Jacqueline Laurita: Melissa Made Me Doubt My Friendship With Teresa


Jacqueline Laurita is taking to her blog to explain to viewers how Melissa Gorga got in her head and mad her doubt her friendship with Teresa Giudice. Laurita reveals how Melissa would call her everyday and tell her things Teresa’s lawyer would share, and Jac claims that Melissa’s paranoia was projected on to her.

“I can’t remember what was in this last episode to blog about it, so I’m just going to share my thoughts on Melissa Gorga because…why not? I have finally figured her out!

Melissa Gorga is a two-faced, trouble-making RAT! (Among other things I’ve stated previously in other blogs.) I now know Melissa has lied to me on many occasions. The list is a mile long. It’s insane. I will save some of her lies in my back pocket for a later time.

Unfortunately, Gossip Girl Melissa has forced me to tell the truth about her shenanigans because of her twisted tales she tells. Melissa is the sole reason my emotions were so scattered about Teresa. I really wanted to believe that Teresa was sincere about wanting to rebuild our friendship, HOWEVER, Melissa was the one who kept me from believing it was ever genuine from day one! Melissa was the one who told me not to trust Teresa. Melissa was the one that told me Teresas friendship with me wasn’t real or sincere and not to trust it or her! Melissa is the one who made me feel paranoid and confused about my friendship with Teresa. I would listen to Melissa, but then when I would actually spent time with Teresa, it felt so real and normal, like the good old days. I felt confused. Melissa is the one who always made me doubt my friendship with Teresa.

If I sat with Teresa, I think she would know that the information I know could have only come from someone deep within her camp. I can say with all honesty that it was Melissa, as recently as while Teresa was in prison and for months after she got out, who fed me private information about Teresa and also how she felt about others, as well as how she felt about me. Melissa kept me in the loop all of the time…. (just like she did with Danielle )…and I wasn’t the only person she was talking to.

It’s obvious how so many relationships changed once Melissa came into the picture. It’s ALL CLEAR to me now! She definitely was in everyone’s head causing problems. The real paranoia came from Melissa who then projected it onto me, because as we know, in the past, everyone has had a relationship with Teresa except for Melissa. Melissa’s paranoia was worrying about me getting close to Teresa again because she was finally getting acceptance from Teresa publicly and she didn’t want anyone to take her spot. I’m only telling you this to share some insight into why Melissa turned on me the way she did and why I felt the way I did. I wanted us ALL to be friends.

Melissa used to call me every day to gossip. She claimed to have the inside scoop from Teresa’s attorney that they shared, her brother and family, and knew ALL the ongoing drama in Teresa’s household. She told everybody! Well, of course I listened to it! Who wouldn’t?

Melissa also wanted to know EVERY detail of EVERY moment I spent talking to Teresa. I could tell it bothered her when we got along.

I wonder what she was busy telling Teresa all that time behind my back. I did see some of it. All this deceiving and plotting just to get that “Ethel” status? Trust me, she can have that spot. It’s absolutely not appealing to me anymore. I’m better than that. I’ve moved on and up from that.

I’m a homebody. I don’t get out much unless I’m doing charity work or supporting my husband’s businesses. Melissa, on the other hand, is out there trying her best to become famous any way she can. (Singer? Tabloid famous? Fashionista?) She likes to gather information and gossip about people. I’m not out looking for gossip, like Melissa does, but it just comes to me at times (usually from Melissa’s mouth). Unlike others, I don’t like assuming rumors and gossip to be true. I think I’ve shown that I give people the benefit of doubt, and I go straight to the source, or find out the facts first. I’m about truth. You can call me an investigator if you want, but I prefer to call myself a truth seeker, or a fact checker. Melissa, on the other hand, is just a nasty gossip.

When my other friends call, it’s to talk about hair, makeup, skincare, plastic surgery, food, family and our children. Ask Siggy, for one, about how we could talk for hours about that stuff. When Melissa called, it was always to gather information on where I was going and with who and/or she wanted to tell me the latest Teresa gossip. Melissa never trusted Teresa to be sincere, but she wanted to play the game for her family. I do think that was the best move for her and the right thing to do. I always told them both to fake it until they made it. It’s better for everyone that way. I can honestly say that I enjoy the triangle they have formed amongst themselves. It’s their karma!

Melissa only likes to network with people that she feels will benefit her in some way. She doesn’t form real friendships. It’s always about what is in it for her. I, on the other hand, am more about genuine relationships and what I can do for others. I’m a sharer. I’m a giver. We are just different.

Melissa is mischievous. She plants seeds and waters them and waits for them to grow so she can hide behind them, hoping to take the light off of herself. Sorry girl, I can still see you, and you’re ALL DIRTY, especially your hands. Melissa is a dirty, sneaky, RAT!

Melissa and Teresa can say all they want about me and try to paint any picture of me that they want, but fortunately for me, just because they say it, doesn’t make it true. They simply can’t change the reality. There’s definitely a pattern with these two shady girls. Facts are facts and they are out there! Their opinions of me and made up lies don’t mean anything to me or affect my life in any way. Either way, I’m still winning! My light is bright and shining stronger than ever! Life is good over here! I’m happy!”

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Teresa, Melissa and Jacueline all deserve each other and not a single one of them can be trusted. (Jac’s just upset cause she may get dumped again by BRAVO and needs the moolah).

Jacqueline you are so crazy and paranoid. You came back with vengeances this time. You are so jealous of Teresa that you have actually sold your good soul to the devil called money to save yourself on reality TV show and also to safe your house and family. Your only story line is Teresa. There is no time they show that you don’t have Teresa’s name in your mouth. Concentrate on your children and soon to be grandchild. AND QUIT CRYING SO FREAKING MUCH. “IT’S STARTING TO LOOK FAKE”. You do something mean then you cry. HELLO CLASSIC CASE OF… Read more »

Can’t stand Jacqueline.. she has got to go.. I can’t stand how she talks, eats food.. she is a total wacko that needs to get a real job

Jacqueline…you need to get out more.

Oh Jac you poor thing, you really are delusional aren’t you. Even if it’s true about Melissa somehow Tre has forgiven and moved on and left you in the dust. Your such a good person and such a good friend. I mean really I wish I had someone in my life like you that would SCREAM in my face in public and air all my dirty laundry. Please get off the show, we are done seeing you, hearing you and watching you cry, cry and cry.

Jac – you ramble so much trying to make people believe you…you just don’t get it…GROW UP…and please SHUT UP..!!


Oh my GAWD. Will you just shut it ever Jacqueline? Go grow some self esteem because it’s so tiring listening to your never ending paranoia of why you’re always the bigger better person in all these relationship fails. Self awareness is an amazing thing – get some. Please!

Ditto. I started to write “Dotto” because in my brain I was thinking “dottering crazy person” Writing a novel on every blog, like you said, repeating many times how she is the victim of Melissa, and Theresa just doesn’t see it. Yes, Melissa came on the show with bad intentions. Theresa and Jo committed crimes. Everyone besides Jaqueline in moving on and supporting and loving their family. One can not go back and change the past. It is a resounding lesson in every self help book there is. It is also plain common sense. We can only do our best… Read more »

Wow, I can’t believe she didn’t spill the beans on the whereabouts of Jimmy Hoffa while she was at it. lol. I’ve always despised turning on someone and telling their secrets, but I don’t trust either and believe there is at least some truth to this about Melissa. Jac’s is by no means the person she is making herself out to be..she actually said that she didn’t try to put herself in the middle of gossip. That was kind of funny 😀

Good one, now THAT was funny.

Not surprised! Melissa’s whole life seems to have been about getting under Teresa’s skin. Why else would she get involved with Danielle? I don’t like Tre at all but I do believe that Melissa was so jealous of Tre’s success on the show and she plotted and schemed her way onto the show. I get why Tre was so upset with her. I’m not buying that they’re loving each other…it seems so fake. Melissa is THIRSTY and needs OFF this show but then again so do Teresa and Jac.

Totally agree! Melissa is so transparent. Siggy had it right with her original impressions of Melissa. Her and Tre never got along because they are EXACTLY alike. Shallow, self-serving, narcissistic, self-absorbed and fame hungry.

Wow… she’s really hit rock bottom. What was Melissa’s transgressions? That she didn’t immediately corroborate Jacqueline’s accusation of Theresa’s strippergate involvement? I don’t think that’s committing high treason or murder. Jacko is the type to go for the jugular when she’s on the defense — anything and everything that she can think to say to hurt the other person and then apologize for her outburst. She’s an immensely unlikeable person, and I’m astounded that she has any friends left (watch out Siggy and Dolores), and she raised Ashlee the same exact way. Jacko needs to shut up and get her… Read more »

And maybe the reason why your other girlfriends call to talk about hair and makeup is because they know they can’t tell you anything in confidence, because you’ll use it against them one day!!!

What the hell is wrong with Jacqueline this season?? She is very on the edge of losing it! Her husband just sits there while everything is going down and with her anger and tells her she was right!! Omg!

Jacqueline…what is there to say? Your family bashed Teresa for a number of years by going on Melissa’s side every time. You, Caroline Manzo, Kathy Waklie, and Rosie Pierri all believed Melissa over Teresa. You all shouldn’t have gotten in the middle of their fight. You should have MYOB and leave the mini war up to those two. What did you do instead? You picked Melissa’s side. Caroline Manzo was just plain cruel to Teresa. So was Kathy’s husband. You, Jacqueline….you should have minded your own business but instead, you kept on grilling Teresa about Joe G., Tre’s husband. There… Read more »

Yep, yep, and yep. She’ll never get help because her enabler husband and in laws keep telling her it all makes sense.

When I started reading your comment, my first thought was, I like his person then I got to your penultimate paragraph and realized why I do, you are Scottish decent? Where from originally? I live in scotland and am half Scottish through my father and my husband is Scottish. But really well written comment and I agree with all of it! Xoxo

For someone to accuse once upon a time that Teresa takes no responsibility for what she does… this whole blog is a blame shift and excuse. Good lord! I remember in the beginning even Melissa question if their relationship was genuine or going to progress well, but at least she gave it a fair shot. Jack chopped Teresa down the first, second, and third chance she got. Also, what does it say about her to befriend Melissa and value her word over Teresa’s 10+ year friendship (remind you of the Robyn situationx10) and completely trash Teresa for YEARS! Now, she… Read more »

Jacko the wacko just described herself! LMAO

Here’s what doesn’t make sense to me. If it’s all Melissa’s doing, why is Jaq STILL bashing Tetesa?? Wouldn’t she understand Teresa’s actions are being manipulated too.

If Jac is so happy then why doesn’t she shut up. Her obsession is alive& well. She doesn’t go out well, Kathy was at her home the minute she returned frm that trip & she didn’t miss a beat to talk abt Teresa& Melissa. As a matter of fact Kathy didn’t even have a coat or a handbag! She must of hauled ass to Jac’s house! She has Gloria & Siggy convinced she’s a victim. Gloria had no right to tell Chris not to attend Joe’s party. The guys have for the most part always been neutral. She was out… Read more »

Very well said Nancy! I totally agree! Xo

will Jac ever get over this obsession with Tre !! And her husband needs to get over it too !

Jacqueline LooksLIKEaMANzo

Jacqueline we know you’re reading this right now. You are OBSESSED with everyone’s life instead of fixing your own. Once you ambushed Tre on the deck with Caroline LOOKSlikeAmanZO I was DONE with you. How you slithered your way back to the show is beyond me. You’re not well and could use a check up from the neck up. Your soldier Chris needs meds because he’s delusional as well. You guys should be selling nuts like yourselves, not popcorn!