Jacqueline Laurita Reacts To Teresa Giudice Accusing Her of Calling The Feds


In the first sneak peek of the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion, we see Teresa Giudice accuse Jacqueline Laurita of being the reason she went to camp.

In the clip below, Giudice accuses Laurita of setting her up and even alleges Jacqueline called the feds on her.

During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live Sunday night, Teresa stood by these accusations when Andy Cohen played a clip of the reunion. Teresa also said she believed this is why Jacqueline gets so emotional when she sees stories about Teresa and her family in the news.

“Maybe she’s guilty of something. Like why is she always crying, exactly. The guilt’s coming through,” Giudice told a viewer.

After Teresa’s WWHL appearance, Jac took to Twitter to address the allegation. “Teresa blamed Melissa, her brother, her husband’s ex partner, her attorney, me, Caroline & others for her going to prison. Everyone but herself.”

Watch the clip below.

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36 Replies to “Jacqueline Laurita Reacts To Teresa Giudice Accusing Her of Calling The Feds”

  1. This is something that has been said for YEARS!!! I remember there was a specific blog that delved into this and how about the same time the Lauritas were given such leniency on their fraud cases. Also, the fact that Jacqueline was trying to force Teresa to talk about an on going court case on the deck ambush. I think Caroline was more invested in keeping her brother’s nose clean than someone she accused of ruining her relationship with her sister. I know they were quite friendly with monica chacon who was one of the main people going after the Giudices. Who knows. But…if you’re trying to shout out to the world that I’m not sincere in my relationships and you ran and tattled to the feds to cover your behind…you’re no better. Talking about buying their furniture back, their financial trouble is due to their autistic son, and all that bs…come on! We can read about your cases too. You’re no better at all.

    1. Ditto, Gemini. I think she constantly says things about the Guidice case to keep the feds off of them, does she really think the public doesn’t know? I hope the DA goes after them big time. She likely wouldn’t actually go to jail, because of Nick, but Chris would. It would serve her obsessive, cruel ass right. She is such a liar and she is going after her friends one by one. Like the girls said, Chris is conductor, instead of calming her down. What an awful example she sets for her kids. Cruelty isn’t ok just because she believes she speaks the truth. Why go on reminding everyone, like anyone would forget. She needs the money from this show, and Theresa was correct, she’s nothing without Theresa, and she knows it. She barely matters anyway, and should try to get a spot on the Manzo show. Carolyn loves her, so that would be perfect. They have made it so hard to zip, they must’ve read where everyone says they “zip” their segment, now it goes quickly back and forth between the two sides of any argument, very annoying.

    1. Our current government stole more taxpayer money in a millisecond than Tre ever did so save your outrage for what is really going on. Teresa may not be the brightest, but she is a strong, dedicated mother who has paid for her crime, yet people continue to attack her & her children.

        1. I know right? I think you are like me and actually pay attention to the real world and understand there are much bigger problems to be outraged about.

          How about this for instance: In CA we have a ballot measure to release non-violent prisoners early. The proposition lists the following as non-violent crimes: rape of an unconscious person, drive-by shooting, assault with a deadly weapon, domestic violence-trauma, lewd acts upon a child among others. Liberals want these people on the streets and voting Democrat. Of course, all level of law enforcement has condemned this idea but CA is full of liberals and criminals so it will probably pass. THAT’S something to get wound up about, not that Tre didn’t get 100 years like they were actually calling for, even on this site!

          1. OMG! Krista. That is so awful, and although I wouldn’t dare to voice my political opinion here, I am with you, girl. Sometimes I shudder and have to push these things from my mind. I do whatever I can in my little corner of the world, but I have nightmares now if I watch the news, that’s how bad it is. If everyone would put the passion and heat that has been sent toward Theresa Guidice for over a year and a half now ( God Almighty ) toward fixing something instead, we wouldn’t have to stick up for her, and maybe, just maybe, something would be fixed. Some philanthropic work perhaps. It isn’t even about sticking up for her so much as ENOUGH ALREADY. Christ, rapists are walking on the streets, and yet, Theresa believing she really didn’t do anything purposely criminal is beyond everyone’s belief. If my attorney had allowed me to sign those documents, I would be just a little pissed off too. His signature ( his LEGAL JOHN HANCOCK! ) was on every document. I would trust my LAWYER to make sure I didn’t commit a CRIME by SIGNING. I mean, really, no matter 42 counts of fraud, which I have heard ad nauseam, why is it not possible or considered that she thought if her ATTORNEY signed it, it was OK????? But whatever, I have also made that argument for the last effing time. She did her time, Jo is doing his time, she paid the money back, but her head on a platter will be the only thing that is enough. ( Maybe )
            Naturally, everyone has the right to say whatever they want, I am just sick of reading the same thing over & over & over & over & over into infinitude. No matter what one thinks of her, her crimes, her way of looking at it, maybe just quit being part of it FGSakes. That’s why I don’t watch the news, it haunts my soul and my sleep. I have a personal rage toward those who rape, ( torture, hold prisoner etc ) & keeping those who rape where they belong, and hopefully missing certain body parts, but hey, I won’t allow myself to get started.

          2. Oh!! And lewd acts upon a child??? Well, not to get myself in trouble since mine are no longer children, but it wouldn’t be the police I would go to, especially with them practically being disarmed and any power they had being revoked. God Bless the Children.

    2. Agreed! She might have done the time but CLEARLY didn’t learn a damn thing. Still blames everyone else for her problems.

      It honestly baffles me how people stick up for her!

    3. Well, it would seem that when a person is brought before a judge, much like Teresa was. & that person pleads guilty, again, like a Teresa did and spends time in a jail, oh! Again like Teresa did, usually shows that person did take the blame…JUST LIKE TERESA DID! So do you see how (I hate to use this word, but I can not find one more fitting) stupid your comment is? Teresa was s grown-up…a “big girl” even who accepted what she did was wrong, apologized to the courts, made $$$restitution payments for her crime & spent time in jail. And for those of you that say she had it easy, we’ll remember that she was taken away from her babies, her family, her husband, etc. So really now, it wasn’t that easy, was it. We need to remember that we see 47 EDITED minutes of these ladies 24/7.

  2. I really think that Teresa and Jacqueline need to stop hitting with the low blows. Why keep bringing up the past. Forgive and forget and move on. Jac is crazy but Teresa has been too and good friends are hard to find so just love each other and STOP. You are both decent humans. Stop blaming.

  3. The truth of the matter is that Wacko Jac refers2 Teresa’s case incessantly.She invited Ter 2 her house& brought up Ter’s case. She called her a criminal various times! Jac is a monster. Now I see what others Rsaying.It makes alo t of sense. Also Chris attitude also makes sense, they didn’t invite Ter 2their popcorn thing. It’s starting 2all fall in place.He now tells Jac that they hate her. What is he afraid of? So Jac&Chris R rats. They cooperated in turn 4a plea. Makes alot of sense. I have news for Jac, Ter did the crime but she did her time everybody needs 2get over it. She paid society! This is such crap. Jac needs 2go away 4ever! Bravo needs 2get rid of her.We don’t need this toxic person. She’s not important& nothing but HATE!! Siggy needs to stop with this stupid crusade. Dolores doesn’t want2 talk abt it when she hears what POS Jac is. Well Dolores U have not been the constant target of Jac like Teresa&Melissa! Not fair! Get rid of her Bravo!! I’m out. Peace!

  4. One thing I am really sick of is seeing the ugly mug of Theresa’s attorney. He is on way too much. I will be honest, I watch ( or started watching ) these shows to see the beautiful people, their beautiful clothes, their homes, the parties, the food, see where they vacation, first class everywhere. Places like Mohammed Hadid’s estate, how he entertains…..not some butt ugly lawyer. Why couldn’t she have found a good looking attorney. I know, I know, shallow of me. I still wonder why he is on so much. I wonder if it is part of the conditions of everything, that her probation etc., is a front row part of the season? I hope he’s gone next year.

    1. I am with 3 D on why I started watching these shows. Now they just make me sick. I am hard of hearing and now Bravo no longer has closed captioning so I have no idea what is being said when they start the screaming. No longer worth my time to watch. Bye Bravo.

  5. Well we know the Manzoids reported Juicy about his license and got him in trouble so working with the Feds is no surprise. I really agree with Tre about Jax crying all the time because of what she’s done and Jax is so unhinged about it getting out….but people have said for years the Manzoids, Lauritas and the Gorgaas were involved with ratting the Guidices out and I believe it. They were all so jealous that Tre was popular and they still are.

    I have never watched the Manzoid show but I’ve seen the previews and they are hideous, especially Carowhine. I think she & Rosie would be a well-matched pair! Lol

    1. OMG! That’s hysterical. And just for the record I’m a gay man and I was on the same track as you. I only mention my sexuality so people understand your statement was just plain funny. Did you check out the haircut on Caroline? It was just a moment during an ad but she looked like soooooo not a lipstick lesbian. At least Rosie learned how to wear, or put on, well she has makeup on her face now.

  6. No Theresa has not paid back her debts. She settled for pennies on the dollars and even if she gets a settlement doesn’t want to pay 100% of what she owes. Wacko Jacko as you all call her didn’t make Theresa or joe commit mortgage fraud. Theresa knowingly signed those documents . As for bankruptcy, it is the person filing to give their attorney a list of all of their assets. It is not the attorneys responsibility to obtain that info. I know this because I filed bankruptcy & had to turn over document after document. It is stated in very clear English that you have listed all of your assets & that under perjury you are asserting that everything in the document is true. I think Teresa blaming everyone else is absurd. She committed mortgage fraud, tried to hide assets & now blames other people for her situation. She can commit the crime but not take ownership for her actions. What a fine example of a parent she is.

    1. Both her and Joe are horrible parents. I’m not a kid person but boy, are they going to be one messed up group. I’ve become a rare viewer but a scene I caught gave me the impression that the eldest daughter might not exactly be learning from her mother’s mistakes. Of course, how could she, all her parents are doing is lying to them.

    2. I did not call her wacko Jacko. Theresa did her time. What the F difference does it make to everyone if she thinks she did anything wrong or not? She is a cast member on a show, all this rage is weird. And, the court decided what they had to pay, not the Guidices. Their attorney probably made a deal, as is always the case in the court system. I guess they are supposed to ask to pay more, or actually, her, since Jo can’t make any money for 3 1/2 years. Also, I think, not sure, that Theresa is not allowed to go find the people who have separate civil cases against them for construction costs and pay etc. So, even if she wanted to, she couldn’t go pay them personally. And, not every BR case is exactly the same. No 2 court cases are alike.
      Like I said, nothing she does will ever be enough. Yes, you are SUPERIOR. Superior in every way to her. If making sure everyone knew that wasn’t so important to everyone, no one would STILL be cracking on about this old, old news and be doing something positive with all this passion. I like Theresa, always have had a soft spot for her. She made a huge mistake, she can’t go back and undo it, no one can. I wouldn’t get on my knees for the public either, EVER, because she would get kicked into the ground. She has to hold her head up and raise her kids. The kids are acting out. It is common in these situations that are traumatic for children. They get over it if they have the right therapy. I’m not even really sticking up for her personally anymore, it’s become a matter of principle now. It is ridiculous to keep on & on & on over the same exact words spoken thousands of times now.
      And, I would have had an effing BENTLEY waiting for her, if you’re goin’ down for something, go down for something besides a crappy Lexus.

  7. No that’s why they reopened her bankruptcy case. Because if she gets a settlement then she can pay her creditors back more of the monies she owes. I didn’t say for Theresa to find her creditors , I stated that attorney can only file the assets that he is given. It is not the attorney’s responsibility to find out what assets his clients have. As for holding her head up high, she should be ashamed of what she did. I hear her blaming people for turning her in , but only in court did she acknowledge wrong doing. She lied multiple times & signed more than one fraudulent document. Sure you have a soft spot for Theresa but I bet if it was you or your family & friends that aren’t being made whole by receiving all the money that is due. It is none of these people’s fault that joe & Theresa committed multiple crimes & were sent to jail. Why should the creditors not receive all their monies ? Why now does Theresa blame everyone but herself. It’s called integrity & being accountable for your actions

    1. Hey, I spent 3 years of my life pro se in a court room trying to get money that was stolen from me and my family. I might have been able to save my Daughter’s LIFE if I had had the money, she DIED when she was just 27. So, don’t assume things you know NOTHING about. You weren’t in Theresa’s mind when she signed the documents. All of this trash about her has been said hundreds of thousands of times now. God Almighty make it stop.

  8. She is and has taken the blame. She’s watching Jac actions and reactions and came to the conclusion. Jacks feeling very guilty . I believe she is right. Why aren’t the lauritas charged with their crimes they comited. Jac feels bad because she sees she tore Tres family apart. She had to do it to cope to a lesser charge. What’s with all this period. She should be getting ready for menopause.she blames her bad behavior on her period always.

  9. Im in total shock how all you can write these posts like this story crap is real. It’s NOT REAL PEOPLE. This is a show of players who have these situations and then Bravo comes along and tells them when to make more or less drama. This is just stupid. Normal people don’t act like this and call people names and threaten so they can make a point on a stupid fake show. Let’s all come down off the delusional train and come back to the fact this is TV.
    Not one of those women on this show have a good reputation and the bottom line is who the hell in their right mind puts their lives and their families lives out to the nation and then acts like they do. To even agree to do this show you have to be kind of crazy. No way would I ever put my children, grandchildren, anyone in my family through that crap. It’s just stupid. I work, volunteer, take care of my family and my health and that is a full time job. I don’t watch any channels that where the IQ of the people on the show is below 12. Teresa just one time you went to FEDERAL PRISON because your a compulsive liar. You got yourself into these problems and one day I hope you will stand up like a real Lady and admit what you did, Then I think you would see your children actually look at you with a little respect. You get no respect because you don’t give respect. Your poor children the cross they are going to have to bear for your fraudulent mistakes. Just wait they are still young.

    1. Thank you for setting us ALL straight on how to think, we needed a little preaching today. Oh, then, after being shocked that “WE” posted, YOU posted about Theresa. The usual pompous crap from someone who also watches but doesn’t want anyone to know.

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