Ashlee Holmes

Jacqueline Laurita Speaks Out About Ashlee!

We’ve watched Housewife of New Jersey, Jacqueline Laurita and her husband Chris struggle with their daughter Ashlee Holmes. This season on RHONJ they ultimately had to kick her out of the house, sent her to live with family, and hoped the distance would make their hearts grow fonder, and change Ashlee’s attitude towards her parents.

While we haven’t seen much of Ashlee this season after she left for Vegas to stay with her aunt and uncle, Jacqueline is finally speaking out about the show, her relationship with her daughter, and how she feels being on TV actually helped her family.

In an interview with Jacqueline said, “It opened up the doors of communication between me and my daughter Ashlee. Because of this series Ashlee has been able to see things from my perspective and I have been able to see things from her perspective, because our moments are recorded and then played back. Doing this has allowed us resolve our differences, which to me is a blessing.”

Jacqueline sticks by her decision to send Ashlee to Vegas, however she reveals she didn’t end up going to Texas with her father like originally planned. She explained, “It worked out very well. Although Ashlee did not go to Texas after her visit in Las Vegas, she did move to California, which is something she had wanted to do for a long time.”

We wish Ashlee luck! Do you think Jacqueline handled the situation well?

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