Jacqueline Laurita Talks Fight In Vermont and More RHONJ Drama On WWHL


Jacqueline Laurita appeared on WWHL Sunday night after the explosive RHONJ episode in Vermont. She answered viewer questions and caught up with Andy Cohen on all the drama.

When a caller asked Jac if she really wants a friendship with Teresa, she responded, “I want a sincere, genuine relationship with Teresa, but things are happening and you don’t always see everything that’s been filmed and there’s things that she would say and do with her actions that showed me she wasn’t really sincere. It was more for the camera, so that upset me.”

Next, Laurita was asked if she feels like she’s being an instigator this season, especially when it comes to the Rosie and Kathy situation. “No. First of all, if it was my family in the group, we’d be all talking about them. To me there’s nothing malicious or mean about trying to connect people together. I did the same thing when Melissa was on the outs, to try to bring their family together. Why wouldn’t I do the same for Kathy? I love Kathy and Rosie so much and felt so bad for them because they were kind of pushed out. Siggy and I just wanted to bring them together, for once to have everybody united at the same time.”

Of course, the feud between Dina and Caroline Manzo was brought up and Jacqueline was asked if she thinks the sisters will ever make up. “I never say never. Everything always goes in cycles. People always say never and then it happens, so I don’t really know,” she said, adding that she made up with Dina, but she noted that they haven’t spoken in awhile.

Jacqueline was also asked why she sat on Robyn during the fight. “She said she wanted to ‘rage’ all over it and I didn’t know what that meant and I wanted to see what that was. So, I handed her my ass on a silver platter to see how she would rage. Because of her threats and I know myself, I don’t back down and she just got arrested for fighting this year. Bad combination,” Laurita explained.

Why does Jac think Teresa is so upset towards Kathy and Rosie? Will they ever be able to make up? “Well she made it very clear ‘no’ but people say that and they end up back together. I guess they came on the show, she felt like they said things about them, but I don’t know, I didn’t see that. I saw them coming from a good place and I don’t know. I don’t know why she can’t just move forward.”

A viewer also asked Jac if she thinks Melissa’s store is in competition with Kim D’s store POSCHE. “They’re two completely different stores. They’re forty minutes from each other, they’re very different lines. I don’t think they’re in competition with each other,” Jac said, adding that she calls her MElissa “because she’s very self-serving.”

I think it’s pretty clear where Jac stands. What do you think about what she had to say?

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