Jacqueline Laurita Returning To RHONJ


According to a new report, Jacqueline Laurita has been re-hired and will be returning to The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Insiders tell TMZ that Bravo has hired Laurita back “to supercharge Real Housewives of New Jersey.”

That’s right, insiders insist “Jacqueline Laurita is back on the show.” The reason? They think this season has been boring with no real conflict.

“Producers say when Laurita is on she’s great,” the site reports. “They let her go because she was dealing with family issues at the time and she was so preoccupied she lost her edge.”

According to the insiders, Jacqueline’s sister-in-law Dina Manzo is “pissed” she is back.

RadarOnline also confirms that Laurita is back and filming for the show, but it isn’t necessarily a permanent role.

“Jacqueline has only shot one scene so far, with Kathy Wakile,” an insider revealed. “She isn’t back as a series regular.”

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25 Replies to “Jacqueline Laurita Returning To RHONJ”

  1. No No PLEASE NO!!! this news is depressing just like Jacqueline!! It was just getting fabulous to watch all these great new faces.

  2. She isn’t back in a permanent role is OK with me, as long as she puts a fire in Dina’
    s a$$.
    lol@Dina being pissed.

    1. I’m so glad because this season has been horrible so far bravo really messed up with the twins and hell what’s her name amber I think as 4 dina she’s absolutely not worth watching never was I hope bravo sees that about this bitch I can’t stand her period I refuse 2 watch her and teresa well she’s old news its time 4 her and Joe 2 pay their debt 2 the man their no better than anyone else out their as 4 teresa not wanting 2 leave her kids all mother’s that get in trouble feel that way exactly so boo who I’m not cold hearted but she’s living in the big ass home driving the unpaid 4 rides she knew what was going on they just got caught the kids will be fine thats what that big family is 4

      1. I totally agree that this season has been horrible. The newbies are awful and the oldies that were kept aren’t worth watching without the rest of the old cast. I miss Caroline, Jacquilyn, Kathie and Rosie. They did make the show and gave a more rounded view. Teresa looks like the cat that swallowed the canary and she’s obviously beside herself with her own personal problems….it makes the latest war from last week look like kindergarten without a teacher present. I’d much rather see Caroline than Dina. Dina’s acting like she’s a big snob! And she would probably not film with her but she should. It would help her make it real.
        Here it is Sunday evening and I am not even looking forward to watching the show. I will record it and maybe check it out later but I’m not really interested in whether the twins and Amber make up or fight or stub their toes.
        Melissa makes me sick this season. I guess it’s up to her to start some drama to take up the slack from Teresa. Why do these women not learn that everything they say will be repeated…and obviously!!!! they are on camera!!! Air-heads! (actually it’s obvious they know and they are well aware of being on camera. It’s the only thing they could do to stir up some interest in this season. I love the Housewives series; most; except Miami. But, there comes a time when it does look staged or fake.)

        I read that the opening scene where Melissa and Joe are watching the news that Teresa and Joe were being indicted was acted out and fake. I believe it was. It would be better to just let things happen. Also, you can’t tell me that Melissa and Teresa are bussom buddies all of a sudden. Too much water under the bridge…It all comes down to money and their pay check they’ve gotten used to.

  3. That makes no sense because they’ve stopped filming already. I thought I read therreunion is about to be taped. I guess Tmz didn’t get the memo lol
    Besides fans aren’t watching because Jaqline isn’t on there, we aren’t watching because this show is so predictable we all know there’s going be fighting, someone stirring the pot, etc. So what’s the point of watching this show when we already know these people are going to behave like wild animals!
    No thanks!

  4. Jac and Chris filmed a dinner scene over at Kathy’s house for this current season a few months back. Nichole and Bobby were there. Not sure if any other cast were involved. Apparently it made it through edit. No one has been “hired back” for the housewives just more fodder to get folks talking… it worked 🙂
    -Side note, Jac is still a Bravo employee since she will be appearing on Caroline’s spinoff, so maybe that’s the “re-hire” they meant?

  5. Oh…guess I’ll be tuning out. Just tuned back in after a couple of years. That’s okay…I only like Dina and two of the guys on the show (firefighter unmarried guy & his friend the short guy that works for mortgage brokers or whatever). LOL I don’t even know their names. Either way I am no “fan” of Laurita..nor her husband & daughter. And Teresa’s sister-in-law conveniently causes trouble yet acts innocent and her husband is a complete dipwad guito.

  6. I love Jacqueline. Glad she’s back. She’s authentic and a woman who has successfully dealt with her challenges. Bravo should ditch Dina. She’s pathetic.

    1. Dealt with her challenges? LOL What about the 55 million missing from Signature? What about all the money she owes to Susan G Komen? What about the 11 million dollar bankruptcy and other charges related to it?

  7. Oh no sanctimonious & pious Jacq ; hope Dina puts her in her place. When T & J get sentenced Dina Manzo is going to be the star of that show ! I am back to bring the Zen ; NAMASTAE BITCHES indeed

  8. Namaste is a sacred word meaning “I honor the divine within you.” Imagine using that in the same santence as bitches. Dina is a low life.

  9. I bet Dina is pissed! I think it’s great. Not crazy about Dina, she is fake – well they all are really. I don’t really watch as much because I don’t think Bravo should promote and pay criminals who steal other people’s money.

  10. I think Waco Jaco II got such a bad wrap because she brought out some very valid points about Teresa Guidice’s behavior toward her sister-in-law and her magazine story sales–the Tre fans couldn’t stand it.

    However, Jac is a con artist herself with all the exposure about her husband’s fraud schemes.

  11. Yaaaaaaaaaaay. They never should have fired her. They can ditch Dina if she hasn’t happy, she’s a snore fest anyway.

  12. Jacqueline makes funny and great expressions in her talking heads, so to me, she was quite watchable. I really like very expressive people versus bland people who are more stoic in their demeanors.

  13. I stopped watching last year. It is too fake and makes NJ look bad in every way. Not everyone in NJ is like those portrayed here. Jacqueline milked her son’s condition for attention to herself , constantly crying, even when he did something good…and a child gets mixed signals. She always cries. She appears to have Münchausen syndrome. Though she is living in the lap of luxury, she always complains how bad she has it. She is a poor example of a mother and wife. Between Teresa breaking the law, not paying taxes, etc. and spending nonstop, wanting pity, etc., and depressing characters…and all the hawking of books, cosmetics, etc., I refuse to watch ever again.

  14. I liked Jacqueline until Caroline got an smothering hold on her and her brother Chris. Remember
    the scene in Jacqueline’s back yard with Theresa. The J wants to know the T’s private business.
    Next thing out of the night the C appears. Then you see Chris peeking around a corner.
    This is a Bravo set up and the only one that did not know was Theresa as she was genuinely
    surprised. By the by this scene starts in daylight and ends in the dark.
    I feel bad for Theresa and really do any of us know weather she was privy to Joe’s doings.
    At the beginning of this series, she struck me a dimwit who took her kids shopping all the
    time showing off her wad of money. Joe was probably giving that to her as not to show the
    the charges. But the fool should have realized that they were being filmed.
    A fool and his money are soon parted. But Caroline is still a shit and Jacqueline is a
    God know what.

  15. Doesthis mess us Dina’s Zen? Will she have to quit again to stay true to her standards? Anyway good luck to Jacqueline, I hope she uses the money she makes sensibly for her family. I like her.

  16. I can’t believe some of people actually believe this. No, she’s not returning, she was filming a scene with Kathy and it happens that Kathy was invited to have dinner with Bobby and Nicole. The picture of all of them hanging out was filmed, just not sure when it’s going to air.

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