Jacqueline Laurita Threatens To Expose The Truth About Dina Manzo


Former Real Housewives of New Jersey star Jacqueline Laurita had a lot to say after the premiere of season 6 Sunday night. As we previously reported, during the episode Ashlee Holmes posted a photo on Instagram mocking Dina Manzo’s talk about her “Zen” life.

Jacqueline and Dina have been estranged since Dina’s falling out with Caroline Manzo, and nobody will reveal exactly what happened.

Monday, Jacqueline took to Twitter to send Dina a very direct, public message. Laurita hinted that Dina has a dark secret she doesn’t want her family to expose.

 “Just a hint of why I stay away,” Dina responded to a blogger who reposted Ashlee’s original tweet. 

“LOL…Oh is THAT why?” Ashlee responded. 

“I advise you not to imply any more “hints” if you don’t want the truth to come out @dinamanzo Enough!” Laurita tweeted, adding, “My patience is wearing thin. I need to find my center.”

“Really? I thought it was bc our fam knows2much u don’t want public,” Jacqueline tweeted. “I’ve stayed quiet a long time4my fam. Ashlee shouldn’t have said anything, but Dina shouldn’t have involved a blogger as if an innocent victim. … Touchy subject.”


Whose side are you on? Dina or Jacqueline?

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13 Replies to “Jacqueline Laurita Threatens To Expose The Truth About Dina Manzo”

  1. Totally Jaqueline’s side on this. I think poor Jaq got such a bad wrap because of the. Teresa fans who were so supportive of. Teresa that she could do no wrong—now look at the criminal liar fraud.

    Dina is one shady bit$h.

  2. Jac needs to stay of the Twitter drama train..bad enough she went after Teresa for months, involved her parents etc..now her husbands sister? Seriously? Ur pathetic daughter started it..clearly this child hasn’t grown up abit. You never see Lexi tweet negative nor will you. She’s a classy girl. Dina has raised her well. Ashlee has been trouble from day1. Threatening ur sister inlaw publicly shows real class jac. Don’t u have a sick son to care for? Put down the phone jac-ass

    1. sp agree.. Ashlee is more than a brat, she’s what we used to call “not normal”. And Jaqueline has mental issues too, and many hint at that. My advice, keep off twitter people

  3. Im not Team Dina or Team Jacqueline…We should be team Manzo/Laurita….This is a family and we should be encouraging them to reconcile, not Fight!

  4. Dumb*ss Ashley needs to shut her pie-hole…this coming from the idiot that said, “Wait, I didn’t know planes crashed until I saw that Tom Hanks movie” (classic line). That said, I too would like to know about Dina’s shady past! And Jax – ease up on the plastic surgery & fillers – you’re looking insane at this point ….

  5. Dina’s husband Tommy is gay and she’s known forever..only married him for his money and because he needed a pretty lady by his side. At least that’s the rumors that have been going around here in jersey for years..

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