Jacqueline Laurita On Being Blamed For Teresa’s Family Problems & What She Really Told Joe Gorga At The Posche Fashion Show!


Jacqueline Laurita is taking to her Bravo Blog to explain that she is bothered Teresa blames her for  her problems with her brother. Jacqueline talks about the Posche Fashion Show and how she knows Teresa was involved to some degree with setting Melissa up. Jacqueline goes on to say that Teresa loves her brother very much, but she has a hard time accepting Melissa as his wife.

Jacqueline writes, “It bothered me that Teresa kept saying that it was my fault she wasn’t speaking to her brother. If you ask her brother, he will tell you that is simply not true. I think Teresa’s memory is a little fuzzy on what I actually told her brother at the fashion show. Someone please rewind that tape. We all saw Teresa’s actions last season confirming what I told her brother was true, and it proves that I never lied about anything. I only stated the obvious.

I told Teresa’s brother that someone texted me at the fashion show saying that Teresa was at the salon earlier in the day with Kim and that shady bald guy that had just tried to embarrass Melissa. (Which was true.) I also said that someone texted me that the shady bald guy was heard laughing while saying something about embarrassing Melissa. (Which you also saw was true.) You actually see him on the finale last season saying that Kim and Teresa asked him to do it. The last thing I told her brother was that it was all a set up. (Which was also, clearly, very true.) I told the truth.

I never said that Teresa was the only person involved, but it was clear to everyone that she was involved in the set up on some level. Even if you didn’t know all of the details, it was clear that Teresa set Melissa up by not telling her what happened earlier at the salon until she put Melissa on the spot in the bathroom at the fashion show. It was obvious that Teresa was still friendly with Kim and the bald guy knowing what they had done earlier. It was clear that Kim and the bald guy felt very comfortable doing what they did in front of Teresa and that they all still remained friendly with each other afterward.

I was confident at that point that Teresa was love, love, loving every moment of humiliating Melissa, instead of love, love, loving her sister-in-law like she seemed to in California. It is becoming increasingly clear to me now, as the show progresses, that Teresa still resented Melissa, like she still resented me after she publicly made up with me.

In hindsight, I could have just let her brother watch the show to see it all unfold himself, but there were already other pieces to the puzzle that Joe and Melissa were putting together themselves. I guess at that time, I still felt hurt about how Teresa made up with me publicly and then later I found out she was still mad at me. When I saw her doing the same thing to her family, it just bothered me. I was tired of the charade. I felt like things were being taken too far.

For some reason, putting me at fault for her family feud helped Teresa to cope with it all. I guess it helped her take a load off her conscience. I think Teresa was involved in things she now regretted.

I believe as upset as Teresa was with her brother, that she loves him and is hurt that they are not as close as they used to be, but it’s very hard for her to accept Melissa as his wife. Neither of the siblings like the other’s choices in spouses. It’s a very common problem in a lot of families. I believe her brother loves Teresa, but he just wanted her to cut the B.S. of trying to hurt them and just wanted Teresa to be real and have a real relationship. He was just as hurt and frustrated as Teresa.

Melissa and Joe Giudice were caught in the crossfire and were just frustrated with the whole mess of seeing their spouse’s feelings hurt and just wanted to give up on trying to fix things. We’ve all been there at some point.

Honestly, this episode made me cry a few times. I could feel such deep emotion from everybody there. All that anger comes from hurt. Being hurt by someone you love can bring out the worst in anyone. I felt for every single one of them on this episode. They are all just frustrated with each other. Their pain runs deep, but there is still love.”

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  1. Jacqueline, I was getting upset with you, because the final breakup between you and Teresa did seem like she was being set up when , you 2 are trying to talk things out and Caroline comes walking in. I would have felt set up if I was in the state of mind that she must be in. However I also would have given you a chance , which you did and sinces we had been friends for so long I would have “LISSENED” to what you were saying. You were not expecting Caroline that night . The more I watched it the surer I was. I have such an exciting life. (I have been sick for 4 years so I watch Bravo for days at a time) With all you are going through I give you a lot of credit to mend this. After what you said you
    heard in Nappa ( was to sick to watch that one more than twice) I don’t know if I would have ever tried again. However you did and to borrow a quote from someone else, I just love love love you. You have 2 beautiful baby boys and the progress the youngest ( sorry I am terrible with names) Between you Chris and his Proffesional help, I am in awe . I never thought I would see such am improvement. It has a lot to do with the Love you and Chris have for him. It amazes me that his brother doesn’t seem to get jellous , again I have to believe that you both make sure you spend a lot of time with him also. I hope things do work out with you and Teresa. I worked all my life , when I got sick I had to leave a job that I loved and almost moved with them to Mass. So while my friends are there I am here on my computer. I just want to wish you and your family the best. Keep up the GREAT work.

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