did!

Former BFF’s Jacqueline and Teresa have been feuding for most of Season 4 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. After last night’s episode aired, Jacqueline tells RadarOnline, she’s done trash talking Teresa. So that means no more twitter rants?!

“I wouldn’t want to comment on something that is so personal, sensitive and hurtful to Teresa and her family,” Jacqueline told Fox News. It was interesting that none of the housewives really commented on last night’s episode. Caroline & Lauren Manzo did send out tweets in Teresa’s favor, saying nobody deserves that kind of treatment, but everyone else was silent about the shocking episode.

Teresa was humiliated at her husband’s vile remarks and said that she couldn’t even defend him. “I’m hurt and disappointed by him,” she said after watching the episode.

We will see if the feuding really does stop. No matter who’s side you are on, it seems Teresa is extremely vulnerable and needs to focus on her family.

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2 Replies to “Jacqueline Won’t Trash Talk Teresa Anymore, After What Joe Giudice Did!”

  1. Her brother and wife are mainly to blame for the unnecassary ridicule she has endured.Its one thing decieving the viewers,we view movies for fiction and aknowlege , the Gorgas life they try to portray is totally fiction,also get the editing on reality tv. they hav stooped to a whole other level joining a reality show to destoy a sister, so eager to be famous,not giving a second thought the effect it would hav on thier own parents, childre even themselves including thier own chijdren and the Walkies just as guilty.Always in a hudle all of them discussing her very sensitive personal issues(as Caroline described) then hating on her because she needs to translate it in atrashy magazine in her own words , becuse it has already been brought up by friends and family on the show and all are mad at her because she didntand its a mystery why the parents feel the way they do.the very first episode was proof of the drama that obviously was expected or possably promised to the producers.Do the Gorgas honestly believe the viewers saw thier perspective and believed thier twisted version of what went on at the Christning lol.Also melissa grand entrance and over the top runway walk, her familys obnoxious applaudes her rudeness to the waiter at thier table and all the antics cathy and her pulled to instigate drama from Thre and then say stop all the yelling dont bring up your brother,Cathy telling her not on public display,and she wasnt starting an arguement, yet said to melis, dont argue w/idiots, also not intended to insult her of her parenting after she said it at the salon and episode interview.Melis saying hi to motherinlaw,kissing Thres motherinlaw after she supposeably pulled her sisters hair and the horrable Christning drama that the parents fully aware who caused it.Melis told her sisters when she saw Tre taking a pi cture she didnt know motherinlaw was there they said not to go over ,she did and Tres hairdresser tried to block her she persisted and he got her away,Kathy sitting and kissing up to caroline conspiring and manipulate every thing to make herlook bad and thier perfect(very fake).Its difficult to believe Caroline didnt see how transparent they are but I guess she had her own agenda that was all worth it.Do they really all deserve Tres apology?Idont feel any apology could ever repair the damage and despair she has endured all for the sake of jealously and revenge,is it worth it?

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