Jacqueline Laurita SLAMS Allegations That She Was A Stripper!

In Part 3 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion, Jacqueline Laurita’s temper flares up again when Joe Giudice claims Jacqueline’s husband, Chris, told him he met her working as a stripper in Vegas. “Joe [Giudice] claims that you told him that you met me in Las Vegas as a stripper,” an outraged Jacqueline asked her husband, Chris, during the intense reunion. “Where did you tell him that you met me and what was I doing?” she continues.

“I met her in Chicago at a trade show,” Jacqueline’s husband told the group, as host Andy Cohen tried to explain the confusion, “The accusation was that Chris met Jacqueline when she was stripping in Las Vegas.”

Joe Giudice started backpedaling saying, “I never said she was a stripper. He [Chris] never came out and said stripper. I think he said he was engaged and he was fooling around with Jackie and he got caught or something like that,” he said, which just added fuel to fire! “Am I right? Maybe I’m wrong.”

Getting visibly more upset Chris reponds, “I met Jacqueline for the millionth time in Chicago at a trade show… and I never said to you that I met her in Vegas, and I certainly never said that she was a stripper.”

Then, Teresa chimes in, “Caroline, you told me she was a stripper!”

Get your xanax and wine ready guys! Part 3 is definitely going to be the most dramatic!

Tell Us- Do you believe Jacqueline was a stripper?

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  1. Don’t care..there are more people out there saying she danced in Vegas besides Juicy like friends from back in the day. Still, who cares??

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