Jacqueline Laurita Hints That Teresa Has NOT Been Supportive Of Son’s Autism Diagnosis…

Jacqueline Laurita revealed last month that her son, Nicholas, was diagnosed with autism. Now she is revealing that some of her co-stars haven’t been supportive through her parenting struggles. Jacqueline, mother of three, opened up to Anderson Cooper about why she was so hesitant to share the diagnosis at first.

“At the time we didn’t have a diagnosis, things were happening and we didn’t have the actual diagnosis. I didn’t want to bring it out on the show without a diagnosis and treatment plan in place and have them speculate on what issues he has or doesn’t have. It’s something that was personal to our family that we needed to get a handle on it first,” Jac tells Anderson.

When asked if “the women” have been supportive Jacqueline replied, “Most of them, yes.” Anderson Cooper then asked directly if, “Teresa Giudice had not been supportive.” Jac tried to change the subject by asking for coffee. Anderson, who is surprised, stutters, “Really? I find that hard… Is that really true?” Jacqueline still just jokes around about the about coffee, insinuating that Teresa hasn’t been supportive of her son’s diagnosis.

We know Anderson Cooper is a big housewives fan, as he has appeared numerous times on Andy Cohen’s WWHL, so he’s no stranger to the feud between Jacqueline and Teresa.

Are you surprised Teresa hasn’t been supportive? Do you think she should have reached out to Jacqueline?

Photo Credit: Bravo