Jacqueline Laurita Was Arrested For Domestic Violence?! Plus- Was She Really A Stripper?

Jacqueline Laurita

Real Housewife of New Jersey Jacqueline Laurita’s past is haunting her, AGAIN. In Touch Weekly Exclusively reported on Jacqueline Laurita’s past in December 2011, now it’s trending on twitter! So lets refresh your memory! According to In Touch Weekly, the Jersey Housewife was arrested for domestic battery charges against her old boyfriend back when she allegedly worked in Vegas as a stripper. Jacqueline originally appeared as the “good girl” on RHONJ, married to Chris Laurita, stay-at-home mom, now a friend from Jac’s past is revealing just how dark it was.

An old friend of Jac’s claims that she worked as a stripper at Glitter Gulch, in Vegas, from 1992 to 1993. The friend claimed she worked there, because she was a young mother, just divorced, and had to provide for her and Ashlee. Things got rougher for Jac, in 1996 she was arrested on domestic battery charges for slapping her boyfriend in the face, and punching him in the groin.

According to the police, the argument started because the boyfriend arrived home later than he should have and Jacqueline no longer wanted to speak to him, when he kept questioning why she was so angry it led to her getting physically aggressive with him.

Here is the photo of the ‘Glitter Gulch’ in Vegas, sounds classy…

Photo Credit: Bravo/WENN.com