Jacqueline Laurita Leaving RHONJ?

We all know Season 4 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey has been hard on Jacqueline Laurita. A few weeks ago we watched an explosive fight between her and her former best friend, Teresa Giudice, that prevented her from attending the reunion of Season 3. Fans have been wondering if all the turmoil has been too much for Jacqueline, and if she will return next season. Wetpaint.com reported that the housewife is considering not returning, because it has been too emotional for her.

When asked if she would ever consider leaving the show because it is too emotional, Jacqueline replies, “Yes, of course.” However, she also adds that she forgets the emotional aspect when she does have fun while filming. There have been no clear reports on whether Jacqueline will return, or any information released regarding her contract with Bravo.

Do you want Jacqueline to stay or go?

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5 Replies to “Jacqueline Laurita Leaving RHONJ?”

  1. Jacqueline needs to get her life together; with her children and the IRS. I don’t feel she can deal with too
    many things as she’s dealing with. I don’t feel she should come back.

    I also feel Bravo knew the Guidice problems thus not giving Tersea her own show.

  2. Go. Get gone stay gone. Jaq sealed her fate when she skipped the season 3 reunion. Caroline lied for her and gave Andy the excuse that Jqa was “too devastated to even function” as her reason for not showing up to the reunion. Andy bought Caroline s lie until he found out Jaq wasn’t so devastated because she spent the night of the reunion at Kim Gs house drinking wine and twitter ranting. Once Andy discovered that, Jac was done as a housewife. Do not lie to Andy housewives. Andy dont play.

  3. Get her off. She is a raging nutball…and ugly inside and out. Her husband defends her awfulness. He watches her game and never calls her on her nasty self. Consequences for being a rat…OUT!

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