Jacqueline Laurita & Family Continue To Fight Autism! Nicholas Progresses!

Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline Laurita from The Real Housewives of New Jersey is sharing how her son Nicholas’ autism diagnosis has brought her family closer together, and how everyone is helping Nicholas progress. Jac tells Fast and the Fab, “Everyone does their share as we all have a common goal. My husband Chris and I both do our share of research and discuss our next plan of action with each other. My daughter Ashlee, who lives in California now, is very supportive from afar.”

Jacqueline also shares that her oldest son, CJ, is Nicholas’ biggest supporter! “My older son CJ is the most supportive, loving, patient brother, Nick could ever have,” she reveals. “Nicholas responds very well to CJ. They play together.” She shares that their entire family have been amazing through the process. “The Manzo’s, Caroline, Albert and her kids, have been above and beyond with their support,” Jac says. “The rest of our family is supportive as well.”

Nicholas is now three years old, and with Jacqueline’s research, resources, and a treatment plan, he seems to be progressing well! In the RHONJ Season 4 Reunion, Jac shared that Nicholas was regressing at the time, and couldn’t say, ‘I love you.’ Now, Jacqueline is sure he has progressed so much he is ready to say it! On December 8th, she Tweeted, “Nicholas is now calling his brother by his name! #progress (I now keep playing him the ‘I Love You’ Barney song.1 day I know he will say it!)”

On Decmeber 9th, Jac shared that Nicholas had taken even bigger steps! “Nicholas, at 3 1/2, spells 3 letter words all by himself on his iPad on the “Bob’s Books” App. #Amazing,” Jac Tweeted.

In a recent update, Jacqueline shared, “Nicholas can say so many words now! We r trying to put 2 together now. He’s starting to finally mimic words again!”

I think the research, time, resources, and support Jacqueline is able to give her son is amazing. I’m so happy Nicholas is progressing so quickly! Congratulations to their family!

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  1. I think J is a great mom and Nicholas is lucky to have her. It seems like she has put a lot of work into finding the best ways to help him.

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