Jacqueline Laurita Explains Why She Called Joe Gorga


Jaqueline Laurita says the game of telephone never works and in her blog this week she explains why it was important for her to call Joe Gorga directly during her fight with Teresa and not go through Melissa. Laurita also shares details on helping pick out her daughter’s engagement ring.

“Hello again! I think I’ve covered most of what I wanted to say in my other blogs regarding my fight with Teresa, so I’m not going to touch on it much more in this blog. The bottom line is that in reality, Teresa was the one who brought up the past in every situation we discussed that night at my house. I just held her accountable for her own actions in each situation. Teresa never seems to take accountability for her own actions. It’s frustrating. I may hit below the belt sometimes, but at least I hit with the truth. When you challenge me, I will challenge you back. Teresa and I share the same zodiac sign –Taurus. Two stubborn bulls! Right now, our horns are locked.

About my situation with Joe Gorga, I explained most of that in my last blog too. I never felt I needed to go through Melissa to talk to Joe. I felt we were all close enough friends by now that I could pick up the phone to speak to him if I needed to clear something up that he was involved in. It had nothing to do with Melissa. I didn’t want to involve her. The telephone game never works. When I have an issue with someone, I like to go right to the source. That’s just my way. I’m glad to know now that Joe never told Teresa not to trust me two years ago while Joe and I were friends. I don’t understand why Teresa threw her brother under the bus like that. I guess by lying, Teresa was just looking to cause problems between her brother and me. I’m not sure why she brought her brother up unless she was purposely trying to create a wedge between him and I. She knew Joe and I were friends, but I guess she always tried to sway my opinion of Melissa and Joe, even before I even met them. Luckily for them, I always like to give people the benefit of doubt first and judge people by my own experiences with them and not somebody else’s. One thing I noticed is that I really do talk with my hands a lot! LOL!

Moving on! I had a BLAST demolishing Dolo’s kitchen! That was awesome! I was so thrilled for her to be able to do these renovations. It may be the same old house where all her old memories (some painful) were lingering, but this home makeover was a chance to make it feel new again. It was giving her a new sanctuary to call her own where she could start creating new memories! I don’t know many ex-husbands that are as attentive or as invested in the lives of their ex-wives as Frank, but I think it’s wonderful. They have a great family unit.

Dolores is coming into her own, and she’s learning how to become more independent. She’s a strong woman, and I know she can do this.

Everyone welcome Pete to our family! What a great guy! We all adore him, and he comes from such a great family. Pete had approached Chris and I when he joined us at Thanksgiving and asked if we would be opposed to him marrying Ashlee one day. Of course we said that it was up to them, but we loved him like a son. We would not object. He had been in Ashlee’s life for almost six years by then and they had been dating as a couple for about 1 1/2 years. They were always the best of friends. When Ashlee took Pete over Christmas to go meet her father in Texas for the first time, he had asked him the same question. I thought that was very old school and very respectful. We appreciated that. I just had no idea he was thinking about asking her so soon! I was SO excited!

Fast forward to our dinner you saw on this episode. Pete and Ashlee were discussing moving in together. Chris and I agreed that was a big commitment and that it would most likely lead to marriage! Chris and I had been engaged for over a year and a half before I moved my life and Ashlee across the country to New Jersey to live with Chris for the first time. We knew that with our engagement and my moving across the country that it meant a commitment of marriage was coming. We were both excited and anxious to start a family right away! Chris is one of 11 children, and I was one of three. We both discussed wanting to have six kids together! I guess God already had a plan for us. I was blessed with my daughter and my two boys Chris gave me. I feel very happy, satisfied and grateful.

When Pete told me at dinner that he was ready to go buy Ashlee an engagement ring, I think I went numb for a second…and dropped my fork! LOL! I didn’t know what to say. I was thrilled for them and excited for their future. I was honored that he wanted me to go with him to pick out rings. I wanted to go, but I wanted the choice to come from him. It’s such a personal gift. I didn’t know his budget or what he had in mind to buy her, and I didn’t want to give my input on something so personal and between them. My only message to him was that the gesture is more important than the ring, so as a young couple, he didn’t need to go all out on a ring. They could always upgrade later as the years go on if they felt they wanted to do that. I just let Pete do his thing, and I just observed. I think you could all see that Pete did REALLY GOOD! I knew Ashlee would be thrilled! I was thrilled for the both of them. Ashlee finally found her special someone!

Stay tuned next week while we all go to the Crystal Springs Resort for a girls spa getaway weekend. Sounds peaceful doesn’t it? You won’t believe what happens there!”

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  • nycbunny

    Um it’s not ok to call someone’s husband especially if he is not in your family. And jesus; could she step off for just a second? Teresa has been home now (show time) for what? A week? Go back to whining and crying about other crap.

    • Suze☕️

      Lol xo

  • Suze☕️


  • Scott

    Totally agree with Jacqueline. If she had Joe’s phone number then she should be able to call him without going through Melissa.
    Teresa is a sweep it under the rug kinda of person. Put on the happy face and pretend everything is ok.

    • patricia

      ITA! She should have called Joe on the spot. She went straight to the source. Once again Teresa is lying. Can’t stand her.

  • You did drop your fork, and you also forgot to eat your dinner. You just keep on calling “BS” on Teresa Jacqueline. She cannot fight her way out of a paper bag and yet, she doesn’t want to be perceived as dumb. OMG, if this woman wasn’t on a reality show, could she really be the breadwinner in the family when Joe goes to PRISON???? Yes, Teresa, it wasn’t “camp”, no matter how long you continue to say it. The fact that your daughters think it is camp and that you and Joe didn’t do anything wrong, shame on you! You truly are a piece of work, and not a good one.

    • patricia

      Teresa continues to lie and blame others. I can’t stand her. Melissa should remember who was there for her when Teresa kept trying to hurt her & Joe.

  • All I want to know is what is this BS about “upgrading” an engagement ring. That is the most superficial crap to say when choosing a ring that is depicting a life together. I would never dream of changing the stones in either my engagement or wedding ring. I guess, though, when they are one-upping each other in years to come, they have to prove who can “upgrade” the most. They usually end up upgrading right to a different partner anyway.
    He can always buy her more diamonds. And, if he can afford 3 carats at 25, with a band of small diamonds, it’s likely he will.

    • P.S. NO insult to anyone here who thinks upgrading your diamond is the way to go, it just bugged me that she said it when CHOOSING the ring.

  • Jody

    Its traditional for the prospective groom to ask the father of the bride for her hand in marriage. It’s a lovely tradition. He’s asking for his blessing.