Jacqueline Laurita Reveals Kim D Told Her Johnny Karagiorgis Wouldn’t Be At Opening Of POSCHE 2


Jacqueline Laurita took to Twitter to discuss next week’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey and she revealed that her and Kim D have had a misunderstanding. Jacqueline, who has remained friends with Kim throughout the drama on the show, tweeted, “Are u ready 4 next episode Sunday? Kim D. told me Penny was coming 2 the event but that she asked Penny’s husband NOT to come. Watch what happens.” Sunday’s episode takes place at the opening of POSCHE 2 where the brawl between Jacqueline and Chris Laurita, Joe Gorga and Johnny Karagiorgis occurred. Bravo will not be showing the footage of the physical fight because of ongoing litigation. Jacqueline also wondered why viewers only love the drama on RHONJ. “Why do you guys always want to watch drama?” she wrote. “What happened to good old fun and laughs? Not entertaining enough?”


Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • angelia

    Does she think people just watch just to see her face! LOL!!!

  • jersey shore mom

    if you didn’t cause the drama,we wouldn’t be able to see it

  • feed me, teresa

    hey wacko, just go away, have another drink

  • Joker

    Shut up Jacqueline. You love the drama more than anyone. Your own daughter confirmed that for everyone in her statement about you. Too bad Ashley got that out to everyone before you had her booted off the show. Still bothers me that you’d choose to have a tummy tuck and put your life in danger over vanity. Possibly leaving yourself children without a mother all because you want to look hot. Unnecessary and sickening but then seeing you in surgery wearing full on makeup with false eyelashes pretty much summed you up as a person.

  • nik

    Ouch Joker. jacqueline is sweet.

    • italian lover

      looks like wacko is drinking again back on twitter better be careful, your trial is this week