Jacqueline Laurita Talks Vermont Trip, Says Melissa Gorga Is Envious


Jacqueline Laurita is taking to her blog to discuss last week’s episode of the RHONJ and her fight with Robyn Levy. Laurita talks more about her friendship with Teresa Giudice, Teresa’s “soldier,” and Melissa Gorga’s jealousy.

“Wow! Teresa is a hypocrite when it comes to speaking about getting involved in family drama! I remember when Teresa was all involved in MY family business! How easily she forgets. I’m sure Caroline remembers. However, I won’t get into that right now. I’ve learned that Teresa has selective memory where she only remembers what she feels people have done to her. She conveniently forgets what she has done to others. She also has a very hard time taking accountability for anything or genuinely forgiving anyone. She changes the reality in her head and starts to believe her own twisted faux reality. I wish she would acknowledge this and talk to someone about it. It’s very frustrating.

Teresa knows that I am good friends with her cousins, thanks to her, and that we are all part of the same group. We all hung out a lot together while Teresa was in prison, but when she came home it caused a divide among us because Teresa didn’t want to be around them. I don’t like leaving people out, especially if it was family and their relationship could be mended. The whole group could have benefited from a peace treaty. That was what I sincerely wanted.

Unlike Melissa, the rest of us in our group were invested in their relationship because we care! We called Kathy and Rosie after their sit down because we care how they were feeling about everything! We were all concerned for the group. We all hoped that once Teresa sat down with her cousins face to face and heard what they had to say, that she may possibly have a change of heart. Friends always call each other to talk about what’s going on in each other’s lives. It’s just what we do, especially in this group. Melissa called me afterwards to see what happened too. Melissa was always calling me to ask for scoop, but not because she cared, obviously — it was because she was nosey. There’s a difference.

The truth is, when Melissa heard Kim was in the picture, she got mad at me for it and blamed me. Meanwhile, Teresa stayed friends with Kim D. long after Strippergate and she was even at Teresa’s house before you even saw me at her store with Siggy. Before Envy, Melissa herself was still shopping at Posche. Teresa was still getting her clothes from Kim as well, even after Envy opened. We have ALL been shopping at Posche since day one! I wasn’t the one bringing Kim D around, and Melissa knows that. Kim has always been around.

Her trying to say I was jealous of her and Teresa’s relationship is just Melissa deflecting. It is ridiculous! Even Teresa said herself this season that the one thing she never had with me is a jealousy issue between us. Jealousy is not in my DNA when it comes to my friends. Everybody knows that about me. There is enough room for everybody to be friends and succeed with their businesses. Melissa needs to stop being so ENVY-OUS.

Regarding Derek, if Melissa doesn’t want to even look at the proof Kim D had on him then that’s on her. Don’t shoot the messenger. If I were her, I would want to know the truth…that is unless…she already knew. Something to think about.

I was surprised to hear Melissa and Teresa talking about me behind my back. I thought things were going well between us at that time. Teresa and I had just had a night out with our husbands prior to Vermont. We had the best time. I’m confused as to who got in Teresa’s ear to have her say the things she said. On the spa trip, Melissa was just saying how jealous she was that Teresa and I were able to rekindle our friendship so easily and she never could. Fast forward to a week or so later and they are talking about how hard it is for Teresa and I and how easy it is for them. Something is not adding up.

I’m not sure why Teresa and Melissa were insinuating I was upset and getting worked up after my fight with their soldier, I mean their “friend,” when I didn’t join them for dogsledding. I wasn’t. Everybody made their assumptions about why I didn’t join them. The truth is, Chris and I wanted to sleep in and have a nice day alone together because we always try to take advantage of any time we can get alone together. It also just didn’t seem enjoyable to either of us to spend the day with someone so desperate for camera time and attention, especially when she threatened to “rage on my ass”, “f— me up” and “punch me in the face.” It’s not that I felt threatened by her even though I was verbally threatened by her, it was more because I know she has a history of fighting people, and I’m not one to back down. I couldn’t help mocking her that night because I felt like she was acting so ridiculous and desperate. It made me laugh. Together we were a recipe for a disaster, and I was trying to avoid that again for the sake of Teresa.

The reason Rosie wanted nothing to do with that “rage” girl was because she was so obnoxious and attention seeking and every time she had briefly hung out with her, she was fighting somebody. They were never “besties” like she was trying to make it out to be. Rage girl tried to start drama with Rosie at Teresa’s book signing, but Rosie walked away. When she couldn’t get Rosie’s attention, she came after me.

Nobody on that trip really cared for her. Teresa even said she was more Joe’s friend than hers, so why was she there? Obviously to set me up and be Teresa’s voice so she could keep her new zen persona. Not all of Teresa’s friends are soldiers but I do recognize a soldier when I see them. History repeats itself. If Rage girl thought I was so close with Teresa and knew we were working on repairing our friendship, why did she feel so comfortable coming after me like that and then calling Teresa into our fight to back her up? It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure that one out.

All I know is on the spa trip there was no drama. In Vermont things didn’t go as smoothly. Why? It’s because we had an outsider there stirring things up. Whose idea was that?

Be sure to tune in next week where you will see emotions explode and my huge disappointment in my so called friends. This was my “AHA” moment.”

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11 Replies to “Jacqueline Laurita Talks Vermont Trip, Says Melissa Gorga Is Envious”

  1. Clearly we are not watching the same show. Jacqueline, you look insanely jealous, insecure, and frankly bat s.h.i.t crazy. You’re the phony. Your TRUE feelings came out when you called Teresa a criminal and Melissa a phony. I thought YOU said you wanted to move forward. But you are constantly bringing up the past. And, girl, you have your own team of soldiers. Hypocrite!!

  2. WOW, she is living in another world. She comes across so jealous and nosy and interfering. Why does she stick her nose in EVERYWHERE? Plus, and this is what bugs me about her the most, she thinks she is soooooo hot when in reality, her face is crooked from all the injections and she looks bat-shit crazy.

    1. Totally agree Gigicat! I can’t even read most of what she wrote. I have said for years that Jacaloon, Jacalush is absolutely nuts. Can’t stand the pathetic woman! Xoxox

  3. Jac needs help, meds or something! Jealousy may not be IN her DNA but it IS her DNA. I just can’t stand her – she brings up strippergate to stir the crap between Tre and Melissa – why? Cause she can’t stand them getting along…she’s nuts…

  4. In the beginning of their falling out, Jacqueline was able to pinpoint some of Teresa’s faults clearly and accurately, and there was much that the audience could agree with several seasons ago. At this point however, she simply appears to be an unhappy, unstable woman with no interest in moving on or creating authentic relationships. She wants to las out wildly for lack of anything else to do and it looks horrible. She truly appears chemically imbalanced; whether it’s hormonal issues from impending change of life or an actual mental disorder, this woman needs to see someone before her life REALLY implodes.

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