Jacqueline Laurita Spills Plastic Surgery Secrets


In her upcoming beauty, style and wellness guide, Get It!, RHONJ star Jacqueline Laurita is spilling some of her plastic surgery secrets as well as admitting to what work she has had done herself.

Laurita, who is a former cosmetologist and her co-author, beauty expert Jene Luciani, promote less invasive anti-aging techniques like facials and of course, botox.

“Botox immobilizes the muscles that cause forehead wrickles, crow’s feet, the lines between the eyebrows, and cleavage creases,” Jac writes. “It can even reduce the appearance of gummy smiles and lift the top of a droopy nose.”

She also advises readers to look into fillers and laser treatments, “which can fill in fine lines and wrinkles, plump up hollows under the eyes and other areas of the face, and increase collagen production in the skin.”

Laurita tells her fans not to worry about the “stigma” of plastic surgery. Quoting a cosmetic laser surgeon, she says, “When it comes to the face, you may have no idea that someone has had work done, unless it was botched.”

Jacqueline isn’t shy about what work she’s had done. She has admitted to undergoing a tummy tuck, neck lift, breast implants and Botox.

Jacqueline’s new book will be available for purchase on May 24th.

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13 Replies to “Jacqueline Laurita Spills Plastic Surgery Secrets”

  1. Why would anyone with a brain buy a book about beauty from someone like Jac. Her face is botched it’s lopsided!

  2. Her book should be secrets of a broke ass bitch who unlike Tre knows how to get away with it. Journey to becoming a thief.

  3. Has she always had a crooked smile? Maybe so.
    Funny, when I first read this headline, I thought it said that she spits, not spills plastic surgery secrets. Then again, maybe too much Botox can do that? Yes, I had blurry eyes when I read that. I don’t actually watch NJ and haven’t for a couple of years. Jac and her constant crying was over the top. She seems so immature, and it is like she is stuck on 16. I always felt sorry for her son. Her tears of joy were over done and the child’s good behavior was rewarded with his mother hysterically crying…what a mixed signal to a little child. She should grow up and start acting like an adult, but I doubt that will happen. Now her daughter will have a child at about the same age she had her daughter. I hope she has matured from the spoiled brat she once was…but I doubt that. Jacq and her daughter always loved expensive things a bit too much.

    1. You lost me at…”Now her daughter will have a child at about the same age she had her daughter.” So Ashlee having a baby at 25 is because of Jacqueline’s immaturity? I can see if she was 15 maybe, but she’s 25 and engaged. Jacqueline was what 19-20 when she had Ashlee? It seems to me she’s doing better than you think. Why is it so wrong to have a baby at 25 or 20 for that matter?

      1. I was just stating a fact. The article stated that Jax is 46 and Ash is 23. I hope the level of maturity is more than it was in the past, for both really, especially when I compare the mother/daughter, because what I have seen of Ash and even Jax, is that they lack in maturity in a big way. I also stopped watching this show. It is not the number 23. It is mere coincidence. Many are quite mature at 23, but many are quite immature as well. Jax has always acted like a spoiled princess and so has Ashlee in episodes I have seen, anyway.

  4. Bwaahahahah! Right!
    Excuse me but it’s no secret. She hired a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon several times & paid many thousands of dollars to have a neck lift, brow lift, tummy tuck, boob job, nose job, filler, lipo & botox.
    What is the secret exactly? Where you got the money to do all of it? HA! Girl Please!

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