Jacqueline Laurita Defends Melissa Gorga


Some of you might have noticed that Jacqueline Laurita attended Melissa Gorga’s opening of her new boutique, Envy, along with Teresa Giudice and Kathy Wakile. As the ladies are currently filming RHONJ season 7, our insiders reveal that Teresa and Jacqueline “have filmed together multiple times” and “are friendly again.” With that being said, Laurita is taking to social media to defend herself from fans who think otherwise.

Jacqueline posted a picture of herself at Melissa’s event on Instagram and Melissa commented on the photo telling Jacqueline that she looked “so chic and beautiful.”

Loved my skirt from @envybymg Grand opening night! #envybymg #melissagorga ‘s new chic boutique in Montclair,NJ

A photo posted by Jacqueline Laurita (@jaclaurita) on

But not all of the comments were so flattering. One person asked Melissa why she didn’t thank Teresa for going to the opening and added that Melissa is ungrateful, but Jacqueline jumped in to defend Melissa and stated that Gorga did thank Giudice for attending.

“jaclaurita: Yes she did @penelope_213Melissa thanked everyone. It’s sad to me that you’re such a negative person. Why is that?”

The commenter with the handle @penelope_213 continued to tell Melissa that without Teresa she wouldn’t be on the show and reminded her that she accused Teresa’s children of bullying her kids. However, both Melissa and Teresa insist their longtime feud is over and they are doing great now. 

Melissa also commented on a photo that Kathy Wakile posted on Instagram of herself at the event, thanking her for attending.

Fashion Fun! Congratulations @melissagorga Last nights Opening Party @envybymg Now it’s time to shop!!!

A photo posted by Kathy Wakile (@officialkathywakile) on

According to the Inquisitor, season 7 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey will star Teresa Giudice, Melissa Gorga, and Jacqueline Laurita. So far, Kathy Wakile, Siggy Flicker, Robyn Levy, Christina Flores, and Dolores Catania are all currently ‘Friends of the Housewives,’ until Bravo says otherwise.

Are you ready for the new season of RHONJ? Comment below!

Photo Credit: Bravo/Getty

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I hope they squash all this ridiculous 7th grade nonsense this season and start to support each other. Jacqueline, you are not helping…please…. get off social media.

Me too Apple but I can’t see it! All four now I have seen and I haven’t liked one outfit! Doesn’t say much for Melissa’s shop!

Totally Agee Apple. It is a total buzz killer these days. Like post something interesting. Personally I’m over RHNJ. I won’t be watching. Actually they are all boring me now personally. I’d rather watch the Alaskan shows on discovery myself.

Social media? Like, arguing with fans, really?!

Yes, Judge… She is almost as bad as Jim Marchese….and gets into Twitter wars with fans and other cast members, which, of course, just adds fuel to the fire.

Have you seen the latest from Brandi talking about Twitter wars etc.!

No…what happened?

Twitter again:
BG: bucket list check off got high with snoop dog
When criticised
F..k all y’all!!
She will never change I have rooted for her so much but even I am giving up now! But I guess it’s got her noticed again! Be nice if she found a different way!

She needs to be arrested and sent to rehab then she can go commiserate with Kim. Sorry but this woman is one unholy mess. Hope she doesn’t get high around her boys. What a role model she is.

She is a mess Bee, I just wish she would sort herself out for those beautiful boys sake!

UNfortunately that won’t happen because she is too self centered to acknowledge that she could harm them in anyway. All she cares about is her pleasure and what outlandish action to take next. Her one priority is to keep herself in the spotlight hence remarks like those made on Twitter.


She is determined to burn all her bridges…without fans she may have to find a real job.

ITA 😀 😀

Jac is another one wh needs to stop plastic surgery. I thought she was attractive when she first started but now her face looks really peculiar!!

Typo: who

Jacqueline certainly knows how to spend the money. She definitely had plastic surgery…a lot. I feel sorry for her husband having stayed married to her. She is probably the reason he did what he did…to support her lifestyle. She cries for attention constantly, and she is nauseating. I felt sorry for her children, and I cannot watch her at all. I cannot watch Teresa either. I think Melissa loves money too, but at least she is trying to earn some on her own, and not just from RH, so I give her credit. A store is not easy, and maybe… Read more »
I think Chris really loves her…and she has a very sweet side…but she sure goes off the rails a lot. I used to watch those fights with Ashley and think….now wait…which one is 17? I am not sure I understand their financial problems. Something about embezzling? I read they have two homes in foreclosure, one of which his parents live in. I would think the rest of the family would help with that one… and both were on the market, but didn’t sell. Not for nothing, but I think it is pretty funny that Kathy Wakile’s old house, the one… Read more »
Yes, but we are talking about a house in Wayne that was not a mansion, so there was more of a market for it since it fit in where it was located and was not out of place. I am not sure how long it was on the market. When you try to sell a home that is not only much bigger than most of the homes in the same town but appeals to a very small market with its price and its unique style, which many may say is gaudy, it is much harder to sell. Kathy built new… Read more »

I agree. Last season’s funniest scenes (to me) were of Jac’s hysterical crying for Theresa’s indictment and the Marchese chick sobbing while talking to Theresa on the phone. I’m not claiming to know whether it was genuine or not but both were so over the top to the point where I had to laugh. I can’t hate Jac for crying when it comes to Nicholas but the rest of the tears have to go. Hopefully she doesn’t bawl all season this time as well.

Yeah…that got old…really fast.

Nicki we need a newpoll

GO AWAY all of you. just sickening anyone would give this any time.