Jacqueline Laurita Reveals Why She And Dina Manzo Don’t Speak, Her Biggest Regret On RHONJ

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Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Jacqueline Laurita is finally revealing why she and her sister-in-law Dina Manzo don’t speak anymore. We know that Dina and her sister Caroline had a falling out, and we reported details on what we believe that happened. Click here to read more about Dina and Caroline. As far as Jacqueline and Dina’s relationship goes, nobody really knew what was going on, and always questioned if they were speaking.

In an interview with The Bravo Bitch, Jacqueline was asked if she speaks to Dina and she responded, “No I don’t. I tried to make it better with her but her heart isn’t there. It’s complicated. She has other issues that she is dealing with. I understand. Maybe one day things will get better. She’s still family. I only wish her well.”

As for what moment Jaqueline regrets the MOST on RHONJ? She tells TBB, “Losing my self control on the season four reunion. In my defense, my anger and frustration had built up inside me for a long time and we were in a high pressure situation for 12 hours. We were all bound to break at some point. I was depressed about it for about a week afterward. It was sad to me that it had got to that point between everyone and that I lost my self control over things that were so senseless. It’s all so unimportant to me now.”

Photo Credit: Bravo