Jacqueline Laurita’s Daughter Ashlee Holmes Gives Birth to Baby Boy


Real Housewives of New Jersey star Jacqueline Laurita is a proud “glamma” after Ashlee Holmes gave birth to her first child with fiancé Pete Malleo.

Holmes gave birth to a baby boy, Cameron Hendrix Malleo, on Tuesday, and she took to Instagram to share a photo of her newborn. “Cameron Hendrix Malleo. 8lbs 0.4 ounces. We are so in love with you.”

Jacqueline also posted a photo of baby Cameron, writing, “Welcome Cameron Hendrix Malleo ! Born at 5:20pm ! He’s going to go get a bath and get weighed now!”

Cameron Hendrix Malleo. 8lbs 0.4 ounces. We are so in love with you. 👶🏻💙

A photo posted by Ashlee Nichole (@ashleenicholexx) on

Welcome Cameron Hendrix Malleo ! Born at 5:20pm ! He’s going to go get a bath and get weighed now!

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  1. A baby is always a blessing and even more important that Momma and baby are healthy. I get a giggle out of the irony a few seasons back when Jacs, Chris, her father and his wife were having an intervention with her. She broke Jacqueline’s heart when she bragged that SHE was 20 and DIDN’t have a baby (like Jacqueline). I make no judgement on her, but it’s kind of funny that it’s only 4 years later and she is in the exact same position as her Momma had been, except Jac’s had been married when she had her. I’m sure she has since apologized for her jab at Jacs 😀

    1. When Ashlee’s son crosses her in the future, I hope she won’t pass on Jacqueline’s, “Get out of my house!” Piss poor parenting (in my opinion).
      Jacqueline is so annoying. I can hear it now when CJ and Nicholas don’t agree with Jacqueline, they’re going to hear, “Get out of my house!”
      If Ashlee wasn’t making easy $$$ from RHONJ, I doubt she would be on speaking terms with her mother.

  2. Lol do you really think she would apologise! I can’t see it myself but then maybe this will make he grow up a bit! Xxxooo

    1. I would hope she looks back on those episodes and cringes, but who knows. Jacs has let her get involved in too many grown folk problems, that she might not realize how disrespectful that she was to her adults. I think you are right that having her own baby will have to change her. How old is Nick now? Jac’s and Daughter will have babies that are only about 6 years apart or so. lol.

  3. That is a healthy weight. My first born was that exact same weight. He did not fit into newborn clothing, but had to go for the next size up. Luckily I bought that size. Funny now he is the thinnest guy. He was a baby the hubby was not afraid to pick up. The next one was under 7 lbs. and so tiny. He is the taller one now.
    I wish them well. The baby is adorable.

  4. Glad everyone is healthy . Sandy my younger sister is 4 inches taller than me and probably close to 100 pounds heavier . She was small as a baby but by the time she was 10 she was bigger than me . She still gets upset because people think I’m younger

    1. That is because you look younger! I am certain of that. 😉
      Oh, the boys are healthy. My first was also 21 3/4″ long…and he is not tall at all now, which was a surprise to us, since I am average height and my husband is from a very tall family and is tall.
      By 1 year old, the other babies passed him up, and he was never chubby, other than as a young baby. His brother who was always very thin grew up and for a time, after quitting sports, had to watch his weight. Now he is quite thin too, but he watches and exercises. He is taller, and he still looks up to his older brother who is nearly 6 years older. The first one was a Caesarean birth, and the second was a normal birth…Both so different with pregnancies, etc.
      They are great kids, and thank goodness for that. Baby weight means nothing later, but it is good to have a good birth weight for sure. 🙂

  5. Sandy your boy’s sound sweet . I’m sure that they are great kids . I don’t remember our birth weights but I was a bigger baby than my sis . I don’t know what happened to me because , my mom was 5’11 , my sis is 5’10 my father was over 6 feet . They all were much larger than me……hum maybe mom had a secret

    1. I am the only one with blue eyes. You don’t want to go there, Daisy. Chances are there was one smaller relative in your family. My mom and her family were all quite small, so my son, who looks just like his dad’s family, and practically a spitting image of his paternal grandfather, must have gotten short genes from my side, though I heard his paternal great grandmother was small too.
      I did have my DNA tested…and I did recently find out that some of my “cousins” on my dad’s side did the same at the same site…yet…I said nothing to them about my doing it as well, since I never matched them, and though I did match a couple with my last name, it was because they were also from the same country in the same region…and my roots are in the same country and region either way. Well, I am old now and chances are this man is very old or no longer around, and I don’t care, but I was never close with my father in the least and it was not my choosing…long story. I used to wait for the mother ship to take me when I was younger…always feeling different…for real. 🙂

      1. Sandy , that is very interesting . I’ve never been tested as some doors are meant to be closed . I look nothing like anyone on either side of my family and have nothing in common with any of them . Considering the type of person my father was it really would be a blessing to me to know that he wasn’t . Oh well if I went looking what I find could be worse so I will continue on like I have my whole life

        1. I know that feeling and I was born on Father’s Day. 😮
          If the mother ship comes for me I will look for you, Daisy 😉 ❤️

          1. Beam me up Scottie. I was born on September 13. That guy who called himself my dad always said I was bad luck because of the 13. Me being the odd ball that I am looked at it like lucky number 13

            1. It is a lucky number to many! My own husband was born very late on a Thursday, the 12th (not Sept.) and he said he always wished it was an hour later, so that he would be born on Friday, the 13th, for real!
              I am with you with the not so nice words growing up. I really mean it. It is all behind us now, so we should not dwell on it, but sometimes, I really know what you mean, my friend.

                  1. It took some time getting there, but yes. Our formative years are important. You know they say sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me, but names do hurt…as well as bruises. I am glad we are both survivors. Thanks, Daisy.. 🙂

                    1. No Sandy, thank you. You are an awesome lady and I honestly consider it a privilege to know you. Words do hurt but with time we heal. Both physically and emotionally. I think the best revenge is knowing we have great lives. They may have tried to beat us down but really all they did was make us strong. That actually lifted us up with time. This may sound horrible but he passed on.New year’s day and I looked at it like a fresh start. That was 10 years ago and I still have not cried one single drop for him

                    2. Daisy, you are so kind. It is a privilege to know you. ❤️
                      I know exactly what you mean. Exactly. Same for me too.

                    3. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Rock on Daisy. ❌⭕️❌

                  1. Good day sweet Suze. Yes I miss my birthday sister also. She’s probably busy saving people. She’s such a great person for being able to do that. I hope you had a great day

        2. It was actually a relief to be quite certain he wasn’t…for me, anyway. I know what you mean. ❤️❤️

  6. A new bebe is always the best. Ashley was truly a handful and a half (been there, done that). The episodes we watched where so raw and true and I could relate to them all. I was told many times to kick my child out too, but I didn’t have the guts. Tough love they said. It’s tough alright. Anyway, fast forward a few years and a glimmer of light can be seen and hope springs eternal again. I still take shit from everyone (including my husband) and sometimes I can be tough and sometimes I can’t. I’m just waiting for time to do the work for me. Don’t judge Jacqueline for those early days with her daughter. I can guarantee they were really tough. And no, I don’t wish Ashley’s bebe a wicked adolescent time.

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