Jacqueline Laurita Defends Melissa Gorga’s US Weekly Cover!

Real Housewives of New Jersey Star Jacqueline Laurita is coming to cast mate Melissa Gorga’s defense. Throughout Season 4 the other wives criticized Teresa Giudice for her relationship with the tabloids, and her constantly being on the cover of magazines. This week, Melissa Gorga is on the cover of US Weekly, talking about how she is “done” with her sister-in-law, Teresa.

Jacqueline Laurita who has said she would never do a cover of a magazine is defending Gorga telling a viewer, “I think Melissa was just giving Teresa a taste of her own medicine and showing her that anyone of us can do a cover if we choose to. I guess what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, right?”

Season 5 of RHONJ is up in the air. Rumors are swirling that Teresa might not return, that Bravo will have to hire a friend for her to film with if she does return, and the network hasn’t even confirmed a fifth season! Which I’m sure there will be a fifth season, given it’s one of the most popular of the Real Housewives franchise.

Tell Us- What do you think about Jac defending Melissa?

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5 Replies to “Jacqueline Laurita Defends Melissa Gorga’s US Weekly Cover!”

  1. Jacqueline, girl, we have a saying here in the South, “God don’t like ugly.” Any way you slice this, it is hypocritical and double-dealing. You have almost reached the low bar set by your SIL DonCaro. I had honestly thought better of you.

  2. Well Jac really needs to go, I know her son has a mild for of Autism, so I read. She needs to get her drinking under control and must be with her son 24/7, she has no time for the show. She really does NOT add anything positive to the show. Stay home with your son. Caro is way to old and verbally abusive to Teresa, as well as her own family. Her story line has ended long ago. Every once in a while she has her bouts with Tourette’s syndrome – Bull Shit. Her kids are not kids they are closer to 30 years old and unemployed never went on to college. They are just plain uninteresting and mean dorks. Kat, you know that she is just an evil unkind coat tail rider – that came on with bad intentions towards her own blood cousin. You heard her say she wants her piece of “Teresa’s pie”. (code for I will do anything to cut Teresa down and out, to build “me” up). Mel & Joe, you know what they did with Kat/Rich to get on the show, and exactly what they were are up too to make Teresa look bad. When in seasons past (before take down Teresagate), the others just loved the hell out of Teresa, she was cool, sexy, funny and a little loca in a good way. Teresa got more and more of a fan base that wanted “More Teresa” I’m sure some people came to her with deal to write a cookbook … because she was always cooking those great meals and from scratch and wine. Then mag covers had her all over them…Then boom! she was the most popular housewife behind Bethanny! Then it seemed funny how they started to turn on her yet still somewhat nice (I think they were mad at all the mag covers). When the cookbook came out – joking on Caro (which I believe the editors added for fun), that was the reason Caro used to let out all her rage and anger over Teresa’s being the favorite housewife. Then Jaco jumped in and out of it, then became totally controlled by older sis-in-law. When they knew the agenda of Mel & Joe trying so hard to get on the show, even sending in a porn hate for Teresa tape + Kat & Rich nagging to get on forever. Bravo said Hey we got some mean gals waiting to rip her down and they will move into Tres spot. Teresa you know in your heart of hearts, was just a normal player and was dealing with the problems going on in her own family is when they pounced on her at a weak time in her life. I think the best bet is to add Joe Giudices brother & wife and PDK & Johnny and Dina. Plus a new friend of the show a couple or two from the LBGT community. Like Caro’s bro. I think it would be so much fun and entertaining! There maybe a few arguments but it will be more positive. If Teresa goes I go and cut BravoTV programing 100% from my line up. We all know it would be better, cutting the others. Showing everybody’s daily lives more and then getting together for trips and parties…Supporting everyone causes they may have. New and fresh, new writers, producers. Not fair how it was edited or the affair with producers (Mel) + hanging out with the editors….So Teresa deserves this season to be happy and fun one for her and US as viewers. I know how they thought once Bethenny and Jill + others were kicked off it would sink….It didn’t – I am back to watching it again with the new ladies and love it. Be loyal to Teresa, she’s been Ms humor and fun. xoxox

  3. Jac is an idiot,every body that has been on t.v. shows does covers!!!JAc is so obessed with Teresa it’s not funny!!!DIGUSTING!!!!!!

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