Jacqueline Laurita Explains Why She Revealed Melissa Gorga’s Nose Job


In this new interview, Real Housewives of New Jersey star Jacqueline Laurita is explaining why she brought up that Melissa Gorga was lying about having had her nose done.

“She never told me she had her nose done,” Laurita confessed. “So it wasn’t like I spilled a secret or broke girl code because she never admitted it to me.”

Jac continued, “To me it was just blatantly obvious and I knew from ways that I already knew that. For me, most everyone I know at my age has done stuff. I’m just open about it, because why not? Why should I pretend like, ‘Oh I was just born this way.’ If people don’t want to open up… I respect that to. I have a lot of friends that never admit to doing things, and when someone asks them about doing things they say, ‘I don’t answer that.'”

“The reason it came out of me in the moment with Melissa is because when she was lying in my face, I looked at her and I had the flashbacks of every time Andy would ask her, ‘Have you had your nose done?’ and she kept a straight face and was blatantly lying. Instead of just saying, ‘I don’t talk about those things. Think what you want.’ She was like, ‘No! It is contour!’ That ain’t contour, honey!”

Photo Credit: Bravo