Jacqueline Laurita Denies Financial Trouble! Speaks Out About Foreclosure & Tax Debt!


It has been reported that Real Housewives of New Jersey Star Jacqueline Laurita is in the midst of a serious financial crisis. Despite court documents claiming lawsuits and a foreclosure on her New Jersey home, Jacqueline maintains that she and her husband Chris are not having financial trouble.

“Thank you for all who were concerned, but my house is NOT in foreclosure,” Jacqueline insists.

“There is no threat of losing it. We simply modified our mortgage which is a process,” Jacqueline told Reality Tea. “Our mortgage modification has been approved and all is good.”

Jaqueline also explained why she reportedly owes $340,000 in taxes to the state of New Jersey. “My husband and I have always filed and paid our taxes every year. We have never evaded taxes,” she said. “The $340k was from a tax audit in 2006 in which about 1/2 of that was added interest. We have been disputing this because we didn’t think it was fair to pay so much interest on something that we didn’t even know we owed until recently.”

“The IRS is currently working with us to lower the amount owed and once that new amount is decided we will, of course, pay the amount,” Jacqueline explains.

“We are good people doing the right thing,” she adds.

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3 Replies to “Jacqueline Laurita Denies Financial Trouble! Speaks Out About Foreclosure & Tax Debt!”

  1. So does her claim that they are good people and do the right thing mean they paid SusanGkoman Charity the money they stold from them, that they paid the entire $8 million back to all the creditors they ripped off, they got everbody new jobs that lost their original jobs due to their greedy company bleed out, or that they are not going to film their children anymore and exploit them and leave the show to actually raise their kids out of the public eye, or that blk water doesn’t cure autism or anything else, or that they will do the right thing and admit they lied about their cowardly attack on JohnK a few weeks back, or that Jaco harrasses peeps on twitter and has emotional and substance/alcohol addictions???? A little to hard to ever believe anything waco and Chris Laurita ever say – they lie 24/7 on and off camera, in fed court, everywhere about everything. Of course they could have dug up some of their stolen $$ stash they’re hiding to get out of some fiscal debts recently made public….but – NO CREDABILITY – they are lying cons, fake losers through and through and lousy ass parents.

  2. Pinky, your spelling and words sound exactly like Teresa’s do. What proof do you have that she is faking autism and not paying the charity? Please provide.

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