Jacqueline Reveals Her Fear Of Public Speaking


In this preview for the next episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Jacqueline Laurita seeks advice from Teresa Giudice when she is asked to speak at an autism event. Turns out public speaking is one of Jac’s biggest phobias. “In the past anytime I’ve tried to get up to speak in front of people, I just break out in hives,” Jacqueline says. “But if I could face my fear of getting close to Teresa, I can get through it.” Will Teresa help Jacqueline with her fears? Watch below.

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo

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4 comments on “Jacqueline Reveals Her Fear Of Public Speaking

  1. I really don’t like Jacqueline. I never have! All of the apologizing to Teresa, and acknowledging that she didn’t think Teresa would ever talk to her again, made me feel that she was admitting to lying and betraying Teresa for the show. That said, it breaks my heart what Nick is going through. He’s doing well… I was so impressed that he knew his letters on tonight’s episode. He’s definitely high functioning, and I hope he continues to improve.

  2. Jac had nothing to apologize for. She only said that to Teresa because she really wanted to put the past behind and move forward and that air head Teresa always blames everyone else for EVERYTHING. You are as dense as Teresa.

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