Jacqueline Laurita Confirms She Left RHONJ Because She Was Offered Part-Time Role

Former RHONJ star Jacqueline Laurita is confirming that she quit the show because producers only wanted her to be a part-time Housewife on the upcoming season.

Jac took to Twitter to set the record straight when one fan asked why she wasn’t returning. “They wanted me part time w/the option of full time depending on how my story unfolded. I choose not to film unless confirmed full time. More$”

Laurita also admitted that if her role ended up being part-time only, it wasn’t worth it to her. “Plus if it ended up being part time & not full time, it wasn’t worth my time, the aggravation, and $.”

Are you sad to see Jac go?

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • One Rotten Egg

    So basically, she was fired as a full time houseWife? LOL. Funny how this person who is in desperate need of income to help pay her legal fees and extravagant lifestyle as she disguises it with as costs of caring for autistic child, is giving up easy money due to more airtime?

    • barbara

      Just shows we really don’t know what the real money situation is with any of these ladies.

  • cat62

    Some money is better than no money. I think she needs a mental health season off anyway. She was losing it last season over and over.

    • DaysofWineandRoses


  • Not a Housewife & Neither RU

    bwhahahahahahahah!!!! because you’re boring and you have no storyline without saying Teresa’s name 20x….I say good riddance, the best thing RHONJ can do is get rid of Manzos, Lauritas and those 2 new chicks from last season, start fresh with Teresa and Melissa to anchor the show…..but.guaranteed Jacqueline’ll be back and take that part time offer next season when she realizes how much she misses the spotlight/check/bookings

  • Si Fa

    I’m happy to see her go. She’s a fruit loop, however shout out to Chris for ALWAYS standing by her loopdyloop self. Lol, that’s a true husband for ya. I’m glad to see jealous Kathy go too. I never liked her from the first episode when she showed up draped in furs talking about Teresa left her daughter unattended. How dare she not try to at least write Teresa in jail and then show up to make ammends only when the cameras started rolling again. Eeeww! Ugh not to mention her loud, ugly soul mouth husband Rich! Rosie was cool for like 10 episodes, but now she medicates her obvious depression and other mental issues with alcohol #notfuntowatch. I guess now they all know who really holds the gauntlet *cough* Teresa