Jacqueline Won’t Trash Talk Teresa Anymore, After What Joe Giudice Did!

Former BFF’s Jacqueline and Teresa have been feuding for most of Season 4 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. After last night’s episode aired, Jacqueline tells RadarOnline, she’s done trash talking Teresa. So that means no more twitter rants?!

“I wouldn’t want to comment on something that is so personal, sensitive and hurtful to Teresa and her family,” Jacqueline told Fox News. It was interesting that none of the housewives really commented on last night’s episode. Caroline & Lauren Manzo did send out tweets in Teresa’s favor, saying nobody deserves that kind of treatment, but everyone else was silent about the shocking episode.

Teresa was humiliated at her husband’s vile remarks and said that she couldn’t even defend him. “I’m hurt and disappointed by him,” she said after watching the episode.

We will see if the feuding really does stop. No matter who’s side you are on, it seems Teresa is extremely vulnerable and needs to focus on her family.

Photo Credit: Getty Images