Jacqueline Laurita: There Is No Relationship With Dina, Chris Has Been Hurt The Most


RHONJ vet Jacqueline Laurita returned to the show in this week’s episode and now in a new interview with Bravo she’s revealing details about her famous family feud with Dina, the current state of her friendship with Teresa and how her son Nick is doing.

Bravotv.com: How much progress has Nick made since we saw him last season?
Jacqueline Laurita:
Nick can now request pretty much all his needs verbally in 3-4 word sentences. He reads and spells pretty well. He can repeat and label most things. He can answer a few specific questions he was trained to answer, like what his name is, how old he is, and where he lives. He can eat with utensils again. His eye contact has improved a great deal. He’s more engaged. He is not conversational yet, but I believe it’s coming. He can dress and undress himself. He brushes his teeth. He is starting to recognize and say other family members’ names. You should hear him say Aunt Caroline.

Bravotv.com: What’s your current relationship with Dina like?
Currently there is no relationship between us, but only because she chooses not to have one. It’s frustrating because I feel like it’s all petty, nonsense stuff, that all just seems silly and unimportant to me. I have other, more important things to focus on, although, I’m always open to reconciliation with people that are willing and sincere. My husband is probably the most hurt by Dina. Maybe one day we can heal as a family like the Gorgas and Giudices did. Miracles have happened on #RHONJ. All it takes is for both parties to want it at the same time and be sincere about wanting it. (That’s the key.)

Bravotv.com: Have you been in touch with Teresa since your text message exchange?
I saw her at Joe’s father’s wake and we hugged each other. Other than that, we have only had a few exchanges and her responses to my texts were always pleasant but cold, short, and non-engaging. I’m totally OK with that now. I worry about her and her family, but I only want true, caring, supportive friends and real, sincere people in my circle. I still wish her and her family peace and happiness, but I’ve realized that she doesn’t have the qualities of a friend that I want in my life right now. I’ve let go.

Bravotv.com: Have you moved into a new home yet?
Nope! We’ve had a lot of lookers but no takers. For now, we’re going to keep it up for sale. Who knows, we might just have to stay here? LOL! Whatever is meant to be, will be.”

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15 Replies to “Jacqueline Laurita: There Is No Relationship With Dina, Chris Has Been Hurt The Most”

  1. According yo Dina she will never talk to Caroline, Chris or Jac or other members of her family ever again. She said once you cross her she cuts you off cold.

    1. Actually that quote is what Dina said about everyone but her family. She said that one day she knows that she will be able to get back together with her siblings and for now if they were in trouble she would be there for them.
      I can see why she wants nothing to do with Jac after Jac sold false stories about Dina and Project Ladybug. Add in all the things that Jac told Danielle about Dina’s personal life. Chris and Caroline took Jacs side and so for her own sanity Dina had to cut ties.
      I watched Jac lose it on Dina on twitter last year around the same time that the Manzo kids were attacking their own uncle. If was really nasty and Grandma Laurita had to step in to tell the kids and Jac to knock it off.

  2. Dina, needs 2 grow up she will never talk 2 certain family members again this women doesn’t realize how pety this all is I’ve lost family members that I’ll never again be able 2 speak 2 again and oh how I’d do or say anything 2 talk 2 again now that’s finale dina’s just a I’m so much better than everyone else attitude I wish she’d never been brought back she’s a gossip monger I’m so better than you’ll spitfire person I like Jacqueline so much better glad she’s back!!!

  3. So Dina is not Zan, love and light, etc…go figure..but hey, we the viewers can see that.

    As far as Jac and Teresa Guidice–how can someone be friends, extend the olive branch, etc, when their comment about open to being friends is followed by, (Teresa’s) cold, and “qualities of a friend I don’t want in my life” kind of comment.

  4. I love that Nick is doing great. He is a doll.

    As far and Jac and Chris, I can’t look at them. If defrauding all their investors was not enough, stealing $18,000 from Susan G. Komen just turns my stomach.

    1. I agree, PixNtrix! I much prefer to watch the nicer girls (Kathy and Jac) than the nasty girls (Teresa and Dina). I actually don’t watch anymore – partly because of Dina’s tag line annoying the hell out of me. She’s a middle aged woman who has decided to start each show sounding like a 16 year old gangsta calling us all ‘bitch.’ And she’s about as Zen as Attila the Hun.

        1. An opinion from someone without the guts to post under her own name isn’t all that courageous, ANONYMOUS. This is a forum for opinions, and I wouldn’t tell anybody they shouldn’t post one. I have no problem with you making yourself look like a low class ass. Keep ’em coming.

    2. I think you are in the minority I wouldn’t take Jacqueline, caroline or Kathy to the corner not one of them is sincere about anything they belong together wish they would go on carolines show then we won’t have to see them

  5. Jacqueline is dellusional. She did the most unthinkable things to Teresa and now she expects that Teresa should welcome her back. I never get it when people do horrific things to others then expect them to “get over it” so the offending party.can feel comfortable. How self serving.

  6. None of us really know what has gone down in the Manzo family, but I for one believe it is never ok to cut off your family unless they are beating you, cheating you or seriously abusing drugs. There are too many egos involved in that family and it seems a shame that Dina who choose a friend over her flesh and blood. Personally, I miss Jacqueline and Kathy Wakile.

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