Jacqueline Laurita Reportedly Still $340,000 in Debt


Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Jacqueline and Chris Laurita have admitted that they are climbing their way out of massive debts on this season of the show, but a new report claims that the Bravo stars are still nearly $340,000 in debt.

A clerk at the New Jersey State Judiciary confirmed to RadarOnline that Jacqueline Laurita owes $338, 337.05 in state taxes. The original lien was filed on January 10, 2013.



As we previously reported, Jac her husband Chris were also hit with a $85,127 federal tax lien. The couple was able to pay off a $9,851 lien earlier this year, and their $78,857 lien in 2011. Chris’ bankruptcy case regarding his company Signature Apparel that now no longer exits is still ongoing.

Jacqueline wrote about her finances in a recent blog.

“We had a child diagnosed with autism as well as other unexpected expenses, and we had a lot to maintain,” the mom-of-three wrote in her Bravotv.com blog.

“The difference in income took a few years to catch up to us,” she explained. “The last couple of years were very difficult to juggle everything. We cut back where we could. We have some catching up to do, but we never gave up. We have been working hard, and we are well on our way.”

“Teresa trying to bring up my husband’s legal issues involving his old company that was forced into a corporate bankruptcy in comparison to her and Joe‘s criminal case was totally ludicrous to me,” she slammed.

“I had always talked openly about my husband’s company bankruptcy,” she insisted. “Go back and watch Season 4 reunion to see where I brought it up and talked openly about it! There was no reason for Teresa to ask me questions about it, because I told her and everybody else I knew everything I knew about it. The point that I was trying to make by saying that Chris and I didn’t file a personal fraudulent bankruptcy — besides that being true — was the difference that I had to find out about Teresa’s legal issues and the possibility of her going to jail through a tabloid…that she may or may not have put out herself! Had I put my business in the media and it was as bad as hers and I had never said anything to her, I’m sure she would have asked me about it! If not, I would have felt insulted.”

Photo Credit: Bravo