Jacqueline Laurita, Danielle Staub Twitter War! Jac Exposes Danielle’s Direct Messages, Danielle Responds!


The Real Housewives of New Jersey women are finally getting along as they posed for pictures together and laughed at the Bravo Upfronts, but Jacqueline Laurita took to Twitter to prove that her nemesis Danielle Staub is still causing problems through people on Twitter. Jacqueline tweeted photos of Twitter DM’s from someone Danielle was allegedly using to expose Jacqueline.

“People need to put their energy into more positive things,” Jac tweeted. “Here’s another person who has been fueling people behind the scenes for years now…” she added. “And then there was this time,” Jac tweeted along with the pictures below. “I have plent more where that came from. Geez, what some people will do to try to stay relevant. #love&light.”



Danielle was chatting with an account (@Mardigrasbarbie) who later shared the messages with Jacqueline. “Keep RT ing cry you tube video today. You’ll see Jac and her wacky family won’t be able to take it. They will get nasty. Do it plz Send to,” Danielle wrote on November 21st.


“Put these on Jac The Wac wall have someone that’s not blocked do it. Let all her fans witness what a crazy she is. Wow she’s a loon,” Danielle wrote on November 16th.


Danielle replied to Jacqueline’s tweet and photo saying, “@JacLaurita aww Jac you are such a sad mean bored and bitter individual. I feel so bad for you …… I wish you nothing but #LOVEnLIGHTDS”


We did confirm Danielle is set to film an appearance, even though filming of Season 5 of RHONJ is coming to an end. She involved Andy Cohen and Bravo in another tweet, writing, “I can see I’m missed when I’m still all they talk about…… STILL !!!”

Andy even hinted at Staub’s return saying in a recent interview, “Never say never!”

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6 Replies to “Jacqueline Laurita, Danielle Staub Twitter War! Jac Exposes Danielle’s Direct Messages, Danielle Responds!”

  1. MardigrasBarbie is a girl that was totally infatuated and in love with Danielle. Danielle made her believe that she was Mardi’s BFF. Mardi, who has an obsessive personality believed her. She went out and created fake accounts to harrass any single person that dare tweet something negative about Danielle. Then one day Danielle turns on Mardi, and she goes ballistic on twitter. Her breakdown was truly amazing. Mardi was the nastiest person I have ever seen. Then she decided to get a new target and obsession in Lea Black. She changed her twitter name to BravoMistress. She changed her personality to become all sweet and nice. She now stalks the Miami housewives and inserts herself where she can.

    When I saw how she started to obsess with Marysol and Ana Quincoces, I sent an email to Ana and just told her to google this personality and to be careful because she is an obsessive fan. She responded letting me know that Marysol had warned her to only treat her as a fan and never to indicate a friendship. She said they were all afraid of her because of her personality disorder but had decided to not encourage her but also not piss her off. She also said, I hope she doesn’t turn on me.

  2. Jacqueline Laurita is the BIGGEST loon going and if she needs this to Validate that she is then go for it cuz when it comes time to go to Court she can step back on the sideline now the Lawyer that her husband Christopher has for all the people that are Suing them and the whole family, Shame on the Manzo’s & Laurita for Stealing all kinds of money from real hard working people and Jac is going to start with Danielle because of some Twitter BS ya ok . Jacqueline is a nut bag ! All she does is lie about everything that comes her way or she just makes it up as she goes, so with that said she can use this as a Validation yup an again I say it cuz Jac and the rest of them think that they are so Smart but everyone know Exactly what they are and who they are ,” Now they had a Fight with Johnny {JTG} they all hurt him really bad I hope Johnny takes it all the way for what they did to him . OMG! They invited Johnny to come and have a good time ya right that didn’t happen cuz it was a set-up, Jac,Chris, Joe and the rest of them acted like Animals just like they ALL did too Danielle when Jac’s daughter pulled Dan’s hair out, Ashlee was so wrong to had done that to Danielle but again that’s Jac’s daughter and knowing that Jac told Ashlee to do it ( that’s what I feel happen) and now we have Jacqueline on Twitter once again getting all NUTS an loosing her mind on Danielle so where is it going ? When is Jac and the rest of them going to take Responsibilities for their own Actions an have some Respect for others ? I wish they would all grow-up an be Human and Adults god they have children I just don’t get it or why I mean is it cuz they need Attention an the money that badly to act like Fools . I’m just asking well I think I said everything that needed to be said as well asked. Just saying .

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