Jacqueline Laurita Reportedly Still $340,000 in Debt


Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Jacqueline and Chris Laurita have admitted that they are climbing their way out of massive debts on this season of the show, but a new report claims that the Bravo stars are still nearly $340,000 in debt.

A clerk at the New Jersey State Judiciary confirmed to RadarOnline that Jacqueline Laurita owes $338, 337.05 in state taxes. The original lien was filed on January 10, 2013.



As we previously reported, Jac her husband Chris were also hit with a $85,127 federal tax lien. The couple was able to pay off a $9,851 lien earlier this year, and their $78,857 lien in 2011. Chris’ bankruptcy case regarding his company Signature Apparel that now no longer exits is still ongoing.

Jacqueline wrote about her finances in a recent blog.

“We had a child diagnosed with autism as well as other unexpected expenses, and we had a lot to maintain,” the mom-of-three wrote in her Bravotv.com blog.

“The difference in income took a few years to catch up to us,” she explained. “The last couple of years were very difficult to juggle everything. We cut back where we could. We have some catching up to do, but we never gave up. We have been working hard, and we are well on our way.”

“Teresa trying to bring up my husband’s legal issues involving his old company that was forced into a corporate bankruptcy in comparison to her and Joe‘s criminal case was totally ludicrous to me,” she slammed.

“I had always talked openly about my husband’s company bankruptcy,” she insisted. “Go back and watch Season 4 reunion to see where I brought it up and talked openly about it! There was no reason for Teresa to ask me questions about it, because I told her and everybody else I knew everything I knew about it. The point that I was trying to make by saying that Chris and I didn’t file a personal fraudulent bankruptcy — besides that being true — was the difference that I had to find out about Teresa’s legal issues and the possibility of her going to jail through a tabloid…that she may or may not have put out herself! Had I put my business in the media and it was as bad as hers and I had never said anything to her, I’m sure she would have asked me about it! If not, I would have felt insulted.”

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14 Replies to “Jacqueline Laurita Reportedly Still $340,000 in Debt”

  1. Ok, I can’t speak for what is more illegal (her’s or Theresa’s situation) but I do know that I have to pay taxes in Jersey and they SUCK…so if I do, you do!!! Geezzz

    1. THANK YOU!!! It seems to me he starts a business, milks it, and files bankruptcy over and over again. Their bankruptcy case is so shady. Hiding assets, destroying computers and shredding paperwork, and the fact that you took advantage of Susan G Komen is disgusting to me. Chris and Joe get along so well for a reason. The worst part is that one season where Jacko tried to insist their money troubles were because her sons autism.

  2. The Lauritas are no better than Teresa or Joe…from documents that have been published, it would appear the company was driven into bankruptcy by Chris raiding the company of assets. That certainly doesn’t make Chris look squeaky clean.

  3. NJ is one of the most heavily taxed states in the union, and taxes keep on going up. Now they are raising the gasoline tax in a major way. It infuriates me that I live in NJ and have to pay all of these taxes and do, but others, like the Lauritas and of course, Giudices, etc. have gotten away with not paying huge amounts that then get paid by the rest of us honest citizens in the form of big tax hikes. NJ citizens (the ones who do actually pay) pay way too much for all of this, and we are a state with a bad history where money doesn’t always go where it is supposed to go….as well. It is sickening. I know some of the history of what was alleged about the former business they had, etc. too. People live above their means and we support it…but I do not watch RHONJ for years now and never will again.

    1. Hey Sandy, My name is Sandy too so I hope this makes you feel better, I am originally from N.J. and lived there for 41 years. Well we’ve lived in Connecticut for 9 years now, our gas is more than N.J., we pay car taxes which I just paid $985.00 in car tax just to drive 2 cars that I already make payments on and taxes and our property taxes are pretty much neck and neck with N.J. oh and the best part is we PUMP our own damn gas. That’s right nobody does it for us, 100 degrees or 10 below, too bad you get out of your car and pump it yourself and to top it off our gas is approximately 30 cents more a gallon than Jersey. So when you get that feeling of hating Jersey and it costs too much just think you could be living here, I would give anything to go back trust me but the Husbands gotta have a job right lol. Anyway I just thought you would find comfort in the fact that Jersey isn’t so bad after all and yeah when I got my very first car tax bill I thought it was a joke but nope the state wants there cut so all in all CT is WAY WORSE.

      1. Hi Sandy, I know pumping gas is no fun and they almost tried to change it but so many were opposed…so, so far, it stays the same. They are talking about a major gas tax hike, so that may still happen. Car tax just for owning a car is nuts. I know CT is really high too. Property taxes are so very high here too. 😉
        Here is a list and NJ is worse than CT on this list, but not by very much.

  4. “We had a child diagnosed with autism as well as other unexpected expenses, and we had a lot to maintain,”

    STOP BLAMING NICHOLAS FOR WHAT IS, IN MY OPINION, YOUR & CHRIS’ FINANCIAL IRRESPONSIBILITY. If super-rich people such as yourselves can’t afford the “expenses” (what expenses does health insurance not cover?) of an autistic child, how do “regular” people do it?
    Do you really need to live in a mansion or are you entitled?
    How much are you and Chris being paid per season on this show?
    Jacqueline, you make me sick! You don’t deserve all the $ you get for RHONJ!
    Also, in my humble opinion, Chris is kidding himself thinking Jacqueline is staying with him because she loves him! She knows she’s better off with him than working in a fast food joint (not that there’s anything wrong with making an HONEST living). Why give up the lavish lifestyle when you can blame all your financial woes on a disabled six-year-old. I feel sorry for that kid.

  5. Maybe I have been sleeping or something, but why is all the tax debt in Jacqueline’s name only? I don’t know what is up with Chris. Jac said in one of the shows that she didn’t marry for money because Chris didn’t have any. I just don’t know why at his age, he can’t find his niche in the employment world. I think Jacqueline was a bit too quick to point out to Tre that she wasn’t criminally prosecuted, “her case was totally different”! I am not sure what her case of taxation would fall under, in my mind it is all a criminal offense. I just don’t know how they all get away with not paying taxes. If it were you or me, you had better believe our income would have been garnished. But, I don’t see them as having an income that could be garnished. Where does the effin money come for Chris to start all these new businesses??? I didn’t get the feeling that they were blaming their financial woes on Nicholas, but if no one has a regular job, where does the health insurance come from unless they took it out on their own. That bill would choke a horse, let’s be honest here. I feel sorry for CJ. Somehow, he is forgotten in the mix here between Nicholas and now Ashlee. Hope she and Pete get married b4 the baby comes.

  6. Jersey is only ranked # 10 with highest taxes. Illinois is ranked #1. Try living here before complaining about taxes….We are taxed heavily on everything. Do a fact check before complaining next time

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