Jacqueline Explains Why She Thinks Teresa Set Melissa Up…

The Real Housewives of New Jersey finale has aired and fans have taken sides. Bravo viewers are very passionate and you are either Team Teresa or Not! I like to stay neutral when I write, and let my readers write their opinions in their own comments on my website. We’ve heard Teresa defend herself on the alleged set up of Melissa. You can read that article here. Now Jacqueline Laurita is taking to her Bravo Blog titled ‘The Grudge’ to explain why she believes Teresa was in on the set up. WARNING: It’s a long one, it’s intense, and it’s harsh!

Jacqueline writes, “Why I believe this was a set-up and will stick to that:

1. I knew Kim D. didn’t like Melissa and neither did Teresa. Teresa talked obsessively about Melissa for the past two seasons, and it was NEVER good. Teresa would fake nice only for the viewers, to make them think she was trying to get along with her family. She wasn’t. I was a witness to that on several occasions.

2.Teresa is very close to Kim D. To this day, there are recent pictures of them together hanging out. I am also friendly with Kim. We talk. She knows how I feel about all of this. Why isn’t Teresa angry at Kim D. for setting up and destroying her family if she knew Kim was in on it? I thought she loved her family and was loyal to them? (Cough, cough…NOT!) How DARE Teresa try to publicly blame the set-up on me as if I would ever do that to Melissa. I like Melissa, unlike Teresa and Kim. Kim made it VERY clear that she didn’t like Melissa, was involved in the set up, and was enjoying it, yet Teresa wasn’t upset with her at all. God forbid Melissa chat with Danielle four times when she and Teresa hated each other. Melissa never even met Danielle in person and she never acted out on what Danielle wanted her to do. Nothing ever transpired out of that brief interaction, not even a friendship between them. Teresa was buddies with Kim while she was pretending to be so happy and close with Melissa. Teresa even joined Kim inside the restaurant AFTER the fashion show, after all the drama happened and even after Kim fought intensely with her brother, and they are STILL friends. Interesting isn’t it?

3. Why didn’t Teresa try to calm her brother down or sympathize with Melissa or even seem to feel horrible that had been done to them? Why didn’t Teresa try to leave with them after the fight like the Gorgas left with Teresa after the fight in Napa? There was no remorse, just smile after smile inside the restaurant after the drama without a care in the world. I think she was pleased with what came out. Although, I think she was mad at me for calling her out. At that point, I didn’t give a rat’s a– anymore! To me, she was scum. She was faking with me just like she was faking with her own family. It was all a charade… just like her marriage, her phony magazine covers with her fake dog, her hair extensions, and her fake boobies. FAKE! I just wanted to get through the season with no more drama.

4. Kim D. will protect her friends publicly, but will usually own up to her own mischievous ways and take accountability for her actions, right or wrong. I respect her for that. Even though she doesn’t always play nice when angered.

5. Teresa doesn’t own up to anything EVER and will try to get others to speak up on her behalf and let them take the downfall alone while she plays innocent. Teresa loves to blame shift! She’s a pro! This is why I did not choose to get involved in her schemes against her family. Why should I look like the bad guy and start fighting with her family while she pretended to like them and wanted peace? I had my own hardships that I was dealing with, but Teresa didn’t care about that. She only put MORE pressure on me to do her dirty work, then she would talk badly about me and I’d have to hear about what kind of a friend I was for not doing it. She just didn’t get it when I would try to explain to her my reasons why I didn’t want to get involved. I honestly just wanted her to fake it until she made it with her family. I thought the more good times she had with them, she would forget about the grudges she had against them, but she could NEVER let them go.

6. Teresa was doing things all season to sabotage her family in many ways, including business opportunities. She was never happy with anything they said or did or how they looked or dressed. Teresa had something nasty to say about everything. The atmosphere around her became so dark and negative to be around. Her phone calls to me were all about her feelings toward her family. She was irrational and immature at times. My head was spinning. I had my own issues I was dealing with that she never gave a sh– about.

7. Why would Teresa suddenly go to new salon to get her make-up and hair done when she has someone who came to her house to do it on a regular basis? Why didn’t Kim just go to Teresa’s house to get ready? Teresa would have NEVER agreed to go to someone else for make-up and hair like that unless she had an ulterior motive. (Which she did.) TERESA KNEW KIM D. WAS MAKING MELISSA THE TARGET THAT DAY! Even if she never knew all of the details of how it would go down, Teresa knew Melissa was the target and she was going to allow Kim to do whatever she wanted to hurt Melissa, while Teresa played innocent and clueless (which isn’t hard for her). I know she knew. I was told the truth by someone involved, who shall remain nameless, that won’t publicly “out” her friend. I’m not friends with Teresa anymore, so I don’t care. I’ll say it.

8. Conveniently, the bald guy worked at that salon for one day only. Really? He just happened to be there? What gentleman randomly goes up to women while filming, to try to “out” someone on being a stripper? That’s normal? This is someone who is supposed to be a professional? Yeah…OK. Why did he do it? He did it because he was carrying out his orders and was happy and very comfortable doing so, in front of BOTH Kim AND Teresa. Think about it!

9. Teresa knew Melissa wasn’t a stripper, because Melissa already told her it wasn’t true. Why didn’t Teresa try to squash those rumors on camera, even if she believed them, and get pissed at the guy for doing that to the sister-in-law that she claims to love so much? Why did Teresa even bring it up to Melissa ON camera in the bathroom with her audience? It seemed as though she tried to argue Melissa’s point about the rumors while seemingly trying to put it out there even more by keeping the conversation going. She kept trying to discredit Melissa instead of trying to help her. If her heart was truly even beating, it was out of GUILT and THAT’S IT! Teresa wanted the bald guy to put that out there about Melissa. She was ENJOYING that the bald guy put it out there. It is what she wanted out about Melissa all season! She finally got someone besides ME to do it. There is no love there and no loyalty to her family, like Teresa claims in public.

10. Why did Teresa cowardly leave the room when Kim D. and the bald guy were talking about Melissa? Could it possibly be to give them enough time to talk even more about Melissa? She wanted to make sure they got everything out. Teresa knew it started to look too obvious in scene so she ran away from it so she wouldn’t look bad joining them in the conversation. Why didn’t she shut them down immediately and get pissed off at Kim who was trying to humiliate her sister-in-law? She says the right words for them to stop talking about her family, but then her actions don’t match up AT ALL, as she allows them to continue talking. Instead, after playing shocked and appalled, she comes back in, drinks with Kim, jokes, then continues on with her day, smiling, as if it never even happened. WOW!

11. Why didn’t Teresa call Melissa up right then and there to warn her about what that man said about her on camera? She had ALL day before the fashion show to contact Melissa. There was NO call, NO message, NO text, NO attempt of anything!!! Not even a warning the second she saw her at the fashion show. Wouldn’t you warn someone you love of that? Wouldn’t you tell them what this scumbag tried to do to her on camera? Just isn’t adding up, is it? No, not really. Not if you’re smart.

12. Why, the second she saw the bald guy at the fashion show, didn’t she chase him out of there? Why? Because she wanted that interaction between him and Melissa to take place! She was waiting for it while relishing in her secret of what had already been filmed with him earlier. What would you have done if you knew some guy was on TV with the sole purpose of trying to humiliate someone you love? Would you wait for their interaction to take place or would you shut it down before it began and ask him to leave? This was not someone she was even friendly with. He was a stranger, right? The guy didn’t seem to respect Teresa earlier in the day, while lying trying to out her sister-in-law, did he? Actually, he seemed all too familiar and comfortable around Teresa for him to be talking the way he was about her family, especially after Teresa kindly asked him to not talk about them. (After he already did, OF COURSE). He wasn’t a Housewife, he wasn’t her friend, he had no business being at the Posche Fashion show. Didn’t he apologize once for offending Teresa for saying things in the first place? Why would he do it again? He did it because he was asked to do it. The bald guy said, (and I quote) “TERESA KNEW ABOUT THIS TOO.” And, “KIM AND TERESA WANT ME TO BLOW THE COVER ON MELISSA, because she plays the ‘holier than thou.’ THEY HAD ME DO THIS THING.” You know what “thing” he was talking about. GUILTY! GUILTY! GUILTY! DON’T try to put that on me, Teresa, because you look like a FOOL!

13. My mutual friends with Teresa told me that Teresa knew TWO WEEKS PRIOR that this set up against Melissa was going to happen. WHAT? NO warning for Melissa??? As soon as I put all the pieces together and I knew that something bad was going on and that Melissa was the target, I was texting her to let her know. I didn’t know who the target was until I started getting texts on different details from a couple of mutual friends. It was not Kim G. as some of you think. She had absolutely NO part in this. Although I heard she was supposed to be there too. Mutual friends that you all wouldn’t know were texting me. I can’t expose them, because they are still friendly with Teresa.

14. Why was Teresa’s brother-in-law there when he never attended one of those fashion shows before? It seems to me as if she was expecting trouble? She stated earlier that the Posche fashion shows were always so much fun! (Usually because she starts the drama.) Where was her husband?

15. Why did Teresa’s brother-in-law hug Teresa after the drama and congratulate her after the confrontation telling her he was proud of her? Wouldn’t he be trying to fight the bald guy and be upset with Kim D. who set up her family instead of continuing to party with her? Weird, right?

16. ONCE AGAIN let’s not forget the incriminating evidence of this bald guy forgetting his mic was still on as he outed Teresa and Kim for knowing about it and asking him to do this thing to call out Melissa. He was bragging and laughing about it to his friend. He was proud that he carried out his orders and tried to humiliate Melissa! It was ALL CAUGHT ON TAPE, with subtitles in case you missed that! (But I’m sure you didn’t.) SHAME ON THEM!

BOTTOM LINE — The truth is Teresa never forgave her family for coming on the show. She STILL holds a grudge against ALL of them about it. She has held this grudge for the last two seasons. She HATED that fans were starting to like Melissa and that Melissa was treating her so nicely on camera. She thought Melissa was being fake (only because TERESA is fake herself, so she believes everyone else is). Teresa wanted to bring out something to make Melissa look bad so fans wouldn’t continue to like her. She also hated that Melissa’s relationship with her husband was MUCH greater, more genuine, and loving than Teresa’s relationship was with her juicy husband. She wanted to try to make everyone’s relationship with their husbands look as bad as hers. Anything that Teresa is guilty of, she tries to project that onto someone else. She will never take accountability for her wrong doings. To me, THAT’S A COWARD! Teresa is the most jealous, competitive person I have ever met and I am done, done, DONE!”

Wow- That’s really all I can say. I am curious to see what Teresa’s blog will say, and we will of course keep you updated on when it comes out. We have reported that Teresa is “proud of the way she handled things” at the Posche Fashion Show, and like I said I’m curious to see what she will write this week, along with Melissa and Kathy, following this blog by Jacqueline.

Tell Us- What do you think about what Jacqueline wrote? Comment below!

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5 Replies to “Jacqueline Explains Why She Thinks Teresa Set Melissa Up…”

  1. I love the show, I like Melissa, jacklyn, Teresa, they are my favorite couples. It’s hard for me to point fingers since there are to many and to much involved. Every thing read is I think that or this is the it happen. For me I don’t like to assume until I do see proof. Family is very important to stick with each other, but is just doesn’t work for all families. Great to those that do have a family that they can protect one another, but sometimes is good to leave drama that doesn’t pretent to us. I do feel that everyone likes drama especially when it comes from reality tv. Sometimes I feel on this show that everyone is more into each other problems and then friends of friends say one thing then another’s, then turns out everyone have they own idea who says that. It’s like being in a circus. Ok, who side I’m going to be on. Come on now. Act more civil then trying to put fingers in anyone. I don’t care what I hear about other people until is proofen. I love jackly, Melissa, and Teresa, but they should be more appreciated and be more loyalty to each other. Love u guys

  2. You say, how could Tre stay friends with Kim ,who hate on Melissa and Joe, well lok at the way they back you up, when your trashing Tre and hating on her. As for the fashion show set up,all of you knew including Mels and Kathy(right eating her salad miss innocent)seconds before Angelo came to the table allof you except Tre knew he was coming. It looked like you signalled with your hand as you ,waved to the lady behid him, she said omg,Kathy signalled w/her hand the same as you, Lauren got her mothers attention Mels quickly went back to eating and Caroline didnt even acknowelge him pretending to be occupied and kathy looked at him and looked at you, giving you the eye, before he even came up to the table. His shadow is visible ,while Kathy is looking at him before he enters the table(rewind the scene pause slow motion ),so obvious.Also Caroline pretending to not notice hes talking after she was so interested when Tres brothjer inlaw came to the table. Either its true Tre was being set up to look bad,really who cares if she was stripper its year2012,not 1950,plus she gets all this publicity,that Tre wouldnt want for her,right ? Your truth is not adding up either Jac.

  3. Jac is so!!!!unstable!!!!!
    That’s a fact!!!
    I REAlLY DON’T CARE WHAT JAC THINKS!!!!!Jac went a long with the so all set-up, to make Melissa look good and destroy Teresa!!!She even said in he RV With Teresa if she feels hurt she’ll turn nasty!!!!Jac would go to any lengths to destroy someone that shes mad at!!!

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