Jacqueline Was So Happy To See Nick’s Emotion When She Came Home From California


Jacqueline Laurita is taking to her Bravo Blog to explain how touched she was when she got home from California and she saw her husband and sons. She explains Nick’s reaction of missing her melted her heart and she was so happy to be home with her family.

Jacqueline writes, “Every time Chris and I have to go over night somewhere away from the kids, we always make sure we greet CJ first before we greet Nicholas upon arriving back home. CJ usually meets us in the garage or at the door. Nicholas is younger and demands more attention, so we like to have alone time with CJ first and give him his time alone with us, before we cater to Nicholas, because it is harder for Nick to break away from us once he sees us.

I was thrilled to see how excited Nicholas was to see me when I came home. I can’t put into words how great that felt to see that emotion in him. I missed my boys so much, and it made me feel good to know that they missed me too. We were definitely connecting. I cried when I saw CJ and my husband, and Nick’s smile lit up the room and melted my heart. It was great to be home.”

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  1. Although I don’t particularly like Jacqueline, her reunion with Nick was absolutely precious. I can’t fathom the heartache she’s experienced in struggling to emotionally connect with her own little boy. I wish them the best with his therapy.

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