Jacqueline Laurita Gets Into Fight With Robyn Levy In Vermont


In tonight’s episode of the Real Housewives of New Jersey the women headed to Vermont with Teresa’s friends Robyn Levy and Christina Flores, but first we saw the ending of Teresa’s conversation with her cousins Kathy Wakile and Rosie Pierri.

Dolores Catania, Siggy Flicker and Jacqueline Laurita gathered together to call Rosie and Kathy to find out how the lunch went. “We all left the table feeling happy and sad at the same time,” Rosie said, as Kathy was more hopeful, telling Jacqueline Teresa said “her door was open.”

Jacqueline and Siggy decided to pay a visit to Kim D and POSCHE. Kim revealed that Derek, the manager Melissa Gorga hired at her boutique, was selling stories about Teresa to the tabloids.

The party bus arrived for the group to travel to Vermont. The travelers included; Jacqueline and her husband Chris, Melissa and her husband Joe, Teresa, Siggy, Dolores, and two random girls that were friends of Teresa’s… Robyn and Christina.

On the bus ride, Teresa talked about her lunch with Kathy and Rosie. “They’re never going to call me. I’m never going to call them. Door’s closed. Done,” she said, while her friend Robyn also bashed Rosie, as it was revealed that had a past beef. This prompted Jacqueline to note that Robyn was one of “Teresa’s soldiers.”

While the women started to argue the details of Teresa’s relationship with her cousins, Chris Laurita tried to point out to Giudice by telling her cousins that saying her “door is always open” might be giving them false hope. Teresa explained she was just trying to be nice, and followed up with, “F*ck everybody else.”

Siggy and Jac brought up to Melissa what Kim D had shared about Derek, but Melissa refused to listen. Melissa brushed it off as Kim trying to “scrape the bottom of the barrel to cause turmoil.”

While cooking s’mores over the fire, things got heated between Jacqueline and Robyn. It started when Robyn said Jac confused “the living sh*t” out of her. Then, Robyn accused Jacqueline of not being direct and pre-judging her. Jacqueline fired back saying, “My initial thing with you was that you’re playing the loyal soldier.”

“I don’t need you, who doesn’t know me … to call me a f*cking soldier!” Robyn screamed before asking Teresa to come outside. “Why are you calling for backup?” Jac asked. Robyn continued to insist that she wasn’t anyone’s soldier. “You’re f*cking making me mad now,” Robyn said. “You f*cking calling me a solider makes me want to rage on your f*cking ass!”

Next, Jac got up and sat on Robyn, later explaining that she was handing Robyn her ass to rage on. “Shut the f*ck up,” they screamed back and forth. Once Robyn got Jacqueline off her lap, she threatened, “I will f*ck you up!” She added, “Because I want to punch you in the face doesn’t mean that you need to laugh!” Jacqueline continued to laugh and then turned to Teresa and said, “I thought you said you cleaned the house. You forgot to take the garbage out.”

Siggy broke up the fight by telling everyone it was time to go to bed.

The next morning Jacqueline refused to come out of her room and stayed close to her husband. “She’s the one that antagonizes the situation and then tries to play the victim,” Teresa told the cameras.

The rest of the group went dog-sledding. Siggy and Dolores returned back to the resort after the dog-sledding ended, while Teresa, Robyn, Melissa, and Joe went skiing.

They found Chris and Jac having drinks where Jacqueline announced she would be leaving the next day with her husband. This sent Siggy into a tailspin, because she did not want Jacqueline to leave. Dolores feared Robyn was a danger to the group. “Teresa has the most to lose,” Dolores said. “The way I see it, Robyn is a threat here. Teresa needs to ask her to leave.”

What did you think of this week’s episode? Whose side are you on?

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17 Replies to “Jacqueline Laurita Gets Into Fight With Robyn Levy In Vermont”

      1. Hi Nikki ( sorry about incorrect spelling but I don’t want it to go into moderation) hope alls well! Great new font etc. Much easier to read xxxooo

          1. w00t!!!! So this means we’ll be able to dish on these shows? Is this statement coming from Ms. Nicki? (ALLTHINGSRH) Super happy is so 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  1. I didn’t like Robyn Levy, a new minor player taking over the show with her tantrum. That seems to happen fairly regularly on the RH shows. I guess outsiders see their big chance to be noticed and are trying to get a full-time spot the next season with that but it’s really just annoying.

    I love how the Guidice men are so nice to their kids. Little kids regularly call them names and hit them and they just laugh.

    Jacqueline Laurita is my favorite on RHNJ.

      I can’t help but wonder what hold she has over Andy to be on two Bravo shows. So sick of her bullsh*t.

  2. Can someone tell me why Jacolush would sit on Robyn? I can’t watch it till later and it’s annoying me. Is it her normal cry for attention/airtime?

    1. @Suze–as Jaco was taunting Rosalyn chic by calling her Tersesa’s soldier, she responded by saying she was going to “rage on her as&”. So Jaco decided to get even more attention by sitting on Rosalyn, as she calls it “serving her ass” to Rosalyn so she can rage on it.

      1. Jacolush is so pathetic, what’s wrong with acting like a lady, even if you aren’t one and she sure isn’t! It sounds as though they were both wrong but Jac has been doing it a long time!

  3. That Robyn is something err, special. Jacqueline is emotionally unstable, but this new chick is cookin’ up good footage for her 15 minutes.

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