Jacqueline Laurita & Dina Manzo Feud!

Most Real Housewives of New Jersey viewers are aware of Caroline and Dina Manzo’s Feud, but wonder if Dina is also feuding with sister-in-law, Jaqueline Laurita. When Bravo aired The Unseen Footage Special, we got some answers. When Jacqueline was asked about the state of her relationship with Dina, she answered, “She still keeps her distance, she still hasn’t acknowledged my son.” Jacqueline was referring to the fact that Dina hasn’t acknowledged that her nephew is autistic.

Jacqueline also has written in her Bravo Blog about her situation with Dina, explaining, “Teresa told me some things Dina said about me that I was unhappy about, and I did reach out to Dina to try to talk to her about it. Each time Dina denied saying anything and assured me that she didn’t have an issue with me and that it just ‘worked for her’ to stay away.” She continues, “Dina and I have at least tried to talk with one another about our issues. Unfortunately, sometimes people just have irreconcilable differences.” Lastly she writes, “For now I’m respecting Dina’s need for space but if she ever came to me wanting to sincerely try again, I know that I would.”

Jacqueline’s daughter, Ashlee, came to her mom’s defense after Dina posted some tweets in her defense Sunday night, you can see screenshots of them, here.

Tell Us- Whose side are you on?

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3 Replies to “Jacqueline Laurita & Dina Manzo Feud!”

  1. I’m sick of the whole bunch of these freaks. I mean WTF read between the lines! I say tell us WTF your fighting about and that’s that. I am so sick of hearing Dina say she’s about to explode hell women explode. Teresa’s friends saying they have so much on Mel and Joe but they want to hold out for to see if they will sign on with Bravo, that’s BULLSHIT and not a friend.

    If I were Teresa and Joe I would not want these people to say they’r my friends because they aren’t. Who leaves their friends out in the media getting beat up morally and does not come to the defense of this family. NONE OF THEM. Not the twitter one’s not Dina. Heck, Carolines Thug Squad goes after Dina often on Twitter, I swear they don’t know how to text in private. Idiot. I like Dina but you don’t let your friend get pounded on daily by cheap trash like thugs including MANDY COHEN//he needs to be fired or stop the got damn drinking I mean why in the world would he be asking Juicy for the 20th fucking time in 3 years about the F word. I wish more gays would stand up to Andy and tell him enough, the guy made a mistake. Personally, Andy needs to just go over to the LOGO channel if he only want’s gays in his world.

    Its 5:21am and I still haven’t slept so if I rambled on and didn’t make any sense it’s because I’m a zombie at this point. HAVE A GOOD DAY

    1. These women have nothing better to do then act like a bunch of dogs having a pissing contest when they could put down their diva Im such a rich bitch attitude and actually do some good in the world. These woman went after Daniell like pit bulls and now the queen bee is off to federal prison and her hubby soon after with their tail between their legs begging not to be reported!! How’s that for karma??

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