Jacqueline Laurita Was Arrested For Domestic Violence?! Plus- Was She Really A Stripper?

Jacqueline Laurita

Real Housewife of New Jersey Jacqueline Laurita’s past is haunting her, AGAIN. In Touch Weekly Exclusively reported on Jacqueline Laurita’s past in December 2011, now it’s trending on twitter! So lets refresh your memory! According to In Touch Weekly, the Jersey Housewife was arrested for domestic battery charges against her old boyfriend back when she allegedly worked in Vegas as a stripper. Jacqueline originally appeared as the “good girl” on RHONJ, married to Chris Laurita, stay-at-home mom, now a friend from Jac’s past is revealing just how dark it was.

An old friend of Jac’s claims that she worked as a stripper at Glitter Gulch, in Vegas, from 1992 to 1993. The friend claimed she worked there, because she was a young mother, just divorced, and had to provide for her and Ashlee. Things got rougher for Jac, in 1996 she was arrested on domestic battery charges for slapping her boyfriend in the face, and punching him in the groin.

According to the police, the argument started because the boyfriend arrived home later than he should have and Jacqueline no longer wanted to speak to him, when he kept questioning why she was so angry it led to her getting physically aggressive with him.

Here is the photo of the ‘Glitter Gulch’ in Vegas, sounds classy…

Photo Credit: Bravo/WENN.com


8 Replies to “Jacqueline Laurita Was Arrested For Domestic Violence?! Plus- Was She Really A Stripper?”

  1. No wonder she was soo mad when Teresa supposedly “outed” Melissa. She was a stripper herself. I knew she was the instigator in all this. Not a fan of hers.


  3. You can seal public records regarding things you don’t want the public to know. Maybe that’s why that person could not find anything…you have to know someone with power to open the records. I knew something was not right with Jacqueline and the whole Manzo family….sad:(

  4. I never said that…this is the first time I comment about Jacqueline and her arrest and public records. You can seal records…so know one would know about you’re past.

  5. Who cares what Jacqueline did in the past! She had a small child to care for! I think who she is now is what matters! I love her & her big heart defines her, not her past! We all have done things we’re not proud of. She shouldn’t be judged so horribly!

  6. Wanda and nips, you are freakin idiots! Especially you Wanda, who states, “I knew she was the instigator in all this.” Why, because she had one domestic battery charge from nearly twenty years ago for slapping a guy? If every woman was judged for the rest of their lives because they slapped a guy, I’m guessing the lot of you would be considered SCUM of the earth. So, ask yourself, have you ever slapped ANYONE? Should you now be considered based on that one event. Also, a woman having been a stripper nearly twenty years ago, does not define her. If anything it says she’s willing to do whatever it takes to provide for her child. In my book that equates to her being a dedicated mother. Does every little decision in your life define you? According to Wanda, it must. So, in other words, we are all scum, except of course Wanda who has obviously never done anything in her life for which she’s not 100% proud. Wanda, do everyone a favor and quit wasting the oxygen needed for people who have souls. I can’t imagine you’d want to breath the same air as the rest of us scum anyway.

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