Jacqueline Laurita Talks RHONJ, Spin-Off and More


Real Housewives of New Jersey star Jacqueline Laurita found a new way to connect with viewers and answer questions about the show. Although she didn’t talk about Teresa Giudice, she did open up about the upcoming reunion, her current relationship with Dina Manzo and more.

Jac is preparing for the reunion, which will be filming soon. She thinks it’ll “be a good one” and “extremely eventful,” she added, “I think it’s gonna be pretty intense.”

Jacqueline said she was surprised by Melissa Gorga this season, and noted how poorly the show was edited this year. “I found it really hard to express myself when I first started doing Housewives because I was always taught if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. So I was very uncomfortable,” she explained.

“It was really hard for me,” she continues. “But then after you’ve been on for a few years you’re just trained [that] if you’re thinking it to just say it, so that the viewers understand what you’re thinking. And it makes better TV.”

“It’s frustrating sometimes because things that air don’t really tell the full story of what happened in a scene, so there’s always more to the story that people don’t see,” she shares of the process. “But then I look at it as, it’s entertainment. If people are loving me or hating me – as long as they’re engaged in the show. I don’t have to deal with them in my real life. People are judging you for what they see and they’re not getting the full story, so I don’t get offended.”

“There’s things that I’m shocked, over the seasons, didn’t make the air. Cause I’m pretty open and I put a lot out there. I don’t really get embarrassed because everybody has shit in their lives, and has ups and downs. The people who are gonna be in my life, are gonna be in my life.”

“We don’t have any say in editing,” she notes, adding that she doesn’t get as emotionally invested in the show as she used to.

Laurita maintains that the show is real, despite what people might think. “It’s pretty real. You’re just put in unusual situations you wouldn’t normally put yourself in, but whatever happens in those situations is real,” she insists. “It’s not scripted at all.”

“When you’re cast to film on a show, you’re cast to film together so you have to talk about each other. Would I be talking about certain cast members if I wasn’t on the show? Probably not,” Jacqueline says. “But when you’re all forced to film together things happen and you gotta talk about whatever’s going on in your life.”

“In a typical situation if I was fighting with somebody I’d probably just ignore them and walk away, but when you’re on TV and you’re being filmed – if I were to just walk away every time you guys would be bored to death. So you’re kind of trained to just, whatever’s on your mind, express yourself and think out loud.”

“Then of course you can’t just let it go, because you gotta film telling everybody whatever happened in the scene,” she continues. “You gotta make sure that’s caught on camera so the viewers know what’s going on too. So that gets a little redundant.”

Jac shared she is friends with a lot of the ladies in real life; Kathy, Rosie, Siggy, and Dolores, but others are just co-workers or acquaintances. “I love Rosie. Rosie is amazing. I love Kathy and Rosie.”

Laurita is also very fond of the new girls, Siggy and Dolores. “I love Siggy. She’s a very kind person. She’s very much like me season 1: she just wants peace with everybody, she just wants everyone to get along. She doesn’t really know the full history of everything and she’s just navigating her way through it. I think she’s a great addition to the show – her and Dolores. I actually pushed for them to be on the show. To be honest, I recruited them. They’re both great. I talk to Siggy and Dolores all the time.”

Jac also notes that she believes both Siggy and Dolores will be asked back next season.

She did describe her relationship with Teresa, saying, “we’re like the sisters who rip each other’s hair out and the next second we’re hugging. It’s really weird.”

“Never say never,” Jacqueline said of a future friendship with Teresa. “This is gonna sound crazy, but my favorite Housewife to watch is Teresa!” Jacqueline laughs. “I just think she’s so funny and she makes great TV.”

“I wouldn’t quit if anybody returned on the show,” she insisted. “Listen – I’m the last person to be afraid of confrontation. I never have a problem with confrontation. I do best with one-on-one confrontation, but I don’t get intimidated by people.”

“You’ve gotta film with those people even if you’re uncomfortable around those people,” Jacqueline says, “so that’s when things happen: because you don’t really wanna be there, but you gotta be there! I never regret things I do because it always leads to other things.”

She also commented on the Caroline and Dina feud. She says she’s good with Caroline. “We’re peaceful right now, but I haven’t seen [Dina] in a few years. We haven’t talked at all.” Jacqueline isn’t sure if Dina and Chris are in contact, but they were recently on a “group text” thread, and Dina did a shout-out to promote The Little Kernel on social media. She is still close with Jamie Laurita, and they talk frequently.

“It’s unfortunate with Caroline and Dina,” Jacqueline says. “I guess it’s like that with a big family – it like goes in cycles. Never say never. Eventually people come around. Did you guys ever think Teresa and Melissa would be friends? She finally took my advice! I don’t care if it’s fake; it doesn’t matter. It’s so much better for the parents, the kids… It’s so much better for Teresa to have a relationship with her brother, and all she has to do is respect his wife to make it work.”

Jac also noted that her family’s finances are improving. “Things are definitely going better with us. Little Kernel is doing aaaaamazing – it’s in almost 4,000 stores already. BLK is finally making money!”

She also reveals that after she left RHONJ, she discussed doing a spin-off show. “I just think that takes a lot of work with it just focused on you. I’d rather be part of a group to be honest with you. If I had a show it’d probably be called ‘Livin’ Laurita Loca’.”

She also revealed the funniest thing that never made it to air. “I shouldn’t even talk about it…” she begins, “but we did this Halloween thing one time and Teresa dressed up as Danielle Staub!”

“She put underwear on with an earring, like her thing was pierced – like nude panties (over her clothes),” Jacqueline laughs.
“It was terrible!”

Thoughts on what Jac had to say?

Thanks to RealityTea for transcribing the video!

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  • Suze☕️

    I just cannot stand this woman! You can see right through her bogs interviews. What a waste of space and an absolute nut case!

    • Suze☕️

      Blogs even not bogs! Lol

      • justanothermary

        lol- I thought you mean bogus when I read it.

        • Suze☕️

          Lol but could be!

    • Lol…did you see her competing with Ashlee over who would Instagram that engagement first? The best part of the whole show tonight was Chris Laurita’s interview where he wishes the new fiancé good luck and tells him she’s all his. I laughed and rewound for another laugh.

      • Suze☕️

        I bet Chris thought he would be rid of her for good, while the cameras are around Ashleeeeeee will always be.

    • Miss Moneypenny☂

      Good morning dear Suze♥️xoxox How are you doing today? I’m not a fan of Jacqueline much either but her blog for me was informative in how she describes doing the show. I hadn’t thought about a lot of the technicalities she describes. Like instead of her normal life reaction to not usually engage in a fight instead to just walk away and not say anything. She’s kind of right in that it would be boring to the viewer if she never responded. It totally makes sense to me that perhaps many reactions from the housewives are not their natural response but sort of encouraged for drama sake. i think that maybe there are a few ladies in all the housewives that maybe we really don’t know what they’re truly like in real life. Some for the better and some for the worse! lol

      • Suze☕️

        Hi Miss M, She just comes across as fake fake fake to me. What she is saying I’m sure goes for all of the wives as you say some in their favour some the total opposite. Just can’t stand her and never will like her! She has kept her money problems to close to her fake chest for too long! Bitch bitch bitch, that’s me! Lol. Xoxoxoxoxxo

    • Anonymous

      Agree 1,000%!
      I can’t stand Jacqueline Laurita or her family. I also can’t understand why Bravo keeps throwing $ at them. What would they do if they had to work REAL jobs?

  • I just can not stand Jac-A-Loon. She is the most immature 40 something year old I have ever seen.

    • Suze☕️

      Yup yup yup!

  • Sadie Baby

    OMG all I heard was me, me, me, me, me…..And spin off my ass, who in God’s name is gonna watch that boring crap not to mention I just wasted 10 minutes of my life that I’ll never get back reading this bull shit.

    • Anonymous

      You said it all…perfectly!

  • Michelle

    I used to like Jacquelyn but lately she’s been making it difficult. She’s just not coming across as a very nice girl in this season and way too sensitive. I was also thinking she was always spoiling for a fight and with this blog it all makes a little more sense now. Having said that, I thought the blog was a justification for that particular behavior. As the countess likes to say, “that’s uncool!”

    By the way, I thought that was pretty shitty of Chris to make that comment about Ashlee. One thing to think it and another to say it out loud on a TV reality show. I hope it was an inside joke between them all.

  • Amy

    Wtf?? Who in the world would give this family a spin off?? Dear lord baby Jesus.

  • Anonymous

    I still cannot believe that she is back on tv

  • What a waste of Jersey housewife space. Jac is. Her & Tre like Lucy & Ethel Tre does all of the funny moments . I think she’s very jealous of Mellisa friendship . I’m really glad Below Deck is on.

    • Amy

      Love Below Deck!! I hope Eddie makes a guest appearance