Jacqueline Laurita Reveals Why She And Dina Manzo Don’t Speak, Her Biggest Regret On RHONJ

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Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Jacqueline Laurita is finally revealing why she and her sister-in-law Dina Manzo don’t speak anymore. We know that Dina and her sister Caroline had a falling out, and we reported details on what we believe that happened. Click here to read more about Dina and Caroline. As far as Jacqueline and Dina’s relationship goes, nobody really knew what was going on, and always questioned if they were speaking.

In an interview with The Bravo Bitch, Jacqueline was asked if she speaks to Dina and she responded, “No I don’t. I tried to make it better with her but her heart isn’t there. It’s complicated. She has other issues that she is dealing with. I understand. Maybe one day things will get better. She’s still family. I only wish her well.”

As for what moment Jaqueline regrets the MOST on RHONJ? She tells TBB, “Losing my self control on the season four reunion. In my defense, my anger and frustration had built up inside me for a long time and we were in a high pressure situation for 12 hours. We were all bound to break at some point. I was depressed about it for about a week afterward. It was sad to me that it had got to that point between everyone and that I lost my self control over things that were so senseless. It’s all so unimportant to me now.”

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12 Replies to “Jacqueline Laurita Reveals Why She And Dina Manzo Don’t Speak, Her Biggest Regret On RHONJ”

  1. the truth is jac went secretly to a blogger spreading lies and falshoods about Dina and her Ladybug Cancer Charity. dina has too much class to discuss this publicly, so Jac will lie and spin the truth as she does on everything: Teresa, Laurita Fed Bankruptcy, BLK, Nick’s diagnosis, her life in general. This is a woman who is obsessed beyond normal with altering her face to look young and beautiful. This is a woman who drunk tweets and FB’s 24/7 and has several alias accts to spy on social media. Jac is emotionally about 13 in her behavior and her exploitation of her daughter for her vanity/storyline is beyond child abuse imo. She and Chris are in some serious crap with the Fed Govn’t and I’m not so sure the state of New Jersey hasn’t quietly bern investigating certain things about these posers as well. They will rob a cancer charity of $$ but think they are appropriate to be spokespeople on autism – pure evil, those two. But Jac lives in her inmature, alcohol/drug induced fantasy world full of hate, greed, and jealousy that only lies are considered a way of life.

  2. ANYONE who can steal from the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Society can and will steal and lie from anyone. She has NO morals and I personally CANNOT wait for karma to knock on her door!! She is using her baby for sympathy and I feel, along with the general population that he has Fetal Alcohol Syndrome . What kind of person stoops so low to use their child as a sympathy card? Good luck and good riddance Wako Jacko. Your time is almost up!

  3. wow thats a pretty harsh comment i dont really believe thats what happend with her and dina but for what its worth i hope that things can be mended on RHONJ no family should be so broken up as thiers is

  4. Pinky’s story is correct. That’s exactly what happened. It’s from a very reliable source. This was on top of an already shaky relationship. Does anyone not remember the last episode of season one? They weren’t fine after that and they weren’t fine before that and even without hearing it from someone close to them it’s quite obvious just by seeing what we did. Anyway, they’ve had a rocky relationship since day one. Jac did steal Chris away from Dina’s best friend.

  5. I do not believe any of the comments above. I have never heard any of this on any of the other creditable sites. it must be the typical Teresa loyalists…yuck

  6. Um, the title is that that Jacqueline reveals why…where is this big revelation? All Jacqueline said was that the don’t speak, she doesn’t say why.

    As for the other comments…ROFLMAO.

  7. I cant stand Jacqueline. Her fake laugh at everything makes me cringe. why is she back on the show? were ratings so bad they had to bring her and Kathy in? hmm interesting. I hate to say it but if she didn’t mess with mother nature and go do all that fake assed crap to get knocked up again in her 40s then she would not have a ill child. poor kid what a mess his life is with her as a mom. fake as fake can get. she is very unattractive.

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