Jacqueline Laurita Says, “Teresa Asked Me To Do The Same Thing To Melissa That Kim D Did!”

Tonight is the big night of The Real Housewives of New Jersey season finale! Things are extremely intense at the Posche Fashion show from where we left off, and supposedly the “truth will come out” tonight. Jacqueline Laurita blames Teresa for the set-up, and talks about Season 4 in this long Tweet.

“Are u all ready for tonight’s episode? T had asked me2do the same thing to M that Kim D helped her do.When I wouldn’t,our friendship declined. Tonight’s show is intense….Truth is…T never forgave her family for coming on the show. She faked makeup with them like she did with me.I overheard her in CA talking. Whole thing is really sad2me.Hope T gets the help she needs.1ce season’s over,I’ll focus on better things.No more season 4 talk. Make sure you all read my blog later when they post it after the show. Hopefully it will make more sense. When I realized something was going down I spoke up and I would do it again. Read my blog later & let’s not talk about it again.:0) I’m in a happy place now. We rehash past for you all that ask questions. Certainly I have other things to talk about that are more important. I like talking about Family things, Autism and anything relating to the Beauty Industry. I also like health,fitness & organizational ideas.”

Don’t forget to pay attention to the subtitles tonight. Somebody forgets they are mic’d. We heard it’s Angelo Voorhees, and Bravo has been blamed for editing to make Teresa look like she set Melissa up.

Tell Us- What are your thoughts on what Jac has to say?

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