Jacqueline Laurita Explains Why She Revealed Melissa Gorga’s Nose Job


In this new interview, Real Housewives of New Jersey star Jacqueline Laurita is explaining why she brought up that Melissa Gorga was lying about having had her nose done.

“She never told me she had her nose done,” Laurita confessed. “So it wasn’t like I spilled a secret or broke girl code because she never admitted it to me.”

Jac continued, “To me it was just blatantly obvious and I knew from ways that I already knew that. For me, most everyone I know at my age has done stuff. I’m just open about it, because why not? Why should I pretend like, ‘Oh I was just born this way.’ If people don’t want to open up… I respect that to. I have a lot of friends that never admit to doing things, and when someone asks them about doing things they say, ‘I don’t answer that.'”

“The reason it came out of me in the moment with Melissa is because when she was lying in my face, I looked at her and I had the flashbacks of every time Andy would ask her, ‘Have you had your nose done?’ and she kept a straight face and was blatantly lying. Instead of just saying, ‘I don’t talk about those things. Think what you want.’ She was like, ‘No! It is contour!’ That ain’t contour, honey!”

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23 Replies to “Jacqueline Laurita Explains Why She Revealed Melissa Gorga’s Nose Job”

      1. Good mornin Daisy Doo❤️❤️❤️ I know it’s not very nice at all to say that but she drives me buggery! That voice of hers and that self satisfied resting face makes me wily! And I’ve never seen a natural face shape like that it has to be her own invention with the knife. : /

    1. Ha! I still don’t know which nose job she is referring to, there has been talk of quite a few. Jac is mrs botched surgery so she can’t talk, good morning Sweetie xoxoxox

      1. The fact is that a “nose job” is called contouring by the surgeons! What the hell does anyone care anyway. Melissa has the absolute right to call it whatever she wants, including make-up. Jaq is the one who has been carved from stem to stern to have all her fat sucked out, then if I recall, in her ridiculous book, she said healthy living was the key. I’d laugh my ass off if I wasn’t so damn tired. If there was something about my body that made me feel like I would then like what I saw in the mirror, I’d sure do it. Screw anyone who made fun of it, I would feel better about myself, and they can go to the devil and gripe to him.

    2. OH my gosh…Mrs potato head..lol. Miss M you have just given me the best laugh of the day, so thank you..haha..still laughing 😀 On a completely different note, I hated that Siggy said on the reunion that her son wasn’t as good looking at Delores’s son. That was awful and untrue. I know she loves him but I don’t know what she was thinking!

  1. This whining, nasal affected Size 10 squeezing into a Size 6 mental midget needs to get off tv and pay attention to her autistic child. But then again when your husband doesn’t have a real job, someone has to pay for all those ugly dresses and big ass ugly house, in addition to ALL HER SURGERIES. And yes, I do believe she was a stripper when she lived in Vegas before she met that husband.

  2. I agree with GIGICAT. At the table in Vermont, Jaq brought up the past. Every chance she gets, she brings up Melissa’s and Teresa’s past. They have had a horrible past, and both of them are at fault. Just like it is up to both of them to move on. Jaq is VERY good at knowing what to bring up, which she constantly does, and IMO, that kind of person is rotten to the core. When Jaqueline reminds us all about how Teresa ran though a country club, she forgets to say she was right behind Teresa chasing Danielle yelling “you beat a child with a 9 ml.” At the reunion when she says Teresa threw a man into a chair, she got up right after to go confront Danielle. Who were the ones who were “her friends” she refers to at the time? The table flip dinner, she went after her sister-in-law over something she had wrong. She didn’t give Dina the benefit of the doubt, one of the many horrible things she does to her so-called friends. I was always surprised, speaking of the past, at the time when Danielle was her friend, she allowed Danielle to speak to her daughter as if Danielle was Ashley’s Aunt or something. She is weak. She is a follower. That was also the one and only time I have seen her actively doing something for her older son, C.J.

  3. P.S. Of course there is “some of the old Teresa there.” Who becomes a DIFFERENT person? No one. If J supposedly “loved” Teresa, why would she want to see that much change in her? To be unrecognizable? I don’t even get why everyone keeps saying that, she is still the same Teresa, yes, we are all who we are.

  4. I agree if jac wants to be friends that she has got to stop bringing up the past . Hasn’t she heard you have to forgive so you can get peace. Really what does she hope to accomplish by bringing up the past or rubbing your supposed good friends nose in what you think they did wrong. Seriously would jac want to have herself as a friend ? Hopefully she takes a good long look at herself this season

  5. Jealous Jax has been a nightmare all season. Instead of seeing a therapist to get help for her real issues, and take anger management, she has fixated on Theresa and Melissa. As far Siggy, Chris, and Delores, their ridiculous enabling has made Jacqueline’s behaviour unchecked. These three ladies ruined RHONJ for me. I miss Mob Wives.

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