Jacqueline Laurita Explains Why She Didn’t Tell Melissa Gorga About The Set-Up Sooner!

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion is over and in Part 3, Kim D revealed about the Posche Fashion Show Set-Up,  “Everybody knew except for Kathy and Melissa.” So we were thinking Jacqueline might have some explaining to do… Why is Teresa taking all the heat if Jacqueline knew it was going to happen too? Why didn’t Jacqueline give Melissa a heads up if they are friends? Jacqueline took to her twitter (where else?) to clear up some of those questions.

A timeline of Jacqueline’s tweets during Part 3:

“I’m Baaaack! I didn’t know anything until Kim D text me AFTER it happened to tell me something was going to happen. I didn’t know who or what.”

“Kim D text me that Kim G was coming so I thought Caroline might be the target so I text her first. Then our mutual friend text me.”

“They told me T filmed earlier with guy and the guy laughed about setting Mel up. My other friend later said T knew 2 weeks b4.”

“So y isn’t T mad at Kim for destroying her family & still trying to put it on me? Because she wanted it to happen & let Kim take the fall.”

“Kim told me she knew Melissa was the target that day b4 filming & never warned Melissa & still filmed with her.”

“As soon as I knew something I text to warn but it had already happened b4 I knew.”

“Kim told she made up with Melissa.”

“Bottom line is T knew Mel was the target and said nothing. She planted the seed about Mel being a stripper first. Whole thing is sad.”

“At least I tried to warn Melissa by text as soon as I knew something. I would never hurt Melissa. She knows it.”

“So happy season is over now. :0) Highest ratings ever!!! ( but WAY too stressful).”

“You guys are so funny! Loving the tweets tonight. Love you guys! XOXO!”

“I think I have the best Twitter friends. Very wise indeed. I enjoy you. How awesome is my husband? So proud!”

“I wrote a blog. Not sure when it will post and then no more mention of this season. It’s done now & so is my friendship with Teresa #Thankful.”

We also reported earlier that former producer, Cat Rodriguez could have been the person texting Jacqueline. When a twitter follower asked, “your friend the producer who got fired, cat rodriguez?” Jacqueline responded, “There was no Cat or ANY producer that got fired from our show.” But notice, she didn’t deny she had a FRIEND named Cat…

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Photo Credit: Bravo